Konstantin Sharygo rebuffed blackmailer Lisovska-Medvedkova

The business clan of Sharygo rebuffed blackmailer Lisovskaya-Medvedkova, who wants to put Alexander Sharygo in jail for 6 years for an alleged rape.
His father, Constantine Sharygo permanently residing in France, in Nice, filed against Lisovska-Medvedkov sued for libel. As previously wrote the Russian media, in January 2016 in Moscow there was a scandal, which resulted in some supposedly "well-known fashion model" Anna Lisovskaya said about the rape and beating. The culprit was named the 21-year-old Alexander Sharygo, the son of a "prominent businessman" Constantine Sharygo. Currently, Alexander was arrested and is in jail.

It was established by journalists, there is no "known Centerfolds" Anna Lisovskaya not exist in nature, nor in which she is seen modeling was not. But the girl with the latest fashion nakachany lips like two drops of water similar to a certain Anna Medvedkov from Yartsevo Smolensk region. After graduating from high school Medvedkov nicknamed "Miami" left home and went to the district center in Moscow, where he began working in an escort agency. Escort services are a reality in the VIP-prostitutes and their clients through Anna has traveled all over Europe, where in MonacoI met a young rascal Alexander Sharygo.

About a year young people communicate, and then allegedly saw Anna hobby Alexander drugs and decided to leave him. In response to this it in the night of 7 to 8 January 2016 allegedly beaten and raped. It should be noted that this case has received a lot of publicity in the media - Anna became the hero of television programs, 14 January acted as the chief guest on the television show Andrey Malakhov "Let them talk" on the First Channel television. The girl said that Sharygo family alleged pressure on her, threatening and offering a bribe of 7 million rubles compensation. At the same time, Anna says that her goal - not money, but to throw a young Sharygo to prison for 6 years .

January 25 Alexander's father sued Lisovska-Medvedkov libel and unlucky "modelka" clearly have to prove that she was raped and beaten by Alexander, as well as the fact that he had a drug addict and an alcoholic. Characteristically, Sharygo Alexander himself did not hide from the police department and came to himself, although he had the opportunity to leave Russia (he has a residence permit in France).

Othen Alexander, Constantine Sharygo, according to unconfirmed reports, Russia was engaged in the transportation business, and the last few years living in Nice and Monaco. According to some Russian media, most likely, the clan Sharygo confronted with banal extortion. The blackmailers are hiding behind the figure is not very savvy elite prostitutes Lisovska-Medvedkov, paying its television broadcast and outputs in the media. But who will win in this battle, it is not clear until the end, for all solve the administrative resource. Alexander Sharygo sitting up on March 11 in jail, and if it will turn to his landing, his father is clearly necessary to lay out his trump card in the fight against extortionists.