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Who wants to remove the head of Avtodor
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The new general contractor for construction of the first section of the Central Ring Road (Ring Road) will Crocus Group Aras Agalarov. It will build a portion of the road along with the St. Petersburg company "Mostostroy №6». It's almost 50-kilometer section of the ring road between Minsk and highway M4 "Don". Price question - 48 billion rubles.

To master this amount expected "Stroygazkonsalting" (SGK) Ruslan Baisarov, who won the competition to build the site in April last year, but due to financial problems his company still did not do. Moreover, SGK changed owners this spring. The new owners began to fund United Capital Partners (UCP) Ilya ShCherbovicha and Gazprombank. They appear, and decided to leave the project.

A series of news could play in favor of the "Avtodor" Sergei Kelbaha and its leader, who for the past two years is under scrutiny of inspection bodies. First, state-owned companies interested in the activities of the Accounting Chamber, then, already on a tip of the same "Stroygazkonsaltinga" - the Federal AntimonopolyI service. The amount of claims from which tries to fight back, "Highways" - billions of dollars. The reason - the fight for contracts for the construction of Ring Road, worth about 300 billion rubles, half of which must be isolated from the National Welfare Fund (NWF).. Do Sergey Kelbakh save his chair Will, I understood "Co".

Counting attack

In mid-July, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev reprimanded Sergey Kelbahu for the improper performance of official duties. Such a severe punishment - and for the last five years is the sixth such incident - was associated with disobeying the requirements of FAS and other disciplinary offenses.

Claims to "Avtodor" on the part of the FAS appeared at the end of last year. The Antitrust Authority has complained "Stroygazkonsalting" loser "daughter" Company "ARKS" Gennady Timchenko, a competition for the construction of the fifth section of Ring Road. According to "Stroygazkonsaltinga", project documentation has been placed by the customer is not in full, which did not allow participants to properly Prepareovit application. The company felt that the established "Avtodor" procedure for assessing applications is not an objective that led to the award of unreasonably low score on the criterion of "Organizational and technical proposal." In this case the winner has offered the price of 2.7 billion rubles. higher than the GTS.

Then FAS found the complaint. According to authorities, the competition was held with procedural violations. The matter went to court, where it was decided nevertheless in favor of "Avtodor" and "ARKS". After that, there were hints of a corrupt relationship with Sergei Kelbaha "ARKS". But the evidence of this was found.

In the summer of 2015 attracted the attention of the FAS again tenders for the construction and maintenance of CRR. Agency suspected the company to limit competition and decided to check out all the "Avtodor" contests for the last three years. As mentioned earlier, Deputy Head of FAS Alexander Kanev, defeated the proposal is not the lowest price. Later, Alexander Kinev accused "Avtodor" in countering the competition authorities. How to tell the "Co" in the FAS, as a result of checking incies to draw conclusions and could not. This was reported to the government, checking continues.

To investigate the activities of "Avtodor" and the Court of Auditors (SP). This summer, the agency Tatiana Golikova accused the state-owned company in the misuse of funds for the construction of Ring Road SWF. Borrowed funds are not used and are in the company's account in Gazprombank. The amount of accrued interest in the May-June 2015 amounted to 262 million rubles. Nevertheless, the Government has decided to grant state-owned companies from the NWF has 16.7 billion rubles. the end of 2015 the joint venture audit also showed that the "Avtodor" Ring Road project implements effectively. Thus, the construction of the first starting complex has not yet begun, despite the fact that the agreement is more than a year ago.

"We are ready for any inspections. Our activities transparent. Ring Road project we are implementing in difficult economic conditions, but will implement and execute the instructions of the President and the Prime Minister ", - said the press service of" Avtodor ".

Sergey Kelbakh headed "Avtodor" in late 2011 and gathered young and nrofessionalnuyu team. "He has the best road lawyers, financiers and builders in Russia, - says Director of the Institute of Transport Economics Higher School of Economics Mikhail Blinkin. - Today Kelbakh - official, but his background is one of the most qualified road builders. Such a dozen across the country. He is aware of all the technological innovations in Europe, knows what new materials are used in Canada and the United States, and so on. D. He is competent and very curious. "

Three for one

"Push" to "Avtodor" could for two reasons. First: to Sergey Kelbakh he made on the side of one of the contestants. And the second: to remove an official to replace him with his own man. Mikhail Blinkin calls all this "hardware struggle." "Applicant for the post of head" Avtodor "to be found in the St. Petersburg government - hinted" Co "source close to the Ministry of Transport. - An official wants to return to the capital in the road sector at a good place. "

After reviewing the list of the government of the northern capital, it is easy to calculate byentsialnogo candidate. It is the vice-governor of St. Petersburg for housing and communal services Vladimir Lavlentsev - son of the comprehensive shareholder ARKS Alexander Lavlentseva.

Labour activity Vladimir Lavlentsev novice drivers in OAO "Management of mechanization №4», where his father worked as a chief engineer. The state enterprise in 1993 was corporatized, principal owner and manager of "UM-4" was Alexander Lavlentsev. Later he created a company "Investment and financial construction company" SARK "- holding company specializing in large-scale infrastructure projects, housing and engineering construction.

