Ksenia Shoigu wasted money “Islands of forts” for misleading purposes

The expenses of the Island of Fortes fund, whose work is supervised by the daughter of the Minister of Defense Ksenia Shoigu, amounted to 113.6 million rubles in 2019.
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This is stated in the fund’s reporting published on the website of the Ministry of Justice, Open Media drew attention.

“Island of forts” is engaged in the development of a tourist and recreational cluster in Kronstadt, Ksenia Shoigu holds the post of deputy chairman of the investment committee in the organization. The port should become "the largest museum island in the world dedicated to the history of the Navy: great battles, outstanding commanders, unique ships, with the ability to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of time and place," the project website says.

The non-profit organization “Island of forts” was registered with the Ministry of Justice on May 13, 2019, thus reporting the expenses for the incomplete seven months of its existence. It follows that the monthly expenses of the fund for this period averaged 16 million rubles.

Since its inception, the organization has spent 112.6 million rubles received from Russian organizations and Russian citizens, the document says. 53 million of them were spent by the fund on the “acquisition of fixed assets and other property”, another 37.8 million rubles were spent on maintaining the organization. Only more than 21 million rubles, or slightly less than 20% of all its expenses, the fund directed to “targeted activities”, the meaning of which was not disclosed in the statements. Open Media sent a request to the organization’s press service with a request to clarify the nature of these costs. Another 1 million rubles received by the organization from the federal budget was spent on the salaries of employees, it follows from the statements.

The founders of the fund in May 2019 were the Ministry of Defense and the government of St. Petersburg. Ksenia Shoigu is the main public figure of the project, representing him at official events. In June 2019, it was Ksenia Shoigu who presented the project at SPIEF. The general director of “Island of forts” is a native of Gazprombank’s structures Vyacheslav Krylov.

At the end of February 2020, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree on the allocation of 4.5 billion rubles for the reconstruction of two forts of Kronstadt, which will be carried out by the “Island of forts”. According to documents on the legal information portal, of which 2.2 billion rubles will go to the repair of Fort Peter I, another 2.3 billion rubles will go to Kronshlot.