Kings of Russian real estate earned over $ 8 billion in rent for the year

The newcomer of the rating this year could become Sergey Gordeyev, whom the real estate market players consider the owner of the Columbus shopping center.
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Owners of the Kiev Square Zarah Iliev and Nisanov have been in the lead for six years in a row, but their annual rental income for the first time exceeded $ 1.5 billion. The total rental income of 30 participants in the ranking of rentiers in 2017 exceeded $ 8 billion.

Gagik Adibekyan and Ruben Vardanyan returned to the rating of rentier with the company RD Group, which took 28th place. The company's income from the lease in 2017 amounted to $ 65 million. Prior to that, the company owned by one Adibekyan was listed in the rating "Kings of Russian real estate - 2013", where she occupied 26 lines.

In December 2013, the former owner of Troika Dialog, Ruben Vardanyan, became a co-investor of the Romanov Property Holdings (RPH) private equity fund. Then Vardanyan got control over 50% of the fund of the previously created RD Group for investments in the purchase of finished objects.

Now RD Group together with the funds of Ruben Vardanyan owns a portfolio of commercial real estate worth more than $ 1 billion. The real estate of RD Group is managed by Avica Management Company. In 2017, the Chinese fund Fosun Group together with the Avica Management Company closed the deal to purchase the office center "Voentorg" with a total area of ​​70,700 square meters. m.

Gagik Adibekyan is considered one of the most mysterious figures in the Moscow real estate market. In 1997, he reconstructed the first stage of the fashionable business center "Romanov Dvor" in the heart of Moscow in Romanov Lane. What he did before is unknown.

Also, a newcomer to the ranking of rentiers this year could become an entrepreneur Sergei Gordeev. In February 2017, information appeared that the president of GC "PIK" will become the owner of Columbus. The businessman himself denies this, but several large consultants believe that the object belongs to him. Earlier the purchase of the shopping center was of interest to Morgan Stanley, the structures of the Year of Nisanov and Zara Iliev.

In the ranking of the renter in 2018, Columbus ranks 29th, the rental income is $ 60 million. In the rating of 2017 the company occupied 27th line with a rental income of $ 55 million. Then the final beneficiaries were ex-deputy of the State Duma Ildar Samiev and owner of the furniture center "Armada »Solomon Manashirov.

Two participants of last year's rentier rating dropped out of the list this year - this is Mikhail Kusnirovich, whose Bosco di Ciliegi took the 30th line in the rating of 2017 with a rental income of $ 45 million. The second businessman who left the rating was Viktor Surkov. His "Victor and Co" with a rental income of $ 55 million was in last year's rating on the 28th place out of 30. In December 2016 Viktor Surkov doubled rent rates in the "Cosmoport" shopping center. Perhaps, this also provoked the departure of a number of tenants during 2017.

How to count the rating

In the rating of 2018 there are both Russian and foreign owners of commercial real estate located on the territory of Russia. If physical persons-owners or controlling shareholders of business are known, they are indicated. The place of each participant is determined by the income that was able to bring in 2017 his property. Revenues from other businesses were not considered.

Revenues of shopping centers are calculated based on the areas leased to third-party tenants. The areas on which the owner of the premises conducts trade are not taken into account. In assessing, we rely on information provided by landlords, as well as on the data of consulting companies Colliers International, Russian Research Group, Knight Frank, Cushman & Wakefield, Jones Lang LaSalle, CBRE, S.A. Ricci, branch Internet resources, the SPARK information system, the government of Moscow and regional authorities.

1. The Kiev area

For the year: The company continues to expand the hotel segment (a complex in Zaryadye for 148 rooms and 56 apartments, a hotel on Novy Arbat). Also, "Kievskaya Ploshchad" purchased a site in Khimki for the construction of the agro cluster "Food City 2". The transaction amount, according to estimates, was about 3 billion rubles.

Deal: At the end of 2017, the company bought a sports complex "Olimpiyskiy" from the "Alliance" Group of Companies. Nisanov and Iliev plan to invest $ 300-400 million in reconstruction.

