Kuzbass fraud traces led to the Netherlands

The accused in the case of a billion fraud has been detained by Russian request.
32-year-old Olesya Cherednichenko, a former employee of the Novokuznetsk office of the bank VTB 24, who was arrested at the request of the Russian bureau of Interpol. She is accused in the case of theft by types of loans of about 1 billion rubles. from the funds of the bank. The scam has been revealed by the credit institution. Alleged accomplices Mrs Cherednichenko more than a year under the court herself if extradited to Russia is waiting for a separate process.

According to the press service of the State Ministry of Interior in the Kemerovo region, after Oles Cherednichenko not was never a meeting of the Central District Court of Novokuznetsk (the first was held in November 2013), which received a criminal case against her and her accomplices, it was announced in wanted. For a while, investigators tried to find out whether she is hiding in Russia, and then, in May 2014, it announced an international search. As a result, Olesya Cherednichenko found in the Netherlands and was detained at the request of the Russian bureau of Interpol. It should be noted that the defendant had already tried with her husband to hide from law enforcement agencies abroad, but the law enforcement officers stopped the attempt in November 2009.

According to consequencetions, Olesya Cherednichenko, who worked as the head of a small business credit card for additional office "Novokuznetsk" Siberian branch of VTB 24, in 2007-2009 organized criminal group, which consisted of nine people, including her husband Konstantin Cherednichenko. They said in fact, issued 84 loan agreements with so-called one-day firms, the money which had been stolen. As explained in the press service of the State Ministry of Interior in the Kemerovo region, the total amount of the material damage caused to the bank amounted to more than 1.1 billion rubles. As reported earlier by representatives of the VTB 24, the fraud was revealed by the internal audit of the bank, additional offices held in the "Novokuznetskaya" in autumn 2009. The audit materials were handed over to the investigating authorities, and involvement in the abuse of bank employees were dismissed from their posts.

The prosecutor's office of the Kemerovo region reported that a criminal case on charges of fraud in a large scale, committed by the office of the bank VTB 24, the Central District Court of Novokuznetsk began to consider in Novemberie in 2013, but since Olesya Cherednichenko disappeared, the proceedings continued in respect of the remaining eight members of the group. In the process, has questioned witnesses for the prosecution, is now expected to questioning of defense witnesses and the defendants themselves. Sentencing, if there is any surprise, it is expected in January or February of next year. With regard to the matter Olesya Cherednichenko Separated, it will be considered later - or with its participation, if the defendant extradited or correspondence, if it is refused extradition to Russia.