Kazan Rublyovka: who lives in the elite village

The village of Borovoe Matyushino is called the "Kazan Rublyovka". It is located in a pine forest on the banks of the Volga - a 40-minute drive from Kazan. Elite castles in the village are adjacent to stunted village houses. And strong fences - with bad roads: in the village there are not even sidewalks. Sofia Savina met with the neighbors of the president of the republic.
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River coast, forest air and elite entertainment: one of the restaurants in Borovoy Matyushino offers a ride on dog sledding, leaving a snowmobile in the parking lot. Behind the high fences there is a multi-storey ” tower”, a mansion with naked sculpture ladies, a pink log cottage, a house with a boat garage and a private exit to the Volga. On the website of selling luxury real estate you can find ads about villlas near the street of Putin. 697 million rubles, 17 rooms: with wine cellar, sauna and 24-hour security. 

It was in the forests of the "Kazan Rublyovka" that the summer residence of Rustam Minnikhanov, the country complex "Borovoe Matyushino," of the Department of Affairs of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, was hidden. Judging by state purchases, the residence has everything necessary for a luxurious holiday. The works to care for lawns and flower beds cost 8 million rubles. The residence has a minibus, a tractor and a hydrocycle - orders for their maintenance are posted on the site of public procurement.

Fifty one TV sets can be turned on at once in the presidential residence. This is clear from the application for their maintenance, published on the website of state purchases this year. The "Borovoy Matyushino" Security service cost the budget 29 million rubles a year.

A "hole" in the fence allows you to glance at the territory of the country residence of the president and see how it looked in 2014.

Near the presidential residence there is an "archipelago" of land with massive houses. Satellite images show that some of them could accommodate two Minnikhanov residences. A stone's throw away is the Volga, with a pier with "parked" mini yachts and a helipad right on the river's surface.

The nearest house to the river is located on a plot of land 5,600 square meters. For comparison, 7,000 square meters is the average area of a football field in international matches. The site is owned by Gulnara Metshina, the wife of the Mayor of Kazan, Ilsur Metshin. However, according to the documents, the site belongs to LLC "Kroes and K." It’s only founder is Gulnara Metshina. Through the same company, the mayor's wife owns several shopping centers in Kazan.

At another "football field" - a site measuring 5200 square meters is the house of Diana Safarova, the daughter of the head of the apparatus of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Asgat Safarov. Judging by the map, it takes not more than two minutes for the president to walk from his residence to his daughter’s house.

Immediately three sites with houses in the mayor’s neighborhood are registered at OJSC "TAIF." Their total area is 18 thousand square meters. The co-owners of the largest oil holding in Tatarstan are the sons of the first president of the Republic of Mintimer Shaimiev, Airat and Radik Shaimievs. They are the richest citizens of Tatarstan, according to Forbes.

In one of the houses of the "elite archipelago" not far from the president lives their namesake - Zulfiya Gazizovna Shaimieva. Nearby there is a land plot of one of the members of the Board of Directors of "TAIF" Alik Tsoi, Radik Shaimiev’s deputy, longtime partner and friend.

A neighboring plot of 4,100 square meters is registered to Ilham Rahmatullin, three time vice-president: of Kazan volleyball club "Zenith," the women's "Dynamo" and the federation of volleyball in Tatarstan.


If you leave the "archipelago" behind and move along the Volga, on the way there will be another yacht parking lot and a helipad. Nearby there is a plot of 6.75 thousand square meters, there is a house on it. According to the documents, Karina Irekovna Boguslavskaya, a deputy of the State Duma of the seventh convocation, a member of United Russia, Irek Boguslavsky’s daughter lives in it.

In the Duma, Boguslavsky is a deputy chairman of the Industry Committee and represents Tatarstan. In 2016, the deputy reported 154 million rubles in income. In the declaration of the official it is stated that in the use of his minor child there is a site of exactly the same dimensions. Karina’s daughter owns a neighboring plot of 4,600 thousand square meters with a house.

Borovoe Matyushino is liked by several deputies of the State Duma. Here the first deputy chairman of the Committee for Physical Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs, United Russia member Marat Bariev chose a land plot for himself. The plot of 338 square meters in two steps from the Volga.

