July 20 in Yakutia could be a nuclear explosion

July 20 in the territory of the four northern ulus of the Republic of Yakutia for a few hours "turned off the sun." Then black dust and dead birds began to fall from the sky. Local residents suspect an underground nuclear explosion in the Verkhoyansk Range.
Inhabitants of the Eveno-Batan, Zhigansky, Verkhoyansky and Oleneksky uluses still come to their senses. From the sky continue to fall dead birds. A huge amount of dust clogged wells and ponds. Of these reservoirs, the sanitary service has already banned taking water even for technical needs.

The authorities of Sakha-Yakutia have not yet made any official statements, but local media continue to put forward one version after another. And while the version of the underground nuclear explosion in the Verkhoyansk mountain range prevails. Allegedly, the "enemy voices" have already stated about this. Foreign sources indicate that the US satellites NASA July 20, 2018 in the ridge on the border of the Bulun and Verkhoyansk regions of Yakutia recorded a powerful flash and a sharp increase in radiation background in the stratosphere. But the authorities continue to remain silent. Why?

Giant black cloud

Some foreign media report that US satellites recorded a giant black cloud over part of Siberia on July 20. From the satellites it was evident that the region of the Arctic regions of Yakutia suddenly plunged into darkness.

How it was? On July 20, around 11:00 local time (05:00 Moscow time), in some arctic settlements of Yakutia suddenly it got dark, and the sun returned there only at about 14:00. The residents of the Eveno-Butantaiski, Zhigansky and Verkhoyansk districts of the republic reported this anomaly to the local media.

"At first it was dark, like the approaching strong thunderstorm front, it was dark, then it began to darken, but with a yellow tinge, as in the case of toning." It was unusual, we also doubt about the eclipse, which is usually told about this phenomenon in advance, and it does not happen so long, - Witnesses of state of emergency write.

Meteorologists have already ruled out the theory that the loss of the sun could have been caused by some climatic reasons. Deputy Head of the Department for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring Yury Dyagterenko said that the meteorological stations located in these municipalities did not record any anomalies. Smoke from forest fires, too, could hardly have caused a strange eclipse. Fires in Yakutia are raging, but raging far from these places.

After the publication of a series of notes on the unusual phenomenon that occurred on July 20 in the Arctic regions, a message came from the administration of the Eginsky heritage of the Verkhoyansk ulus. The administration reported that on July 20 they also "turned off the sun". "The residents of the Eginsky heritage of the Verkhoyansky district, which is located 200 km from the village of Kustur of the Eveno-Bytantaisky district, report that we also noticed such an unusual phenomenon." From the very morning the sky was clouded. "After lunch, about 2 pm on the street, it began to darken. wind, no sun, no light, as if life had stopped. "

During this time, a lot of calls were received, to the administration, with the questions "What's going on?" "And is not the end of the world come?"

Earlier, one resident told the journalist SakhaDay that after the sun had gone a lot of dust was noticed: "The water in the barrels turned into a mash of dirt, on the surface of the lakes a dusty layer was formed."

-When the sun disappeared from view, people began to call the administration, - the chapter of the heritage Konstantin Starostin shares his memories. -The stooges say that we never had such phenomena. Indeed, there was total darkness. But at night the temperature dropped to -4 degrees ...

- July 20, I woke up later than usual .. Inside the house and on the street was dark! I thought it was night in the yard. When I went outside, I felt that there was not enough air. Then the sky turned red, everyone thought it was a fire. It was morning 11 o'clock, - Anna Vasilieva, a resident of the village of Batagay-Alyta, told the portal "News Yakut ru".

Devices in cars worked intermittently. This can be explained by the action of an electromagnetic pulse. But at the Institute of Cosmophysical Research and Aeronomy this version was refuted.

"The geomagnetic field in Yakutia was calm these days," the scientists said.

But why were the local authorities so taken aback? There were no warnings or statements about how to behave. People - as is usually the case - left alone with disaster.