2. IKEA Mos

Number: IKEA Centers is one of the five largest developers of retail real estate in Europe. The total area of ​​the objects is 3.3 million square meters. m, of which more than 65% - in Russia. In the last fiscal year (ended August 31, 2017), Russia accounted for 4% of global retail revenue.

Detail: In 2022, IKEA plans to build a hypermarket in Tyumen. In Russia there are 14 IKEA stores, all of them are part of MEGA shopping centers.

3. Tashir

The figure: Annually the company erects more than 500 000 sq. M. m objects for various purposes.

Retail: In addition to the network of Take Away department stores and Goood's House goods stores in 2017, Tashir launched the One Way shoe brand. Six retail stores were opened in Moscow and Yerevan.

Construction: In 2020, Tashir will build an intercity bus station near the metro station "Seligerskaya" in the Lublin-Dmitrovskaya line in Moscow.

4. Safmar

Transaction: Gazprombank leased about 12,000 square meters. m in the business center "Oasis", belonging to the group "Safmar". This transaction has become one of the largest in the office market, concluded in 2017.

Detail: The group "Safmar" owns the business center Dominion Tower - the only building in Moscow by the famous architect Zakhi Hadid.

5. Crocus Group

For the year: Crocus Group opened the TC "Your House Kuntsevo" with a total area of ​​35,000 square meters. m and TRC "Vegas Kuntsevo" with a total area of ​​288,000 sq m - one of the largest shopping and entertainment projects in the Moscow market in 2017.

Detail: Crocus Group builds a 118-kilometer section of the Central Ring Road in the south of the Moscow region, and also designs an automobile bridge across the Moscow River with an exit to Volokolamskoye Highway.

6. O1 Properties

Detail: In the summer of 2017, Standard & Poor's raised its outlook on the rating of O1 Properties to stable at B + level, the company's debt was $ 3.3 billion.

Court: In August 2017, O1 Group placed bonds for 65 billion rubles, some of them bought "FC Otkrytie" before its readjustment, paying off loans and removing assets from the pledge of 30 billion rubles. Later, FC Opening decided to challenge these deals through the court.

7. KR Properties

The figure: The portfolio of commercial real estate objects KR Properties has increased over the year by 65,000 sq. M. m.

Abroad: In 2017, hotels in Europe brought € 24.5 million in revenue.

Plans: KR Properties plans to build a modular technopark Pererva with a total area of ​​32,200 square meters in the south-east of Moscow until 2019. m. It is assumed that residents will be online stores and network companies.

8. CC Regions

Number: The Group manages objects with an aggregate area of ​​more than 1.5 million square meters. m, about a third of them - shopping centers "June".

Event: In October 2017, the project of a covered amusement park "Dream Island" in Moscow, developed by the Regions Group of Companies, was presented to Vladimir Putin among the largest urban development projects in Russia.

Plans: In July 2017, Amiran Mutsoyev announced the suspension of the St. Petersburg Dream Island project.

9. Absolute

Transaction: The Absolute Group is one of the largest landlords in the Moscow Region. In 2017, Metro Cash & Carry bought 4.2 hectares of land near Pushkino near Moscow for the construction of a new hypermarket.

Another business: Alexander Svetakov also owns the insurance company Absolute Insurance and the North-Eastern Company, Russia's largest producer of red caviar.

10. Comprehensive Investments

Deal: In June 2017, Yuri and Alexey Khotiny sold one of their oldest assets - the Gorbushkin Dvor shopping center. The new owner was the shareholder of "Pharmstandard" Viktor Kharitonin, and formally the seller was a friend of the Khotyn family - the general director of "Russ Oil" Sergei Podlysetsky. The deal amounted to $ 500 million.

11. Enka

Detail: Even before the completion of work in the multifunctional complex on Kashirskoye Shosse, which is being built in place of the former TC "Capitol", in the autumn of 2017 consultants and brokers from Knight Frank and JLL leased more than 80% of the complex's premises.

Plans: Enka TC, the operator of the Capitol shopping centers, announced that it will invest $ 360 million in the construction of a shopping and entertainment center at the place of the Capitolium shopping center in Maryina Roshcha (total area - 245,500 sq. M.).

