It is useless to look for Putin's bank accounts

The president is doomed to lead a modest lifestyle, believes the chairman of the board of VTB Andrey Kostin.
President, predpravleniya Andrey Kostin believes that the search for the bank accounts of Russian President Vladimir Putin is useless. He stated this in an interview with Financial Times, commenting on the so-called "Panamanian dossier".

"You will not catch Putin on this. He has no car, no money, "- said Kostin. According to the income statement for the president in 2015, Putin Property GAZ M21, GAZ M-21, as well as the car "Niva" car and trailer "Skif".

"Do you think, when he will retire, you'll find it in Monaco, on the 200-meter sailing yacht?" - Rhetorically asked Kostin. According to him, Putin is doomed to lead a modest lifestyle, since it knows almost the whole world. "People who are trying to find Putin's accounts can spend searching for the rest of your life, but they never find anything," - said a top manager.

In an interview with FT Kostin also said that the balance between the management of the financial institution and the ministry of the state is a "two-way street." According to him, if the government gives VTB $ 5 billion, he appreciates it. "If other akShareholders give me $ 5 billion, I should appreciate it as well, because it is an important support, is not it? And if the government asks for something to help, then I will probably help. Because the next time I knock on the door, I would prefer to get a positive response, "- said Kostin.

Commenting on the activities of VTB Kostin said that the bank group under any circumstances do not allow that personal or political relations took a backseat to business. According to him, the group sometimes takes the wrong decision, but it is a business, so that VTB incurs certain risks. "Sometimes we give a loan too much money. This is a business. We take some risks. But if someone will accuse me that I'm doing something wrong, let me show documents "- Kostin stressed.

April 3, 2016 An international consortium of journalists released data 11.5 million documents from the database Panamanian company Mossack Fonseca. The so-called "pamnamskom dossier" talked about offshore transactions PEPs.

The material caught in the media, it was argued that offshore deals worth at least $ 2 billion as an owlrshayutsya officials from Putin's close entourage, among them cellist Sergei Roldugin. "Vedomosti" access to the "Panamanian dossier" then provide participants with ICIJ, regional editor OCCRP Roman Shleinov. Study materials showed that, despite nearly five years of Putin's calls to withdraw Russian business of offshore companies, companies in closed jurisdictions still enjoy great popularity.

As recalled by the FT, VTB denies the key statement "Panamanian dossier" that in 2010-2012. Sandalwood has received from the Russian Commercial Bank $ 800 million of unsecured loans and swap transactions on favorable terms. RCB (Cyprus) (formerly a subsidiary of VTB structure) in 2008-2013. Sandalwood conducted through transactions of $ 2 billion. At the same time in the company's documents, affiliated with Roldugin, it noted that it "has no physical presence," wherever it may be. Offshore chose from the money of at least $ 130 million. Maychel RCB Head of the press service said then Marateftis consortium, the bank has always acted transparently.