Key executives quitted RBC

RBC is left by the chief editor Yelizaveta Osetinskaya, the chief editor of the RBC newspaper Maxim Solyus, as well as the chief editor of the RBC news agency Roman Badanin, as reported the medie holding belonging to billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov in the afternoon of 13 May. Today is their last day of work at the holding, the report said.
Origin source
The reason for dismissal was a divergence of views on the development of its management of the holding, are reported to RBC General Director Nikolai Moliboga. What exactly are these differences, and who is the initiator of the dismissal does not say.

Internet resource "Mediazona", citing its own sources reported that Ossetian and Badanina dismissed by agreement of the parties, and Solyusa released from his position "against his will".

Ossetian on its Facebook page thanked everyone for their support and said it would not comment on the circumstances of his dismissal.

Since June 30, also dismissed Deputy Solyusa Petr Mironenko - he said it in his to Facebook. On their pages on social networks about similar plans and have written several other employees of media holding, including the chief editor of RBC Valery Igumenov, his deputy Anfisa Voronina, Deputy Badanina Hope Ivanitskaya and another deputy Solyusa Julia Yarosh.

Thus, without the leadership remains united as a revision, and all editions Kholdinga, except for RBC TV. Appointed its head in April 2016, former editor in chief of Forbes Elmar Murtazaev did not write about their plans.

Deputy Badanina Irina Malkova said on Facebook, that "remains in RBC tentatively until 30 June."

About care sabbatical since August of this year Elizabeth Ossetia reported in early April, while it has announced the team that will remain the position for her. However, later it became known that the holidays will begin in May this year.

Talk about pressure on Mikhail Prokhorov, who allegedly forced to sell his media holding, began in mid-April, after the office belonging to him fund "Onexim", as well as in the offices of a number of controlled fund companies, including the investment bank "Renaissance Capital" insurance company "Renaissance Insurance" energy company "Quadra" came the inspectors of the Federal tax service, accompanied by the FSB.

Then the representative of the "Onexim" said that the visit was linked to the taxing authority g companiesuppy. However, the real reason for the visit, most likely, there was pressure on Prokhorov, whose authorities are trying to force sell RBC, told the TV channel "Rain" two sources in the media holding. In the edition of the RBC with checks no one came. Forbes source close to law enforcement authorities, said at the time that the operation is very ambitious and will affect not only the company, "Onexim," but personally Prokhorov.

On RNS agency this week reported that the Central Investigation Department of Research Affairs in Moscow opened a criminal case under Article 159 of the Russian Criminal Code (fraud committed by an organized group or on a large scale) in relation to a number of top managers of the media holding RBC, including the General Director Nikolai Moliboga and deputy head of the RBC Board of Directors Derk Sauer. The case was filed at the request of the former co-owner of the company "Byte-Telecom" Alexandra Panova, who accused the leadership of RBC that it fraudulently took possession owned by him and his partner shares "Byte-Telecom".

Russian media holding RBC. dossier
TASS, 13.05.2016

May 13 it was announced that the holding leaving chief editor Elizabeth Ossetia, the chief editor of "RBC" Maxim Solyus newspaper and chief editor of the news agency RBC Roman Badanin.

RBC (RosBusinessConsulting) - Russian media holding, uniting television channel "RBC-TV", online media and print media. In addition to media projects, the company conducts business activities (industry conferences, business regattas, etc..).
Creation and history

RBC news agency was set up in Moscow on June 17, 1993 Dmitry Belik, Mikhail Gurevich, Artyom Inutin, German Kaplun and Alexander Morgulchik. According to media reports, originally carried out the resale of a small amount of financial information of customers, mainly insider, by employees of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and other departments.

In 1993, the first printing were issued numbers monetary bulletin "Information. Analysis. Comments" and financial analysts bulletin "Results of the week." In the same year founded Archives Service Agency, a year later opened a properny analytical department and news service, as well as a branch in St. Petersburg.

In 1995, RBC was the first Russian news agencies created their own Internet server, as well as organized a regional network of correspondents. At the same time an agreement was signed with the Central Bank on the disclosure of information on Russian banks, and the number of its clients exceeded 1 thousand. Companies.

In 1996 he launched the first Russian official online information system, showing the progress of trades with Russian marketplaces on the Internet. The following year, the agency has created a tape of financial and stock news. In 1998, the number of RBC's clients exceeded 2 thousand. Companies.

In 1999, RBC launched a news feed in English, and is among the ten most actively and steadily developing information and consulting companies in Russia. In 2000, the news agency began keeping the clock news broadcast in real time.

In 2003, the holding company has launched a television channel "RBC-TV". In 2006 he began to publish a monthly business magazine "RBC" as well as the print versionlektronnoy daily business newspaper "RBC daily".

In 2013, "RBC-TV" has opened correspondent office in New York (USA), and a television studio in St. Petersburg.

Activities of holding

The composition of the media holding RBC includes the eponymous news agency, internet news portal, daily analytical newspaper "RBC" (up to 2014 bore the name "RBC daily"), a monthly business magazine "RBC" channel "RBC-TV" automobile portal Autonews. ru and several other online publications business, information, service and entertainment focus.

Another major area of ​​RBC's business is information technology - Registration of domains and hosting, software development, rental and placement of servers and others.

Ratings and Awards

In 2007, RBC took the 22th place among the most valuable Russian brands and was estimated by Interbrand at $ 215 million.

RBC has been named by Global Finance the best media company in the Russian market in 2008.

The owners and management

controllingholding a package (about 60%) belongs to the group "Onexim" Mikhail Prokhorov.

General Director of the holding company is Nikolay Molibog.

Since the end of 2013 the chief editor of RBC worked Elizabeth Ossetia, previously held the post of head of the Russian version of Forbes and editor site. Since January 2014, RBC news agency headed the Roman Badanin, who worked previously deputy editor of website, chief editor of the site and executive director of the service agency of Internet projects "Interfax".

In the spring of 2014 the chief editor of "RBC" newspaper was Maxim Solyus, before about ten years worked as deputy chief editor of the newspaper "Vedomosti".