Kolomoisky's bank told about the lawsuit to Russia over the Crimea

Privatbank, the largest bank in Ukraine, co-owned by billionaire Igor Kolomoisky, says it had filed a lawsuit against Russia "for the protection of the lost investments in the Crimea." Earlier it was reported about a similar lawsuit from Oschadbank.
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Privatbank initiated against the Russian Federation for the Protection of the arbitration lost investments Crimea, said RBC's press-secretary of the Ukrainian credit institution Oleg Serga.

The press service of the International Court of Justice, RBC reported that such cases are dealt with in the permanent arbitration court in The Hague (Permanent Court of Arbitration, PCA). Last not yet answered the question of RBC as to whether such a claim, and whether the trial is scheduled filed.

According to Sergi, the arbitral tribunal is formed and will carry out the proceedings in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL). In accordance with the rules of the court will be held even if the parties have not agreed on the nominations of the arbitrators. The venue of arbitration is chosen The Hague (Netherlands). The amount of the claim and the size of the bank's losses in the Crimea Sergei did not elaborate.

As explained RBC partner Paragon Advice Group, Alexander Zakharov, there is an agreement between the governments of Russia and Ukraine 1998 "On encouragement and mutual protection of investments." Under this contract disputes initiatednvestorom from Russia or Ukraine, may be considered by the arbitral tribunal ad hoc (created by a single party for consideration of the dispute), in accordance with the UNCITRAL.

Answering a request from RBC Russian Ministry of Justice is expected.

Privatbank - the largest commercial bank of Ukraine and occupies about 15% of the country's banking system. After last March Crimea and Sevastopol became part of Russia, Privatbank lost business on the peninsula, where once again was the largest: it had 337 branches, and it accounted for about 30% of the total deposit base of the banks located in the region.

"We believe it raider seizure", - he said at the time portal "the Banki.ru" Serga.

Privatbank was founded in 1992 by its present owners Gennady Bogolyubov and Igor Kolomoisky - founder of the largest Ukrainian industrial and financial group "Privat" (in addition to the banking sector is presented in the petrochemical, metallurgy, food industry, agricultural sector, air transport, sport and the media). According to "Forbes Ukraine" in 2014, Kolomoisky is the fourth monththen with a fortune of $ 2.4 billion, including the country's richest businessmen.

On Wednesday, July 8, as it became known that a lawsuit against Russia for damages of 15 billion hryvnia (at current exchange rate of about $ 691 million) filed another bank - Oschadbank, controlled by Ukrainian authorities. This was announced at a cabinet meeting Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, and called on all Ukrainian state-owned companies follow the example of Oschadbank.

"I appeal to all the other Ukrainian state-owned companies to follow the example of the state Oschadbank of Ukraine with the aim to attract Russia to justice," - said the head of government (quoted by RBC-Ukraine).

Oschadbank Wednesday evening issued a press release in which he stated that he had sent a notice by the authorized representatives of Russia. Claims as the bank said, stem from the illegal treatment of investments that belong to Oschadbank in the Crimea, in violation of numerous provisions of the intergovernmental agreement "On encouragement and mutual protection of investments."

"By sending this message atpolnomochennym representatives of the Russian Federation, namely Vladimir Putin, Medvedev DA and others, Oschadbank acting in its sole discretion and as an investor as a legal entity of private law for the purpose of economic protection and restoration of their rights and interests in the Crimea ", - stated in a press release of the Ukrainian bank.

In the spring of 2014 the Ministry of Justice estimated the losses of the country from the Crimea losses of more than 1 trillion hryvnia, which was at that time about $ 85 billion. The Minister of Justice Pavel Petrenko said then that the Ministry of Justice will set up a special unit that will indemnification.