Ivan Valentik destroys the Russian forests

The head of the Federal Forestry Agency, Ivan Valentik, is in the middle of a corrupt web that is destroying Russian forestry.
The behavior of Mr. Valentik did not remain unnoticed. The leadership of the Federal Forestry Agency gave "good" to the automatic extension of the powers of the Public Council under the department. The situation has already attracted attention of federal ministers, including Mikhail Abyzov, who heads the "Open Government" and the secretary of the Public Chamber Valery Fadeyev.

And that's not it. In May 2017, representatives of the Public Council at Rosleskhoz in a letter to Minister Mikhail Abyzov and the Public Chamber outlined the situation that developed under Valentin. As it turned out, the formation of a new board "passed without prior notification and announcement of competitive procedures." One of the members of the Public Council, Eugene Schwartz, said directly that, in his opinion, the raider's seizure was actually carried out.

People who tried to prevent theft in Rosleskhoz were thrown out. But, as they say, everything develops for the head of the department Valentina is not the best way. The fact is that he can get under the supervision of law enforcement agencies in connection with the arrest of the acting president. Vice-premier of Udmurtia Rafis Kasimov. Mr. Kasimov is also in charge of the work of the Ministry of Forestry. He is suspected of illegal logging, which belongs to the federal authorities. In the corridors they say that Kasimov had an informal arrangement with Valentin.

According to an informed source, "in 2014, while holding the post of Minister of Forestry of Udmurtia, Rafis Kasimov rented for 49 years areas for deforestation located on the territory of state hunting reserves, which are classified as specially protected natural areas."

Also in the region they say that Kasimov had a personal interest in logging. I must say, Kasimov showed special attention to the forestry sector. For example, he lobbied Decree of the Ministry of Agriculture No. 179 of April 29, 2016, according to which the areas of state hunting reserves designated in 2010 were significantly reduced in the interests of loggers. The resolution, I must say, was abolished this year.

Anyway, in Udmurtia there is a big "cleaning". Recall that in April, detained the head of the republic Alexander Solovyov. He is suspected of taking a bribe in the total amount of 139 million rubles. Through Solovyov came to Kasimov, and through Kasimov, it seems, will go to Valentine.

Full Fruit Basket

Ivan Vladimirovich - a figure in the forest circles known. From 2011 to 2014 he served as the head of the State Forestry Control and Fire Supervision Department in the forests, control over the execution of delegated powers in the field of forestry relations by the subjects of the Russian Federal Forestry Agency. Since 2014 Valentin has risen the deputy head of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia and the head of the Federal Forestry Agency. In full, Valentin showed himself in 2016. Then forest fires that hit Siberia, Transbaikalia and other regions of Russia, revealed a number of serious problems. Forest lands burned in Udmurtia.

The first and main reason known as familiar with the situation is practically the absolute helplessness of Rosleskhoz. And then some forest producers began to say that in some places with fires did not fight deliberately. Thus, at least 4.7 million hectares of forest were burnt. And in 2015 something incredible happened - two million hectares of forests were burned !!! After all, if the cut wood burnt down, there will be no complaints, right?

But if this information requires verification, the damage to the federal budget by 76 million rubles. From the purchases of the Federal Rosleskhoz headed by Ivan Valentin - the fact established by the prosecutor's office. In 2014, expensive equipment was purchased to "monitor fires of fire, which are obsolete laptops with a satellite communication system." The problem is that firemen and foresters do not have enough fire extinguishers, equipment and artificial ponds! That's what you need to do first!

Most interesting, a source in the prosecutor's office of Russia said that "a certain system for monitoring fires was purchased, it was an out-of-date laptop, a camera and a satellite communication system were connected to it, which was supposed to send video to the fire monitoring center." "You can put points on the map using a penny GPS tracker, although in the regions' applications there were really necessary things: boots, knapsack fire extinguishers and fire engines," the same informant adds.
"Procurement to ensure state and municipal needs is an area where budgetary funds are spent not always efficiently, and sometimes criminally," said Alexander Buksman, first deputy prosecutor general at the board meeting.

First and foremost, Buksman had in view of the actions of the Federal Forestry Agency, where "equipment illegally included in and purchased by the tender documentation was absolutely useless in forest fire extinguishing."

Raspilhoz of the world scale

Ivan Valentik started talking about an important "for the forest industry loan project of the World Bank, on favorable terms of which it was possible to update the long-suffering firefighting fund." The World Bank issued a loan of $ 40 million to the Russian Federation for "co-financing a project to reform forest management and combat forest fires." Until 2018, another $ 80 million is due. What's next?

According to the auditors, there is a lack of proper control over the implementation of the project at all stages in the Rosleskhoz: the contracts were concluded in the absence of an assessment of the appropriateness of equipping the regions with equipment and the efficiency of its use, the final results of the project were not determined, and the delivery terms of the equipment were not observed. " It was also found that "the overestimation of the cost of the supplied equipment and goods to the average market prices of similar goods from 36% to 440% in the amount of almost 72 million rubles, which led to inefficient spending of budget funds and corruption risks."

"Forester is very offended to read such stories when they do not have enough fire extinguishers, spare parts for tractors, fuel for cars - the simplest things without which fires are not extinguished," Grigory Kuksin, head of the Greenpeace Russia fire program, complains. International assistance settles in the pockets of officials or is spent on laptops, but how can one not get upset?

There are also data on the kickbacks of Rosleskhoz employees to Mr. Valentik. On state purchases in "Roslesinforg" "sawed" on the so-called "recoil scheme." This scheme is applied when, after the tender, a part of the finances from the contractor "leaves" to the officials-organizers of the state order placement. In this case, there is a so-called "rollback".
Now the security forces have arrested Kasimov, and if the version of the agreement on illegal logging of the Udmurt ex-vice-premier with Valentin is confirmed, the head of the Federal Forestry Agency can make up his "friend" company.