Lake gulls were killed

The head of Verkhoyansk, Yevgeny Potapov, told SakhaDay that "we had something similar to smoke on July 20. In any case, we decided that this was so, although there are no fires nearby, in general it was overcast, as if the sun had obscured some kind of smoke, then a dark cloud. " But something could not be explained to the people at Eugene Potapov either. Apparently, the administration of the Yakut usasov itself was in great surprise about what was happening.

And another 20 July afternoon there was a significant cooling: the temperature from plus 29 to plus 16 ... On the surface of the lakes formed a dusty layer. In the Verkhoyansk region, the lake gulls were massively killed. Local media reported Specialists drove to the affected area to take samples of water and soil. Carcasses of birds were sent for laboratory research. Residents who live near this lake were forbidden to use water, including for technical purposes.

The place of the mass mortality of gulls in the Eginsky area of ​​the Verkhoyansk district of Yakutia was examined by a veterinary team led by veterinarian Vera Tsukanova. More than 50 dead lake gulls were found on the shore of the inundated Lake Baibal-Kuel (Pavlovo Lake). Samples were taken from three carcasses and one sample of water and soil. Selected samples were taken to the Yakut Republican veterinary and testing laboratory.

Still at the people in greenhouses tomatoes and cucumbers were lost. Previously, the usual yellowed, and then the bushes blackened. And there is no explanation for this, including from the authorities.

Was it a "nuclear" explosion?

The publicist Vladimir Garmatyuk, the author of the book "Discoveries and Hypotheses of the 21st Century", published in 2018 in Germany, shared his version of events with "The Wests of Yakutia".

- On a bad inheritance from the USSR in Russia it is not accepted to stand on ceremony with the people: something to him to speak, to tell, to explain. For example, on the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant on April 26, 1986, people learned about radiation from foreign radio stations ...

Some Russian sites already write: "Foreign sources indicate that NASA satellites on July 20, 2018 in a mountain range on the border of the Bulun and Verkhoyansk districts of Yakutia recorded a powerful flash and a sharp increase in the radiation background."

"Presumably, another underground nuclear explosion was carried out in the mountains of the Verkhoyansk mountain range," Vladimir Garmatyuk emphasized.

Recall that in due time Yakutia survived many nuclear explosions. From 1974 to 1987, 12 underground industrial nuclear explosions were made on the territory of the republic. Two explosions were unsuccessful. As a result, serious pollution of the environment occurred with products of nuclear fission.

It seems that the authorities of Yakutia forgot about what tests the residents of the republic were subjected to when 12 underground nuclear explosions were made. Radiation does not pass without a trace. Therefore, we should not be surprised at the number of cancer patients in the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia. But one can not be so careless about such events when suddenly darkness sets in, the temperature of the air drops sharply, it becomes hard to breathe, dead birds fall from the sky, and the crops die in suburban areas. And the authorities are silent. What was that?

Airplane with holes

Another strange event occurred on that ill-fated day, July 20. On that day, a day of a strange "solar eclipse," an ordinary AN-24 aircraft was flying its usual flight from the village of Olenek to Yakutsk. The ship nearly crashed. AN-24 in a dense cloud in which some large particles moved. And so the plane was like a riddled "shot."

- What caused such damage? - the question of the publicist Vladimir Garmatyuk himself is touched. -In the official message the reasons are not specified!

If you check the radiation level (the dust should be radioactive), then most likely the radioactive background of the airframe will be increased. Some time will pass and the situation will clear up more ...

But this takes time! Perhaps, suddenly one of the participants or victims will speak?

But here inhabitants of four arctic ulus of Yakutia are now waiting for the results of analyzes, why so many gulls died. And where did they get so much dust on their heads? And they ask the following questions: is it possible to fish now in Lake Baibal-Kuel, as well as to swim and wash clothes? The authorities are silent, apparently based on the postulate: "Word is silver, and silence is gold ..."

So far, no statements have been made by the head of Sakha-Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev. But on the website of the government of the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia such official message appeared: "According to experts, removal of the smoke from the forest fires by the atmospheric front caused a deterioration of visibility in the Verkhoyansk and Even-Bytantaisk districts, which is confirmed by the Yakutia Hydrometeorological Monitoring Department.