On the central street of the village - Sadovaya - there is a local landmark: a mansion with columns and statues - gladiators and lions. It belongs to Alexander Kolesov - a deputy of the Kazan City Duma, the general director of the concern "Radioelectronic Technologies". The owner of the house has a personal path to the Volga - a long pier stretches from the gate of the house along the river. Kolesov erected it in the water protection zone without permission documents.

Tatarstan deputies settled in another zone of Borovoe, separated from strangers’ eyes by the forest. A bunch of of cottages are located right on the bank of the Volga, and next to it - by tradition - there is a helipad.

One of the land plots there - with an area of ​​5.1 thousand square meters - and a house measuring 906 square meters is owned by Nail Maganov, a deputy of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan of the last convocation from United Russia. Maganov is a member of the Committee on Ecology, Nature Management, Agro-Industrial and Food Policy. In combination, the general director of PJSC Tatneft.

A neighboring house with an area of 956 square meters on a plot of 5.9 thousand square meters is registered with Shafagat Takhautdinov, former deputy of the RT State Council. Now Takhautdinov is a member of the board of directors of Tatneft and an assistant to the president of the republic on oil industry issues. Nearby his daughter Svetlana Gallyamova lives. She owns a neighboring plot of 6 thousand square meters and a house of 1 thousand square meters.

Nearby there is a Robert Musin’s site - a chairman of the board of "Tatfondbank" and a deputy of the State Council of Tatarstan from "United Russia". Now he is under investigation: he is suspected of embezzling in the amount of 35.5 billion rubles.


On satellite images, the largest and well-maintained plot in Borovoe jumps into the eyes. Its area is 7,4 thousand square meters, bonus and has a path to the Volga. The owner of this territory with a house measuring 1.5 thousand square meters according to the documents is LLC "Parus". 60% of this company belongs to another company - Luciano De Aloya. Its sole owner is Gulsina Minnikhanova, the wife of the head of Tatarstan. Luciano de Aloya - in the same way in honor of the Italian hairdresser, the Spa Center belonging to Minnikhanova is named. Its regular visitors are the wives of Kazan officials and businessmen.

The Volga shore was chosen by another relative of the president. A plot area of 2.5 thousand square meters near the river belongs to LLC "First Construction Management". Its director, Ramil Minnikhanov, is the nephew of the president of Tatarstan. His father, Rifkat Minnikhanov, occupies the post of head of the State traffic inspectorate in the republic.

In the depths of the village near the pond there is a house surrounded by forest with an area of 990 square meters. Its owner is the notary known in Kazan, Mileusza Khabibullina, the wife of the Minister for Civil Defense and Emergencies, the head of the Tatarstan Emergency Situations Ministry, Rafis Khabibullin.


Mansions in Borovoe Matyushino are inhabited not only by officials. The sites here were bought by Kazan doctors - Vladislav Evplov, ex-head of the now closed "Kazan psychoneurological hospital named after academician V. M. Bechterew”, as well as Vladimir Sherputovsky, director of the Republican Medical Information and Analytical Center. Aydar Amirov, the chief doctor of the Republican Clinical Ophthalmologic Hospital, also spends his vacation here.

nother coastal site in Borovoe Matyushino a few days ago belonged to Renat Muslimov, a professor at the Kazan Federal University. He is also a consultant to the President of Tatarstan on the development of oil and gas fields. According to Rosreestr, he sold his house and land on September 12, 2017.

Here the main oilmen of the republic settled as well. Several plots belong to the top managers of Tatneft. Housing in Borovoe Matyushino is owned by Almira Rakhmanova (head of the economic department), Nail Ibragimov (deputy general director for production), Nikolay Glazkov (deputy general director for capital construction), Victor Gorodniy (head of property management) and Evgeny Tikhturov (head of the finance department) .

Another land plot of 2.7 thousand square meters in Borovoe Matyushino belongs to Zinetula Bilyaletdinov, vice president and head coach of the hockey club Ak Bars. The house in the village Bilyaletdinov owns since 2015 - already after the removal from the post of head coach of the Russian national ice hockey team: at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, the Russians' play was recognized as unsatisfactory.