Kickbacks spilt over oceanarium

A criminal case on commercial bribery was initiated in connection with the construction of the oceanarium.   
It initiated another criminal case in connection with the construction of the oceanarium in Vladivostok. On suspicion of taking 2 million rubles. by subcontractor detained deputy director of the federal state unitary enterprise "Repair-construction management" administrative office of President of the Russian Federation (FSUE CSF) Vladimir Nikitin and Dmitry Mingalev. According to investigators, representatives of the general contractor of construction of the oceanarium intended to permanently receive kickbacks from subcontractors in the amount of 10% of the value of contracts.

As it became known yesterday, the Investigation Department of the TFR in the Primorye opened a criminal case on the fact of commercial bribery in the contract to perform construction and mounting works on gardening and landscaping scientific-educational complex "Primorsky oceanarium" in Vladivostok (ch. 3 of Art. 204 of the Criminal Code the Russian Federation). May 9 in the capital of Primorye regional FSB officers detained Vladimir Nikitin and Dmitry Mingalev, deputy director of the FSUE CSF, which is the general contractor for the construction of the oceanarium.

According to the sledstions, in April this year, deputy director Nikitin offered his colleague Mingaleva permanently receive from subcontractors kickbacks for facilitating the conclusion of their contracts for construction work at the facility. He agreed and, according to investigators, proposed CEO "NGOs" Technopark "" LLC in exchange for the conclusion of the contract with FSUE CSF for construction and installation works on gardening and landscaping oceanarium to pay him 10% of the contract amount. The parties came to an agreement, and after the contract with FSUE CSF accounts has been listed down payment in the amount of 33 million rubles., The subcontractor has returned to 2 million rubles. (Total amount of rollback was to be 5 million rbl.). As suggested by consequence, the money, two deputy director of the FSUE CSF divided among themselves. Frauds was revealed after the representative of the subcontractor reported extortion maritime security officers.

According to the SU TFR in Primorye, in the framework of a criminal investigation conducted searches and seized documents, money, conducted interrogations of witnesses. At the request of investigators Leninsky district court VladivojPhoto arrested two suspects.

Russian President Administrative Department is ready to assist the investigation of the case of bribery in the course of work on the improvement of the seaside oceanarium, said yesterday's press secretary Viktor Khrekov department. He also added that the persons involved in the investigation - "the former NGO staff" Mostovik "and were recruited only in early March, it is still on probation."

Seaside Aquarium Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as stated on its website, is being built in accordance with the request of the President of the Russian Federation. The total area of ​​the exposition housing around 35 thousand sq. M. m, water capacity - 25 thousand tons.. The aquarium will contain over 500 species of marine and freshwater animals. Originally scheduled to open the object to the top of the APEC summit (held in September 2012), but the date of its entry into service was postponed repeatedly.

November 20 last year in Vladivostok, was arrested Andrew Poplavsky, director of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Directorate for construction in the Far East," Russian Presidential Administration (the company ofuschestvlyaet features customer-builder Oceanarium). According to investigators, from March 2010 to September 2014 Andrew Poplavskii together with Oleg Shishov, general director of LLC "Scientific-Production Association" Mostovik "" (the company from March 2010 performed the function of the general contractor of construction), and unidentified consequence of individuals kidnapped by deception budget cash in the amount of 1.982 billion rubles., dedicated to the construction of the oceanarium. At the same time perform construction work on time has not been achieved, despite the advances produced. Poplavsky Andrew also charged with stealing more than 40 million rubles., Dedicated to the construction of the aquarium, by artificially inflating the volume of work performed. Poplavskii defendant pleaded not guilty, Oleg SHishov made a deal with the investigation, confirming his involvement in the theft. In April this year, the press secretary manager of President Viktor Khrekov reported that the contract with the NGO "Mostovik" terminated, transferred to the general contractor of FSUE CSF.

November 13, 2014 during the visit of VladStock Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the aquarium and was extremely dissatisfied with the pace of construction. After this protracted engaged in law enforcement.