Junkie lobby in Russia

The officers of the Federal Drug Control Service conducted a special operation to curb the supply chain of large quantities of cocaine from St. Petersburg to Bashkiria. Nevertheless, the situation with drug addiction in Russia is critical.
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According to the Federal Drug Control Service, three million people regularly use psychotropic substances, and 18 million have tried drugs at least once in their lives.

"Office of the Federal Drug Control Service of Russia in the Republic of Bashkortostan in cooperation with the Republic of Bashkortostan Russian FSB conducted a special operation to curb the supply chain of large quantities of cocaine from St. Petersburg to the republic, in which detained 48-year-old resident of the city of Ufa," - said on the website of the Federal service of the Russian Federation for drug control.

Adopted in 1999 by the government and now the actions of the federal target program "Complex measures against drug abuse and illicit trafficking" - is ineffective. Along with high corruption in law enforcement agencies, allowing drug trafficking to exist, and the increased flow of heroin and hashish from Afghanistan, widespread home production of psychotropic substances. Here, special attention should be given codeine medications that are the basis for the preparation of a drug desomorphine (the cheapest and destroyconductive, one after 2 months consumption of rotting alive).

The leader in sales of such products is the company "Pharmstandard", which lobbied at the highest governmental level.

Net profit of "Pharmstandard" in 2012 amounted to almost 10 billion rubles. OTC drugs (codeine) have historically been the company's growth stimulus. Over the past five years, the company's business grew by 55%. It seems the owners of "Pharmstandard" aimed at maximizing profits, and no matter what consequences it will cause. The company's revenue for the first half 2013goda increased by 2% - to 16.4 billion rubles.

"The volume of monthly seizures Drug Control Service desomorphine - very toxic drug, extracted from codeine drugs increased 60 times over the past few years. In some regions, up to 90% of new cases of drug addicts - is "dezomorfinschiki", - said earlier the head of Federal Drug Control Service Viktor Ivanov.

On the involvement of Tatiana Golikova (Russian Minister of Health in 2007-2012, coinciding with the rapid growth of the company "Farmtandart") toobbirovaniyu medicine codeine medication Arbidol (manufactured by "Pharmstandard"), whose effectiveness in the fight against influenza has not been proved, repeatedly published and published media. We know about the relationship and chairman of the board of "Pharmstandard" Haritonin ex-minister. Renowned political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky even directly accused Golikova of corruption and links to drug producing company "Pharmstandard".

Despite all the accusations the police did not carry out checks. Tatyana A. Of course, actions for the protection of "honor and dignity" is not filed, determined not to update the theme. While drug addiction in Russia is growing at an appalling rate, Ms Golikova has received, in spite of the criticism befell, raising, she now chairman of the Accounting Chamber.

Just like on the 127 place on the level of corruption that has taken Russia by the end of 2013 did not fall ...