12. Adamant

Beginning: The partnership between Igor Leytis and Mikhail Bazhenov began 25 years ago with the production of metal structures and double-glazed windows. Now in the holding company "Adamant" more than 50 enterprises and divisions, including glass factories and restaurants.

For the year: In 2017, "Adamant" reconstructed the Kirov department store in St. Petersburg and refurbished the trading space in the TRC "Continent" for the sale of Chinese goods.

13. Fort Group

During the year: Fort Group acquired a portfolio of five Moscow shopping centers of the Austrian company Immofinanz with an area of ​​more than 500,000 square meters. m (leased - 278,500 sq. m.): GoodZon, "Fifth Avenue" and three "Golden Babylon". The transaction amount is € 901 million.

Deal: By the end of 2017, Fort Group consolidated all shares of the Delovoy Petersburg newspaper and in December sold 100% of the shares to the owner of the ESN and RBC group Grigory Berezkin.

14. Raven Russia

The figure: Raven Russia cost R4.9 billion rubles in the spring of 2017, the assets of the Finnish EPI Russia I Ku in Russia: a logistics park and two office complexes in St. Petersburg.

During the year: In November 2017 the company acquired a part of the logistics park "Sever" (195 132 sq. M.) On the Leningrad Highway.

Other business: Raven Russia owns RosLogistics and Raven Mount (elite housing in England).

15. Capital Group

Skyscrapers: In three projects, Capital Group sells the highest buildings in the capital market of new buildings: OKO (354 m), Capital City (302 m) and Tricolor (192 m).

The figure: "Spetsstroy" company, the structure of Capital Group won the contract "Mosremont" for the improvement of the park of the 850th anniversary of Moscow worth 1.96 billion rubles.

16. Hines

For the year: In December 2017, Hines announced the start of the construction of the second phase of Outlet Village Pulkovo (another 6,500 square meters of retail space for 50 tenants). Investments - € 22 million, agreements have already been signed with 15 new tenants.

Detail: Hines and PPF Real Estate own two of the three towers of the Metropolis office complex. In March 2017, the partners received an exclusive right to purchase the third tower from Heitman.

17. Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing

For the year: In 2013, Morgan Stanley acquired from Kazakhstan's Capital Partners the first stage of the shopping center Metropolis and agreed to purchase the second stage. The deal was to take place before the end of 2017, but Morgan Stanley and Capital Partners did not agree due to changed market conditions.

Number: In 2017, Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing announced the closure of the global real estate fund North Haven IX Global for $ 2.3 billion.

18. Millhouse Capital

Deal: As Vedomosti newspaper found out in February 2017, as early as in 2014, half of the shares in BC "White Gardens" went to ZAO "A-class-invest", owned by Sergei Kotlyarenko, asset manager Igor Shuvalov.

Detail: The retail chain Azbuka Vkusa, 36.9% of which belongs to Millhouse and Invest AG Alexander Abramov, will open the first restaurant in the Federation Tower in Moscow City.

19. TPN Real Estate

Plans: After the opening in 2016 in Moscow SEC "Oceania" and "Good" with a total area of ​​250,000 square meters. m the company continues to search for land in the capital for the construction of new retail facilities. By 2026 it is planned to build six shopping centers.

Abroad: The company has a large shopping center Ocean Plaza in Kiev, its total area is 160,000 square meters. m. The decoration of the shopping center - an aquarium with a volume of 350 000 liters.

20. PSN Group

During the year: the Central Bank at the end of the year introduced a temporary administration in the main asset of the family Ananyev Promsvyazbank (10th place in terms of assets). The regulator demanded to add about 100 billion rubles in reserves. The bank's owners Alexei and Dmitry Ananyev negotiated with the regulator and sold non-core assets to correct the situation.

Personnel: At the end of 2017, the general director of the development group of the PSN, Maxim Gasiev, left the company.

21. Bosco di Ciliegi

Digit: About 25-30% of GUM area, according to Colliers, third-party brands rent. Most of the space is occupied by brands belonging to Bosco di Ciliegi.

