Khalil Arslanov removed 2 billion rubles

Colonel General Khalil Arslanov, deputy head of the General Staff of the Russian Federation, is charged with embezzlement of more than 2 billion rubles in public procurements within the framework of the Voentelecom case.
Origin source
Colonel General Khalil Arslanov, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia, was charged with especially large-scale fraud. This was reported by REN channel, citing its source. The information is confirmed by the source of Interfax.

The channel clarifies that Arslanov is suspected of complicity in the theft of more than 2 billion rubles in public procurement. The charge was brought in the framework of the so-called criminal case of Voentelecom. The interlocutor of Interfax clarifies that a senior military man does not admit his guilt.

One of the former leaders of Voentelecom, Nikolai Tamodin, was sentenced to six years in prison for large-scale fraud in 2015. According to the investigation, in 2011-2012, when fulfilling the contract for the repair of communication equipment and equipment, Tamodin, together with his adviser Sergey Pobezhimov, bought low-quality products at a lower cost, which they then installed on fake documents at controlled factories.

Then, Tamodyn’s successor as the head of Voentelecom, Alexander Davydov, was also arrested on charges of embezzlement in the implementation of contracts for the supply of equipment for the Ministry of Defense.

The newspaper Kommersant last week wrote about initiating a criminal case on fraud when purchasing special equipment for the Russian armed forces. The publication then reported that Colonel Pavel Kutakhov, the head of the order department for improving the technical basis of the RF Armed Forces control system, was arrested as part of a new case. As the newspaper clarified, Arslanov was signed on his own recognizance and proper behavior. It was reported that new episodes of fraud were able to get out of the testimony of Davydov, who concluded a pre-trial agreement on cooperation.

Halil Arslanov is 55 years old. He holds the post of Head of the Main Directorate of Communications of the Armed Forces of Russia - Deputy Head of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces since December 2013.