Kerimov will sell Sukhoi Log to the Chinese

Fosun Group intends to acquire a blocking stake in "Polyus Gold".
Polyus, owned by the family of oligarch Suleiman Kerimov, sells the blocking stake to the Chinese partners. These partners became Fosun. Her partners in the transaction will act as a consortium, her daughter Hainan Mining and a large gold miner Zhaojin Mining. Fosun Group intends to buy 25 percent plus one share of the Pole. As the experts say, the price of the issue will be $ 2 billion. That, then the sale of the blocking package will take place, confirmed even the First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. According to his information, the parties allegedly fixed the agreement in writing.

So, it happened, which should happen a long time ago. The Pole of the Kerimovs has no money. And there are no them for the realization of their simply Napoleonic gold projects. Once again we repeat that formally the company Polyus belongs to the son of Suleiman Kerimov Said. But all market participants understand that the real owner of the Pole is Kerimov Sr..

And he picked up all the largest gold-bearing deposits in the country. Not so long ago, Polyus won a tender for the development of the largest in Russia Sukhoi Log deposit in the Irkutsk region. The battle for him was long and hard. The applicants were enough, moreover, very solid. But Kerimov was unstoppable. His money was not enough and Polyus agreed to enter into an alliance with the state corporation Rostekh. Most likely, the merger with the head of Rostech, Sergei Chemezov, played a decisive role in the fact that Sukhoi Log was ultimately given to Kerimov.

But getting a deposit is one thing, and starting to develop it is another. Chemezov, also a fighter in the Russian market and completely pay for the work in the Dry Log, certainly was not going to. So Kerimov began to look for buyers for the shares of the Pole. In the country there were none. But in neighboring China they were found. For the Chinese, such a "fatty" piece as Dry Log is also tasty.

According to experts, only proven gold reserves are almost 2 thousand tons, and silver - more than one and a half thousand tons. As experts note In the Dry Log is concentrated almost a third of the country's gold reserves. So let the new partners from the Middle Kingdom and are engaged in rough work on the creation, for example, of the infrastructure, without which the extraction of precious metal, as you can understand, is simply impossible. Especially since Rostech has also joined. You look, someone else's hands and zagrebesh heat. And rake everything that smells of big money Suleiman Kerimov - a great master. Here it is not something that the Chinese, and even Chemezov can give a hundred points ahead.

Trousers about Natalie

It is worth recalling that Sukhoi Log is already the second deposit where the oligarch Kerimov "entered". The first major gold-bearing project was the Natalka deposit in the Magadan region. Having won the competition for the development of Natalka, the Kerimovs then figuratively expressed the finger and finger did not strike in order to create even an appearance of activity. There is not created anything at all to start commercial gold mining. No infrastructure has been built, including even roads, the contractor has not been chosen.

It went so far that the Pole actually hinted at the fact that he might lose his license for Natalka. Here's what the situation with the development of the field was declared at one time by the Governor of the Magadan Region, Vladimir Pechenyi:

"We would like to get clear explanations from the management of Polyus Gold regarding their further plans to develop the Natalka deposit, as this is one of the priority investment projects in the territory."

The governor supported the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources in a very tough form. After that, Kerimov seemed to fuss. And that's why I decided to sell a blocking stake in Polyus. Now he sells to the Chinese. Only "breathe" from this Natalka.

After all, there is also the Dry Log. There, too, it is necessary to create at least an appearance of activity. Although, why! After all, once again, there are able-bodied Chinese comrades, and there is Rostekh Sergei Chemezov.

Unsinkable Kerimov

Suleiman Kerimov has so many "jambs" that if someone else were in his place, he would have long been dancing on the bunk. But Kerimov has simply amazing ability of "survivability". All his tricks with a minus sign "drain" from him, like a duck's water. Well, who else will get such, as being a member of the Federation Council Suleiman Kerimov managed to keep all his foreign assets and all his foreign accounts. After all, this is strictly prohibited by law.

But for Kerimov laws have always been that the shaft. But he acted simply and brilliantly. Foreign money was transferred to one of the charitable foundations. Good and, as they say, God-pleasing. Only Kerimov is God to himself and for himself. The fund that received multi-billion funds belonged to the senator himself! This fund called Suleyman Kerimov Foundation was founded and registered in Switzerland, where financial secrets are better than others in the world. Charity is a sacred thing, but not for Suleiman Kerimov. The money from this fund did not go to help the poor, disabled people and orphans, but to the business projects of the oligarch himself.

That only there is a project for the construction of a hotel in the homeland of Kerimov in Dagestan. He started construction of a hotel on Mount Shamuzag, which sounds for Russian Muslims, as a line from the Koran. It would seem that Kerimov turned the holy thing into another deal. After all, money for construction stood out just from the Kerimov fund. So, no taxes were imposed.

You can also recall a very recent story with the construction of a hotel in Moscow with the same name. Kerimov simply took and threw his long-time partner Ashot Yetiazyan. He, with the help of cunning lawyers and forged documents, took over $ 2 billion of his business partner. Of course, he sued, including in London. And he won it. True, here's the amount of compensation from Kerimov was reduced exactly 10 times!

In England, apparently, the judges also walk on sinful earth and love extra money. For Kerimov, money was also never unnecessary. 2 billion "green" - a good help. And let the gold mining remain at the opposite pole.