Kerimov demands 1.3 billion rubles from Makhachkala port

Debt of the Makhachkala port to Arolia Holdings, an affiliate of Suleiman Kerimov, has already reached 1.3 billion rubles.
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"Makhachkala Commercial Seaport" (MCS) in 2008-2009 concluded with Sberbank of two contracts for the opening of lines of credit: 300 million rubles and 250 million rubles respectively. In 2010, Sberbank filed in Kirovsky District Court of Makhachkala, the port to collect interest and penalty on the loan. But then the bank decided to sell these debts. Arolia Holdings, affiliated with Suleiman Kerimov owned "Nafta Moskva" bought MCS debt to Sberbank at 50% discount in 2013 and continued to plead for them. The District Court of Makhachkala sized with interest debt in 2014 and penalties of 1.1 billion rubles. Makhachkala port Arolia transferred 487 million rubles, but this amount was taken to offset the repayment of debt is not the body, and of accrued interest and penalties, which created a situation in which port the debt continued to grow.

As of June 2016 the total debt of the port before Arolia totaled 1.79 billion rubles. It includes loans for 550 million rubles, the interest on 273 million rubles, and the penalty to 962 million rubles, told Forbes two sources - one of them at the port, the other - closer to Arolia Holdings. Subtracting this amount from 487 million rubles, which returned to port, Arolia considers the sum of the remaining debt of 1.3 billion rubles.

The only Russian ice-free port on the Caspian Sea was the last port in the country where privatization has not so far been carried out. She has provided the government first program for 2011-2013, and then moved to the 2014-2016 years. The current status of the privatization of the FSUE "Makhachkala Commercial Seaport" (MCS) is in the program until the end of 2016, Forbes confirmed in Federal Property Management Agency.

Makhachkala port this summer has been the subject of the struggle between Suleiman Kerimov, Ziyaudinom Magomedov and withdrawn from the list in 2016 Telman Ismailov. the company "Transneft" can also join the management port. Makhachkala port is used for the transit of oil from Turkmenistan. transit deliveries through Makhachkala profitable for the Turkmen side, as Russian tariffs are lower than the rates for deliveries through Iran.

The Arbitration Court of Dagestan considered Arolia Holdings claim to the port to 678 million rubles, which includes interest and penalty accrued for the period from fairyliar 2014 to June 2016. The claim was partially satisfied in the first instance 31 August 2016 and decided to pay a creditor 156 million rubles. Net profit amounted to MITI on the results of 2015, 161.5 million rubles, or slightly more than the designated amount of the payment. One of the sources of Forbes explains this by saying that "if the net assets as a result of the court decision were negative, that is, the amount of the payment would have been more profit", the Federal State Unitary Enterprise MCS failed to change its legal status. Before carrying out the privatization of the port, FSUE MCS should be transformed into joint-stock company, specified in the Federal Property Management Agency. "The partial satisfaction of the requirements will not save the situation - said a source familiar with the case - according to the law, by changing the legal status of the enterprise all creditors should be notified of forthcoming changes to have had the opportunity to submit their claims for repayment."

The official representative of the port has not provided Forbes comment in response to a request for the amount of the debt. "Literally at any time may require Arolia etc.Know port bankrupt, and this demand is likely to be satisfied, "- said a source in the MCS. "Nafta-Moscow" The company also failed to provide a comment.

Suleiman Kerimov - one of the key figures in Dagestan. Since the mid-2000s, he was considered one of the main patrons and investors of the republic and the most influential person after the President. Estimates of Forbes, in the football club "Anji" projects Kerimov has spent more than $ 1 billion. In addition, he had previously funded the annual Hajj 3000 Dagestani pilgrims. Patronage billionaire intertwined with business projects: in addition to the construction in Dagestan flat glass factory, Kerimov bought a few years ago Makhachkala airport.

In 2010, Kerimov through Rosmorrechflot managing Makhachkala port has made removal of long-term head of the port Abusupyan Harharova. The change of leadership took place in September 2010, and the port began to manage Ahmad Hajiyev. But in May 2016 his term of office has expired, and Rosmorrechflot appointed a new leader - Andrei Gormaha, which is considered a protege of the "Sum"iyavudina Magomedov.