KRET and its plant will spend 72 million to take a break from burning ventilators

The KRET corporation owned by Rostec and the Ural Instrument-Making Plant, which is a part of the latter, and manufactures Russian Aventa-M IVL devices, will spend 72 million rubles on lawyers.
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Relevant Open Media documents were found on the public procurement website. One of the purchases of 12 million rubles is carried out by the Concern Radioelectronic Technologies (KRET) itself. The procurement documentation says that lawyers are needed to “analyze and assess the risks associated with the production activities of KRET during the current unfavorable epidemiological situation caused by the coronavirus infection COVID-19”.

Procurement is carried out from a single supplier “due to an accident and other emergencies of a natural or technogenic nature,” but the documents do not contain the name of the lawyer or the name of the law office.

The second purchase for “legal aid” was placed directly by the Ural Instrument-Making Plant, whose Aventa-M devices, presumably, caused a fire in Moscow and St. Petersburg hospitals in mid-May. UPZ is ready to spend 60 million rubles on these goals. What kind of legal assistance the contractor will have to provide is not mentioned in the documentation.

The press service of the state corporation Rostec, which owns KRET, did not respond to a request from Open Media.

It is the Ural Instrument-Making Plant that produces the Aventa-M ventilation apparatus, which were used in Spasokukotsky hospitals in Moscow and St. George in St. Petersburg, where fires occurred on May 9 and 12. In both cases, fires occurred in intensive care units where these mechanical ventilation was used. One man died in a fire in Moscow, another five were injured, and there are five victims in St. Petersburg.

After these incidents, the Investigative Committee began testing at the Ural plant, and Roszdravnadzor ordered Russian hospitals to suspend the operation of the Aventa-M ventilation device released after April 1, 2020. Neither Rostec nor KRET nor the UPZ pleaded guilty to these fires. The plant continued to manufacture these machines, and the manufacturer’s further actions will depend on the conclusions of experts who are versed in the situation, the representative of KRET said.