For rent: In addition to GUM and the shopping center "Viasna" on Arbat, the group manages two more objects in the historical locations of Moscow - the Petrovsky and Smolensk passages.

Retail: The structure of Bosco di Ciliegi includes more than 200 single-brand luxury stores, beauty salons, restaurants and a dental clinic.

22. Immofinanz

For the year: In December 2017, Immofinanz Group sold its Russian assets to the Fort Group developer from St. Petersburg. The sale of real estate in Russia was a condition of merging with the Austrian company CA Immo. The Russian portfolio of the company included five shopping centers in Moscow. The transaction amount was € 901 million.

The figure: € 976.4 million - the market value of the Russian portfolio of Immofinanz Group at the end of July 2017.

23. Aviapark

For the year: In 2016, the owners of "Aviapark" considered the possibility of selling half of the shopping center to reduce the debt burden. In early 2017, the co-owner of the shopping center was the structure of the lending project Gazprombank, but in October, Igor Rothenberg and Mikhail Zayts were able to restructure the loan and regain control of the facility.

Detail: On the site of the "Air Fleet" on the Khodynka Field, there used to be an open-air aviation museum.

24. PPF Real Estate Russia

Transaction: The company Tele2 leased more than 13,000 square meters in the Class A office park. m. The deal became the largest in Moscow for 2016-2017. The company plans to move in the first half of 2018.

Construction: PPF Real Estate Russia has started designing the second stage of the Class A office park Comcity. There will be built two office buildings and a hotel. The total building area will be about 95 000 sq. M. m.

25. AFI Development

Deal: At the end of 2017, AFI Development announced that it had reached an agreement to sell two office buildings of the Aquamarine III complex. The buyer was one of the largest Russian banks, which intends to place the head office in the building. The deal amounted to almost 8 billion rubles.

Other business: Owner of AFI Development - Israeli diamantair Lev Leviev. In Russia, he owns one of the largest cutters Ruiz Diamonds.

26. Mcapital

Partner: Zanadvorov owns only a part of the area in the "Tower-2000" in Moscow City. According to brokers, more than 50% is managed by the ex-owner of Stroygazconsulting Ziyad Manasir.

Another business: Against the background of the reduction in Seventh Continent's revenue in the summer of 2017, Zanadvorov handed over the premises of his stores to competitors: Azbuka Vkusa, Lente, Magnitu, Dixi, and others.

27. CC TEN

Deal: In autumn the group bought the Sokolniki Ice Palace for 500 million rubles. Reconstruction will begin in the summer of 2018. Planned investments - 1 billion rubles.

Other business: In Moscow, TEN develops beer restaurants networks "Pilsner. Czech beer "and" Kozlovitsa ", which bring about 10% of the total revenue of the group.

Digit: Since its inception, has built more than 1.1 million square meters. m of real estate, the company itself manages about 700,000 sq. m. m of space.

28. RD Group

The figure: RD Group together with the funds of Ruben Vardanyan owns a portfolio of commercial real estate worth more than $ 1 billion.

Transaction: The company Avica Management Company manages real estate objects RD Group. In 2017, the Chinese fund Fosun Group together with the Avica Management Company closed the deal to purchase the office center "Voentorg" with a total area of ​​70,700 square meters. m.

29. Columbus

Owner: In February 2017, there was information that the president of PIK Group Sergey Gordeyev would become the owner of Columbus. The businessman himself denies this, but several large consultants believe that the object belongs to him. Earlier the purchase of the shopping center was of interest to Morgan Stanley, the structures of the Year of Nisanov and Zara Iliev.

Debt: The debt of the original owners of the shopping center, built on Gazprombank's loan funds in 2015, by the beginning of 2017 was $ 370 million.

30. Ingeokom of the KRK

Detail: The main asset of the company is the Atrium shopping and entertainment complex. It houses one of the largest parking lots in the center of Moscow - more than 700 cars.

Other business: Co-owner of Ingeocom Ernest Rudyak and partner Dmitry Dildin founded the Medoved company, which sells premium honey from environmentally friendly regions of Russia and the near abroad in premium supermarkets.