Kurchatov Institute will build an industrial park for the Defense Ministry

For the institute this project can become the first in a series of contracts of public-private partnership.
A major project of the Ministry of Defense - the construction of an industrial and logistics complex in Arkhangelsk - will receive the structure of the Kurchatov Institute. It will replace the management company "Leader", who previously developed the project. The concession agreement for 16 years with the specially created LLC PLC Arkhangelsk was signed by the Defense Ministry on September 21, a federal official and two people who know about the deal from its participants told Vedomosti. A month before signing, the only owner of this company instead of “Leader” was ANO “Complex of Engineering Technologies of the Kurchatov Institute” (CIT KI), it follows from the register data.

President of the Kurchatov Institute Mikhail Kovalchuk is the elder brother of billionaire and friend of President Vladimir Putin Yuri Kovalchuk. Earlier, the co-owner of the Criminal Code "Leader" was the bank "Russia" Yuri Kovalchuk. In March 2014 it became known that the bank had completely withdrawn from the capital of the "Leader", selling 35% of the shares to a group of APF "Gazfond", whose pension money is managed by "Leader". The amount of the transaction was not disclosed, and the composition of the Gazfond owners is not fully known.

Leader Asset Management is a player who carefully evaluates projects, as far as is known, so far no market investor has managed to come to an agreement with the Ministry of Defense, explains a person close to the company. But the bank "Russia", as well as VEB can provide funding, the official admits. In the future, there will be a consortium of investors, the official said. The logistics company must enter the capital of the project company, says a person who knows about this from both sides of the agreement. Representatives of Bank Rossiya, Leader, Kurchatov Institute and the Defense Ministry did not respond to Vedomosti's requests, and VEB refused to comment.

The decree on the concession between the Ministry of Defense and "PLC Arkhangelsk" Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed in November last year. Concluded it was charged within 120 days. For the use of land, the concessionaire must annually transfer to the Ministry of Defense 1 ruble, and the state compensates its construction costs, the disposal says. If the revenue from the commercial activities of the PLC does not cover the minimum established by the agreement, the Ministry of Defense will pay the investor.

For KIT CI, which specializes in "full-cycle engineering services," the construction of a PLC is a major project and its first concession. According to SPARK, the revenues of CIT CI last year amounted to 1 billion rubles. And the cost of building the Arkhangelsk complex is 15 billion rubles, taking into account payments by the Ministry of Defense and revenues from the commercial use of the complex, the revenue of the project company for the entire concession period should be 60 billion, the official says. For an institute, this project can only be the first in a series of public-private partnership contracts. KIT KI discusses participation in two more concessions for the construction of logistic complexes of the Defense Ministry, said another person who knows this from the parties to the deal.

The Ministry of Defense announced the storage system reform in 2015: 530 warehouses across the country with an area of ​​12,000 hectares should be replaced by 25 dual-use production and logistics complexes (PLC) for the dual purpose - not only for military needs, but also for civilian ones. Private business will use the PLC for transshipment of fuels and lubricants, fisheries management, warehouse logistics, and regional industrial parks will be organized on their territory.

Surprisingly, the Leader management company withdrew from the project, there are probably risks that the state is not ready to close, says Kachkin and Partners partner Denis Kachkin.