Kolomoisky unleashed an oligarchic war

The governor of the Dnepropetrovsk region, accompanied by machine gunners, captured the office of Ukrtransnafta in Kiev.
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The governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region Igor Kolomoisky c using submachine captured "Ukrtransnafta" office in Kiev. This was announced on his Facebook page the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of "Block Poroshenko" Sergei Leshchenko, referring to acting the head of state-owned Yuri Miroshnik.

On Thursday, the management of the Company was suspended former head Alexander Lazorko. Kolomoisky came to the office to oust new leader and force return of the former. The reasons for these actions oligarch Leshchenko explained that Lazorko "paid hundreds of millions of hryvnia for Kolomoisky drained of oil pipelines raw materials."

According to Leshchenko, he informed the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov of the seizure "Ukrtransnafta".

"Avakov says that barricaded inside the building is the head of the Kiev police, and hung up," - said the deputy. He also pointed out that Avakov "will be held personally responsible for all illegal actions that are taking place that night."

Journalist Sergei Shcherbina, in his Facebook reports that KolomoiskyFirst, Homutynnik, as well as people's deputies Victoria Voytsitskaya Paul Rizanenko sitting in the office of "Ukrtransnafta" chief accountant.

It has been reported that the office of "Ukrtransnafta" came the Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Volodymyr Demchishin.

The Supervisory Board of "Ukrtransnafta" Lazorko dismissed from the duties of chairman of the Management Board from 19 March. According to the decision of the body, exercise the powers of chairman of the company until August 10 will Miroschnik.

This decision Kolomoisky called raider seizure. He himself, as noted by Ukrainian media, believes that the situation with "Ukrtransnafta" is the deputy of the BPP Igor Kononenko. According Kolomoisky, Kononenko sent armed men from the "Warta Kiev", who called the new director of security Miroshnik.

- Lazorko protects the Ukrainian state property, that it has not disappeared anywhere - tycoon said, adding that it is about 600 million tons of oil.

In addition, on Thursday glad Cabinet adopted the proposed amendments to the law "On Joint Stock Companies", the regulatoriruyuschie order of meetings and dividend payments in the state-owned companies. As noted by Ukrainian media, the decision concerns, in particular, "Ukrnafta", which is a co-owner of the group "Privat" Kolomoisky. The changes prescribed in the law meant, in particular, reducing the quorum from 60% to 50% plus one share.

The reason for the changes in the legislation, as noted by Ukrainian media, was the work of the state company "Ukrnafta" - "Privat" owns 42% of its shares, which allows, in accordance with the same rule to block the holding of meetings. Representatives of the group Kolomoisky, often ignored shareholders' meeting, which complicated the decision on distribution of profit state-owned companies and the payment of dividends to shareholders.

According to experts, in Kiev erupted real oligarchic war.

- In Ukraine, the scandal erupted, which speak of the beginning of a large-scale war oligarchs. And the war, they are already out in the open, feeling full impunity. The prosecutor's office is unlikely to be in it to interfere - says Ukrainian political scientist Alexander Dudchak.

According to the anthropologist-philosopher Zinoviev club member MIA "Russia Today" Vladimir Lepekhina, Kolomoisky - not just a gray eminence of modern Ukraine, it is - the main separatist her.

- This is his Makhnovist tactic known that "anarchy - the mother of order," and supported by the chaos in the country allows you to catch the biggest fish - earn on fuel supplies for the army and weapons, cut budgets, capture assets and eliminate competitors. So, after the events of the information appeared in the media in Odessa that the organizers behind the massacre in the House of Trade Unions was Kolomoisky - Lepekhin notes. - But the reason for this massacre, again, is extremely simple - control over the territory. Ukrainian megaoligarhu need not "United Ukraine" and control of the Odessa port (through which imported and - illegally - Western arms) and the Odessa refinery.

According to experts, Kolomoisky is a major threat to Poroshenko.

- Governor and the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky - a chieftain and anarchist Nestor Makhno our days, most probably, the main Ukrainian cearatist who not only arranged in Ukraine Kiev is not subordinate autonomy, but strongly promoted then foment war between Kiev and the Donbas, extracting benefits from this war for himself - says Lepekhin.