Kadyrov: "you can not prohibit a beautiful life"

In addition to minor children-millionaires, Ramzan Kadyrov has relatives who are owners of luxury real estate. Where did they get the money?
As it turned out, Ramzan Akhmatovich's "inner circle" got apartments and houses in Chechnya and Moscow for hundreds of millions of rubles. Of the declarations it is unclear where the money for such purchases. For example, Kadyrov himself has at least two personal palaces, one in the Centar, although formally he was recorded on his mother. The other is in Gudermes, where the Chechen leader likes to hold meetings. The most interesting, in the Gudermes possession, even according to Rosreestr, it is unclear who is the ultimate owner of the asset.

The wife of the head of the republic Medni Musaevna, again, it is unclear on what money, bought an elite apartment in the LCD "Vorobyovy Gory" on Mosfilmovskaya street. Only this one apartment costs 130 million rubles. In the same place, in the Russian capital, another relative of Ramzan Akhmatovich, Adam Delimkhanov, settled down. His mother owned an elite apartment with an area of 187 square meters, located in the LCD "Edelweiss", near Medni Kadyrova. This apartment is worth 100 million rubles. There is information according to which the wife of Adam Delimkhanov-Razita has a huge four-six-meter apartment on Davydkovskaya Square worth half a billion rubles!

The most interesting thing, the apartment was bought in 2011, when it earned 200 thousand rubles, and her husband - two million rubles! Then he was on the list of billionaires with the state of 9.1 billion rubles! Where money is a question.

Whose shikuem?

Returning to Ramzan Akhmatovich: his average annual income does not exceed 10-12 million rubles. For example, this month he demonstrated a declaration, where he officially announced about 11.5 million rubles. But if you look at how Kadyrov lives, then it's surprising. After all, this can only afford to some Middle Eastern sheik or king. For example, the rapper Timati (Timur Yunusov), who repeatedly flied on the plane of his "big brother", as he calls him, helped open the "curtain of secrecy" of Kadyrov's movement by accident, Ramzan Akhmatovich's friend.

Timati in his "Instragram" hung photos with a signature: "When on the eve of March 8 you were kicked out of the house, but your brother always has a spare room for you." This free room was in a posh Kadyrov's plane! Some of Kadyrov's benefits are paid by the republic's budget. For example, millions of rubles through state procurement are purchased pieces of furniture. The palace-residence is being built. For the construction of the palace even changed the course of the river Sunzha, and the area of the residence will be quite comparable to the Moscow Kremlin and costs about 10 billion rubles! Order for the budget account and luxury cars Mercedes-Benz E350 4-matic, Porsche Cayenne Turbo Tiptronic S.

But still you can not buy an apartment for half a billion rubles and a few villas at the expense of the budget, these expenses can not be justified in any way. Where does the money come from?

Here it is necessary to turn to the investigation of Transparency International, according to which the Akhmad Kadyrov Foundation receives $ 60 million a month from the residents of Chechnya - this is 3.4 billion rubles at the current rate. In addition to the huge budget subsidies, which during the reign of Ramzan Akhmatovich amounted to 677.39 billion rubles, there is still money that the Kadyrovites receive "through a complex system of tribute."

"Budgetaries give less than all - up to 10% of earnings.The system is simple: for example, you are a teacher at school, in accounting you sign, suppose for a salary of 20 thousand rubles. You get only 18 thousand rubles on your hands. The rest goes directly to the fund, - fighters against corruption say. This is also confirmed by Chechen officials who say that the fund replenishment is "voluntary and compulsory form, although donations are formalized."

It should be noted that the Fund of Akhmad Kadyrov has existed since 2004, headed by the mother of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov - Aymani Kadyrov. The leadership of the fund includes influential people: Khalid Vayhanov, the head of the Service for ensuring the activity of the justices of the republic; the deputy general director for security of Grozneftegaz; Abusupian Daayev; the head of the EMERCOM of Russia for Chechnya; Ruslan Yakhyaev; and the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Chechnya; Shamkhan Denilkhanov, the brother of Ramzan Kadyrov's wife.

Perhaps, there would be fewer questions to the fund if the village were restored to its money. But the fund donates, for example, to actor Gerard Depardieu a five-room apartment in the center of Grozny for 15 million rubles or a clock for 100 thousand euros to stylist Sergei Zverev! It is also interesting that from 2007 to 2014 the fund was the owner of the company "Leader Auto", which strangely ended up in the hands of Bai-Ali Edilgireev, who owns Toyota Center Grozny.

Also, the Kadyrov Foundation established MegaStroyComplekt LLC, which received state orders for 2.9 billion rubles!

Those who are trying to resent the distribution of funds like Ramadan Jalaldinov, who "wrote a video message to the direct line with Vladimir Putin, in which he said that the local population often receives social benefits and salaries only after the officials collect" tribute "in the amount of two thirds of the amount" , Brutally paid for it. Dzhalaldinov burned down the house ...

According to the declarations, chic villas, palaces, apartments in Moscow from Kadyrov's relatives can not be. But if we admit the possibility that they are bought through the fund, then the "puzzle" is formed. This version should be checked by law enforcement agencies, because in 2016, Vladimir Putin approved a two-year plan to combat corruption, which also includes "improving the effectiveness of countering corruption in the implementation of public procurement." Will the security forces bring order to Chechnya?