"Kalashnikov" presented a civilian electric motorcycle and a robot

"Kalashnikov" for the first time showed a civil electromotor cycle and the concept of an anthropomorphic robot. The new motorcycle will not be the most affordable in the market, the head of the concern said.
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Among the novelties of the "Kalashnikov" concern at the upcoming forum "Army-2018" will be a guided straight-up robot weighing 4.5 tons, RBC correspondent reports from the pavilion of the concern in the park "Patriot", where the presentation took place. The creators refused to disclose its functionality and characteristics, noting that the robot is still being finalized. The source of RBC in "Kalashnikov" noted that the robot has already received a working name - Igorek. The concept is placed at the entrance to the pavilion of the concern at the exhibition. The working name of the robot was confirmed by RBC another interlocutor in the concern. In the press service of "Kalashnikov" the name "Igorek" for the new robot was refuted.

"Now it can be called a kind of demonstration of the direction in which we would like to go," Vladimir Dmitriev, acting general director of the Kalashnikov concern, told RBC. "We understand that there are robotic vehicles on the wheeled track, on caterpillar tracks, we also assume that there will be some demand for anthropomorphic automatic movable systems."

The promising goal of using the anthropomorphic complex is to solve engineering and combat tasks, RBC was told in the press service of Kalashnikov. An improved model of the robot will be demonstrated at the forum "Army" in 2019.

Civic Electric Motorcycle

"Kalashnikov" also showed for the first time the civil electromotor cycle Urban Moto (UM-1) of its own production, its light version - LM-1 and the special-purpose version - SM-1. All of them are equipped with a brushless DC motor with water cooling and Li-ion batteries, Lifepo4. The maximum speed for all three modifications is 90 km / h, the power reserve is 150 km. The light motorcycle differs from the urban version of the increased maximum engine power - 55 kW vs 48.

Buy an electric motorcycle will be in the next year, explained RBC Dmitriev. He recalled that earlier Kalashnikov had issued a special batch of electromotocycles for police officers commissioned by the Department of Transport and Development of Road Transport Infrastructure of Moscow, but the civil model was significantly different from what was shown last year.

"He has a completely different exterior, a completely different weight, and we have fine-tuned the technical component," Dmitriev explained.

On the question of RBC about the cost of an electric-cycle, Dmitriev answered that it has not yet been determined. "But I can not say that it will be the most affordable in the market," he added.


In addition to electromotocycles, the concern also presented an electric-crossover. The machine was presented in two versions: a double UV-1 and a four-seat UV-2 will also be equipped with a brushless DC motor with water cooling and Li-ion, Lifepo4 batteries. The maximum speed of UV-2 (40 km / h) and the power reserve (100 km) is much less than that of a motorcycle, the crossover is designed for four people, including the driver. The equipped weight of the machine is not more than 650 kg. Length, width and height of the car - 3440.1530 and 1730 mm, respectively.

"Iron and plastic in the car - Russian", - specified RBC Dmitriev. The manufacturer of electric motors in the concern RBC was not named. According to Dmitriev, the product is aimed at private customers, businesses that need a vehicle over large areas, and a grocery company.