Kandelaki will invent a brand for the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending

Apostle company has won the tender to develop the brand of the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending. In the autumn, the agency and the Russian Housing and Development Foundation will merge into a single structure, which will need a new market positioning. 
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Advertising agency "Apostle" Tina Kandelaki signed a contract to develop a design brand for Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML), the materials on the public procurement website. In addition, the company will AHML services for market research and consulting in the field of strategic communications, said in a report.

The contract price - 24.6 million rubles. (Maximum price was 27.6 million rubles.). Ltd. "The Apostle" was the only bidder.

Development of a new brand of AHML will take place in four stages. First, "The Apostle" will analyze the business model AHML, competing with brands and brands him analogs, including foreign ones. Then - in-depth interviews with representatives of HMLA, the heads of federal executive bodies, the Accounting Chamber, the Central Bank, partner banks, rating agencies and experts.

At the second stage of "The Apostle" brand positioning will be several options and will present them at a seminar for representatives of HMLA. In the third stage of the contract artist will create a list of the ten name brand onthe fourth - the ideology of the brand and develop two alternative brand design concept with the logo. "The company's specialists are working on versions of the name and design trends, but no further details until the official launch of the brand, we can not provide," - passed through the press service Kandelaki.

The contract with the "apostle" was signed July 15, 2015, execution dates scheduled from 16 July to 1 September. According to Kandelaki, put forward a very short time frame. In HMLA failed to promptly provide comment.

Development of a new design brand AHML due to the fact that the fall of the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending and Development Fund for Housing (RHD) should complete the unification into a single structure, which will need a new name, brand and logo. On the unification of AHML and RHD it became known in December last year. Then the representative of the Secretariat of First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov said that the new structure will implement measures for more effective financial support of the program "Housing for Russian family » and support for the mortgage market. The new structure was the working title "Housing Development Agency" (AZHR).

The contract amount is too high, says managing director of branding agency Grafit Natalia Mesh. "Even with a very generous customer and the normal timing of such work is unlikely to be worth more than 10 million rubles.", - She said.

The company "Apostle" was created in 2008 by the former head of the prime taymovogo broadcast radio station "Mayak" Basil Brovko. Among the projects, the promotion of which was engaged in "The Apostle", - the magazine "Russian Pioneer" program and series of CTC, the Yota company, "Aeroflot", "Kalashnikov", state corporation "Rostec" football club "Anji". The head of the company known TV presenter Tina Kandelaki. In March, RBC wrote that "apostle" can get a state contract on the branding of cities that will host World Cup matches in 2018. In addition, at the end of 2014 the company won the tender organized by the NIIP General Plan of Moscow to create a brand New Moscow. During the contract the company nceived 15 million rubles. According to SPARC, the proceeds of "The Apostle" in 2013 (more recent data are not available) amounted to 539 million rubles, profit -. 57.6 million rubles.

OJSC "AHML" was created in 1997 by the decision of the Russian government, 100% owned by Federal Property Management Agency. AHML engaged in the development of the mortgage market, with an emphasis on areas where the least developed housing market. Among the tasks of the agency - the creation of common standards for mortgage lending, ensuring the availability of mortgage loans to the general public throughout the territory of Russia, creating refinancing possibilities for mortgage lenders, the creation of a secondary market for obligations secured by a mortgage, the formation of the mortgage securities market. RHD Foundation was created in 2008 to promote the construction of housing economy and social infrastructure. To date, the fund owned sites are a total area of ​​1805.2 hectares. The results of the auction leases and purchase and sale was entered into in respect of land with total area of ​​2581.3 hectares.