Kazakhs demand 16 billion from Sobyanin

Medstroyinvest of Zhomart Kamenova demands to recover from the Moscow government 16 billion rubles and terminate the previously concluded investment contract,
The structure of Kazakhstan businessman Zhomart Kamenov Medstroyinvest, which back in 2006 agreed to build in Moscow buildings for children's hospitals in exchange for land under 100 thousand square meters. m of real estate, wants to terminate the investment contract. The company also demands to recover 16 billion rubles from the city hall, which may be due to the decision of the capital’s authorities to withdraw one of the sites from Medstroyinvest.

The COVID-19 pandemic trial was adjourned until June.

The contract in question Medstroyinvest concluded with the city back in 2006. As follows from the order of the Moscow government, the company undertook to build new buildings for children's city hospitals No. 9 named after Speransky and No. 13 named after Filatov with an area of ​​22.5 thousand square meters. m and 9.8 thousand square meters. m respectively. In exchange, Medstroyinvest received land on Mozhayskoye Shosse near the Kuntsevskaya metro station, on Poteshnaya Street in the vicinity of the Preobrazhenskaya Ploshchad metro station, on 1st Yamsky Poly Street near the Belorussky Railway Station and on Krasin Street near the Mayakovskaya Metro Station . In these areas, a total of more than 90 thousand square meters was agreed upon. m of real estate.

In addition, the city gave Medstroyinvest a site in the Luzhnetskiy passage for the construction of a hotel or apartments of 9 thousand square meters. m. But in 2019, the city authorities decided to take back the land, creating on it a museum of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Novodevichy Convent.
According to Kommersant’s information, Medstroyinvest also owns a site on the Birch Alley, where another 26 thousand square meters can be built. m of real estate. No comment was provided at Moskomstroyinvest and the office of Medstroyinvest, Mr. Kamenov did not answer the call to Kommersant.

Attorney Pavel Zhelnovod notes that the dispute with the Moscow government may be related to the seizure of a plot in Luzhnetskiy passage from Medstroyinvest, in which case success depends on evidence of the size of the losses. Vasily Malinin, head of the commercial disputes department at Rustam Kurmaev & Partners, adds that since the company did not manage to build up the territory, it will be difficult to determine and recover losses.

On the other hand, the lawyer notes, since violation of the contract deprives Medstroyinvest of a chance to make a profit, the court may recognize the company's claims justified.

On the site of Medstroyinvest it is indicated that the company spent 4 billion rubles on the Speransky hospital. Pavel Yakimchuk, Director of CBRE Project Management, estimates the cost of building two hospitals at 3–6 billion rubles. depending on the terms of the contract. According to the calculations of Colliers International partner Vladimir Sergunin, the cost of the seized land in Luzhnetskiy passage should not exceed 1.5 billion rubles, and all land assets of Medstroyinvest as a whole - 4 billion rubles.

One of Kommersant’s interlocutors on the real estate market calls the most popular among Mr. Kamenov’s plots on the Yamsky Polye street. His purchase was discussed by several developers, including the Tekta Group, but the deal didn’t reach the deal because of the seller’s high price expectations. At the same time, it was easier for Medstroyinvest to sell all the plots, rather than building them up on its own, including not to pay the city for land rent, Kommersant’s source said. According to him, the cost of lease rights for all sites is estimated at 3.6 billion rubles. If the company itself implemented the project in Luzhnetskiy passage, adds Mr. Sergunin, it would be possible to earn no more than 4 billion rubles from the sale of apartments.