Katerina Tikhonova targeting the Olympic Games

The alleged "daughter" of Vladimir Putin promotes acrobatic rock 'n' roll as an Olympic sport.
In Russia, a federation will be created that combines dance sports and acrobatic rock and roll. This was announced on March 24 at a meeting of heads of regional dance federations in Moscow, the website of the Russian Dance Sport Association (STSR) reports. The new organization is being created "for the development of sports" dance sports "," acrobatic rock and roll, "as well as dances of salsa, break dance, hip-hop and other swing and modern dances," the draft charter says. It will be headed by the vice-president of the All-Russian Federation of Acrobatic Rock and Roll (RosFARR), deputy head of the Department of Sport and Tourism of Moscow Nadezhda Yerastova, one of the participants in the meeting knows and confirmed by a person in one of the federations. The interlocutor in the mayor's office says that Yerastova often sees the head of the fund "Innopraktika" Ekaterina Tikhonova - the alleged daughter of Vladimir Putin, the participant of the championships of Russia, Europe and the world in acrobatic rock'n'roll, vice-president of the World Confederation of Acrobatic Rock and Roll See the sidebar).

A person in one of the associations associates the union with the Olympic ambitions of Russians. At the beginning of the zero years the idea of including sports dances in the Olympic sports was discussed quite actively, he recalls, at the same time they started talking about the merger of the federations of dance and rock and roll: it would provide a much more solid representation. According to the interlocutor, the dance association is more massive, but tends towards greater subjectivity in judging, which gives the ground for corruption. In addition, in recent years, it was torn by conflicts, due to non-payment of contributions, its status in the World Dance Sports Federation (WDSF) was reduced to a temporary member; There are fewer people in acrobatic rock and roll, but they are more of an order, he believes.

 The integration of dance sports at national levels is part of the WDSF strategy, the main goal is the entry of the dance movement into the Olympic family, confirms Denis Kuznetsov, president of the STSR. In some countries, such an association has already happened and for Russia it was only a matter of time, the representative of RosPARR is in solidarity: according to him, the leadership of the Ministry of Sport of Russia and WDSF discussed this idea for a long time, and in 2015 STSD and RosPARR concluded a cooperation agreement. At the same time, there are no plans to merge the sports themselves: in Russia there are many examples of successful all-Russian federations developing two or more kinds of sports. But the united federation plans to engage in the development of other dance directions, which are not yet in Russia sports, such as hip-hop and breakdance, included in the program of the Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2018. The question of whether Yerastova's candidature for the post is being discussed Head of the federation, in RosPARR left without comment.

Get the comments of the Ministry of Transport failed. Earlier, the ex-head of Moskomportport, the president of RosPARR Alexei Vorobyev told journalists that acrobatic rock and roll can be included in the program of the Olympic Games.

Daughter or not

In early 2016, Reuters named Ekaterina Tikhonova the daughter of Vladimir Putin; The president and his spokesman did not confirm this. A year earlier Tikhonova visited the Davos Forum in the company of the deputy chairman of the board of Sibur Kirill Shamalov. In March 2016, The Guardian included Tikhonov in the list of the most influential young people in the world.