Khotin will be imprisoned in the mansion again

The ex-owner of the Yugra bank, Aleksey Khotin, who was placed under house arrest in 2019, has achieved a mitigation of the preventive measure. But the appeal overturned the decision at the request of the investigator.
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The ex-owner of Bank Yugra, Alexei Khotin, was again placed under house arrest for a period until January 18, 2021, the press service of the First Court of Appeal told RBC.

“The appellate court overturned the ruling of the first instance court, granted the investigator’s motion, extended the term of house arrest to three months, until January 18, 2021,” said a court spokesman.

Alexey Khotin has been under house arrest since his arrest in April 2019. Khotin is being held in a criminal case on the fact of embezzlement of 7.5 billion rubles. from the bank "Yugra". Later, the investigation opened another criminal case on the embezzlement of 283 billion rubles. As Kommersant wrote, in March 2020, the investigation of the first case was completed, and the investigation of the “big case” of Yugra continued at that time. The case also includes the former president of "Ugra" Alexei Nefedov and the former chairman of the bank Dmitry Shilyaev, they are also again sent under house arrest, the court said.

The conditions of house arrest for the ex-banker from the very beginning were "soft", the lawyers noted: he was forbidden to leave his house at night, from 22:00 to 6:00, and was also allowed to communicate with close relatives and other close persons. defender and investigator. At the same time, Khotin was prohibited from using communications and the Internet.

In October 2020, the Moscow City Court softened the measure of restraint for Khotin, house arrest was replaced by a ban on certain actions until January 15, 2021.