In 2004, Vladimir Lavlentsev joined the Moscow government, then headed by Yuri Luzhkov, and became the first deputy head of economic development in the building sector and urban planning policy of reconstruction, then - deputy head of the municipal order of capital construction department. It can hardly be called a coincidence that in those years the largest urbanie orders received for road construction group of companies "ARKS". After the new mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin in November 2010, after the resignation of Yuri Luzhkov, sacked by Vladimir Lavlentseva from the government, headed by the holding company's board of directors and was appointed vice-governor of St. Petersburg for housing and communal services.

"Change the chapter" Avtodor ", perhaps it made sense a year ago. Then there were still more chances of success in drawing big contracts state-owned companies, - said Mikhail Blinkin. - Today, according to the fault "SARK" and GTS from the construction of the first section of Ring Road, they become toxic contracts because of long-term investments and strong price Clip ". According to him, contracts and concession agreements "Avtodor" until recently been very beneficial. But they are interesting only in terms of financial stability, when the dollar fluctuations are clear for 10 years in advance and the price of steel structures does not grow by 40% in a few months.

Market participants are advised to look for an attack on the beneficiaries Kelbaha among uchastnikov competition on Ring Road. This is one of the most problematic sites "Avtodor". At the end of 2013 Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich decided to move the deadline for the first section of a few months. It was necessary to conduct technological and price audit. In addition, the government was dissatisfied with the level of competition.

Problems also arose with the first part of the road, after winning the competition SGK announced that it can not fulfill the contract. According to the "Co" official representative of the company's new shareholders we decided to focus on the oil and gas businesses. By law, the first applicant for a contract - "ARKS" runner-up in the competition. But the company has refused the project. "The shareholders decided that it is not interested in them" - said the "To" spokesman Yuri Melikhov ARKS. There was Crocus Group Aras Agalarov, who for the first time the competition was not allowed due to lack of qualifications and, in fact, is the aggrieved party.

"Avtodor" signed an agreement with this company. But to help her build a road to anotherroad construction company - "Mostostroy №6» (specializing in the construction of bridges and tunnels in the North-Western Federal District). A curious detail: it is believed that "Mostostroy №6" controls the former head of one of the largest security associations of St. Petersburg JSC "Protection" Igor Minakov. Just over a year ago, he was still a member of the Board of Directors of the security company. And in the late 1990s, along with the current first deputy minister of transport Oleg Belozerov, he worked at "Lenenergo". To say, of course, can not be anything but certain additional resource at the Crocus appeared.

However, Agalarovy and so possess good administrative resources. Last year, in the city center, on the 1st Tverskaya street, despite the protests of "Arhnadzora" it was demolished five-story building - a former apartment house Proshina, a unique example of architecture of Moscow Art Nouveau. An activist of the movement "Arhnadzor" Rookie Andrew on his Facebook page said that the investor client company that carried out the demolition - the daughter of the former President of Azerbaijan, Leyla Aliyeva,CS-wife of Emin Agalarov of the Crocus Group. Violators escaped with slight shock: the company, the Executive paid a fine of 1 million rubles, and the customer - 5 million rubles. More effects were no.

Triple protection

Now the FAS continues to check "Avtodor". But hardly Antimonopolschiki something will be able to find, said Mikhail Blinkin. "I was a member of the tender committee for the construction of the first stage of CRR. The competition was quite sharp between the companies in the final assessment, - said Mikhail Blinkin. - Over the past two years all competitions conducted either with my participation or with my subordinates. I can say that the level of transparency, they were exemplary. The organizers of "blowing on the water." The commission had a lot of people, it is absolutely independent of Kelbaha (of open government, of the anti-corruption committee, and so on), and all the competitions took place in the face of fierce debate, the head of the "Avtodor" can not control the outcome. " According to the expert, to put pressure on Kelbaha, maybe you could, but in the framework of the existing row allocation proceduresthis would not have made it. The tender procedures have triple protection independent solutions.

Now headache "Avtodor" - the concession tender for the remaining three sections of CRR. In the first stage of selection, in November 2014, the third and fourth sections received five applications from the same company, but after a sharp weakening of the ruble and raising the key rate, investors began to say that can not find funding, and asked to correct financial model. Will the "Avtodor" to change the tender documentation? After all, it is also fraught with new antitrust claims. "Firing position", - said the "Avtodor" market participants.

What is the "Avtodor"

State Company "Avtodor" created in 2009 to develop a network of high-speed toll highways in Russia. The company attracts investment in the road sector in the framework of public-private partnerships; Its functions include: asset management roads, their construction and reconstruction. "Avtodor" can serve the customer in Prospectoektirovanii, construction, reconstruction, overhaul, repair and maintenance of roads; collect tolls; enter into a concession agreement and exercise the powers of the grantor.

What is CRR

Construction of Ring Road - the biggest infrastructure project in the capital region. The length of the highway will be 529 km, and it will take place in parallel Small concrete ring A107. The first starting complex - road length of 49.5 km, which will take place on the territory of Podolsk, Naro-Fominsk and Odintsovo districts - will be put to the World Cup in 2018. At the same time should be built third and fourth, respectively, the starting complexes length 105, 3 and 96.5 km. The total project cost will amount to 300 billion rubles. until 2018. Of these, 150 billion rubles. on behalf of Vladimir Putin allocated from the National Welfare Fund (these funds will be redeemed "Avtodor" bonds), 73.8 billion rubles. - The federal budget, 5.2 billion rubles. - Direct borrowing the state company "Avtodor", 70.8 billion rubles. - Private investment.