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What the family of the Minister of Industry and Trade earns money.
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The arrest of the head of the Ministry of Economic Development Alexei Ulyukayev has shown that even officials of the highest rank may be in the development of the FSB.

In addition to the disgraced minister, referred to First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov and Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich. Fighting Is it corruption or attempt a new redistribution of spheres of influence between the so-called siloviki and liberals, will become clear after the reshuffle, which in the near future will inevitably follow.

Bench to head a great mayor. Among the candidates - presidential aide Andrei Belousov, head of the Ministry of Economic Development in 2012-2013, the first deputy head of the government apparatus Maxim Akimov and the first deputy chairman Ksenia Yudaeva.. Source "Co", close to the Office of the President, speaks about possible personnel castling - the transition to the Ministry of Economic Development Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, with the simultaneous transfer of his powers led by Industry and Trade Denis Manturov and raising the latter to the vice-premier. "A young, ambitious, apparently sat up in the ministerial chair, which has long been outgrown by the possibilities," - said the source "Co".

Such redistribution of powers is most likely in the current situation (especially since Manturova supports the head "Rostec" Sergei Chemezov, a friend of Vladimir Putin and one of the heavyweights of the Russian economy), if not the continuation of the story about embezzlement during the construction of the shipyard "Zvezda" in the Far East . Passing in this case the former head of OAO "Far Eastern Center of Shipbuilding and Ship Repair" (FECSR) Igor Borbot filed in New York claim to Manturov, arguing that his prosecution is due to the fact that he refused to give up stake in established his company "Vladivostok Development ". "To" understand, how this history might affect his future career Minister of Industry and Trade.

"Star" with the "Saturn"

Igor Borbot was among the most respected entrepreneurs period Primorye governor Sergei Darkin. He controlled the company "Vladivostok development", "Radio set", "Meat Dvor", a group of RDS construction companies, and from the end of 2011 to May 2013, led FECSR, on the basis of which is created shipyard "Zvezda" - one of the largest shipbuilding centers Russia. Once, in 2012 against the backdrop of uncertainty with the development of Russian offshore South Korea's DSME withdrew from the project construction of "stars", its implementation was halted. This area is the responsibility of Industry and Trade, but it got to the point that in the history of the delayed construction of Vladimir Putin personally intervened. "In short, everything dies. And everything is dying, and you will die, and there tore a huge project. Anyway, we have made a significant contribution to the failure of this project. Well done, it's our way "- this conclusion did Vladimir Putin at a meeting on the development prospects of the domestic civil shipbuilding August 30, 2013 Denis Manturov justified the delay by the fact that participation in the project refused to DSME,« The United Shipbuilding Corporation has remained one one with this project. "

As a result, it was agreed that the completion of the shipyard will consortium of "Rosneft" and Gazprombank "Modern Shipbuilding Technology", later joined by "Gazprom" and "Novatek". The first phase of construction (estimated at 45 billion rubles.) "Star" has already ended. According to the current schedule, the second and third line must pass in 2018. Igor Borbot in 2013 was promoted to director of the department of engineering and technology localization "Rosneft", but in the summer of 2014 was dismissed after being hit by a criminal prosecution. Why place of work was "Rosneft"? Controlled by businessman ZMK "East" has already built under the project "Sakhalin-1" drilling platform "Berkut" commissioned by Exxon Neftegas Limited and "Rosneft".

Now Borbot is under arrest in the United States, waiting for the consideration of deportation to Russia. According to investigators, the businessman as head FECSR developed a scheme to withdraw funds intended for the construction of the shipyard, he controls in the business structure. The amount of damage - more than 4 billion rubles. "The New York lawsuit - it may attempt to assert themselves and to prepare the conditions for a deal with the investigation, - the director of the Institute for Applied Political Studies Gregory Dobromelov. - It is difficult to imagine that Borbot can tell, but here I see an attempt to detect the actions Manturova corruption component. "

True stories from Borbota business or not, will understand the investigation, but the former co-owner of "Saturn" and the ex-mayor Yuri Rybinsk Lastochkin also called the Ministry of Industry and the cause of his prosecution. He was forced to agree to the sale of shares "Saturn" after the company set in a pretty tough economic conditions: it was required to repay the bond loan of 3.5 billion rubles, but had no money.. First Federal Financial Markets Service suspended the issuance of seven-year bonds of "Saturn" in the amount of 3.5 billion rubles. Then, on the "unidentified persons - employees of" Saturn "Investigation Department of Internal Affairs of the Yaroslavl region instituted two criminal cases.

The initiator of the inspections, which resulted in criminal cases were reported NPO "Saturn", was named Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, who previously headed the "Oboronprom". Ministry of Industry and the information had not commented. And when the "Saturn" applied for state support on the Web, the bank's management made it a condition of the sale of shares "Oboronprom", "daughter" of "Rostekhnologii" (now "Rostec"), which then began to form United Engine Corporation (UEC).

As a result, Dove has lost control over the enterprise, but, even leading the administration of Rybinsk, he continued to criticize the UEC, UCK and the Ministry of Industry, accusing officials in the collapse of the aviation industry. "It was dangerous because, knowing what is happening, call a spade a spade," - says the former NPO "Saturn" top manager. Then Swallow accused of bribe in the amount of 2 million rubles. for the reinstatement of the head of the local MUP "Teploenergo". And also in damage to "Saturn" during his tenure in the amount of 116 million rubles. In an interview with the newspaper "Rybinsk week" Yuri Swallow said: "It is my custom and completely fabricated. customers' names are known: Chemezov and Manturov with "six" a different level. The reason - fear and revenge for what will have to answer for the endless lies to the people and the president. " In September 2015 the court sentenced the former mayor of Rybinsk to eight and a half years in a penal colony and a fine of 140 million rubles.

"Saturn" is a part of DCS is the "daughter" of "Oboronprom", which, in turn, nvhodit in "Rostec". "Saturn" continues to be loss-making: in 2015 its net loss amounted to 2.2 billion rubles, in 2014 it was calculated 5.5 billion rubles, in 2013 - 3.7 billion rubles, 2012-... m - 4.2 billion rubles. That is "Rostec" and the Ministry of Industry has not helped, "Saturn" to become profitable.

"Denis Manturov, like everything else in Ministry of Industry, is considered a creature of Sergei Chemezov, - says Director of the Center for Political Studies Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Pavel Salin. - We can see where there are interests "Rostec", there begin to appear representatives of the Industry and Trade Ministry. " Among the recent important appointment of experts noted the introduction last summer as the new governor of Sevastopol, Dmitry Ovsyannikov. Prior to this official was Deputy Denis Manturova. And it is now in the Crimea "Rostec", or rather, his "daughter" of "Tekhnopromexport" building new thermal power plants.

If we follow the interests of "Rostec" that the last time he became interested in mineral fertilizers, and Sergei Chemezov 2104 even led the Board of Directors of "BRIC". "Chemezov informally responsible for the potash industry, - said Deputy General Director of the Center for Political Information Maxim Lavnichenko. - Manturov also helps in addressing issues related to the industry. " For example, in October last year, the minister spoke about the intention "Rostec" redeem the enterprise 'Ufaorgsintez "in" Bashneft "to build on its base of low-tonnage chemistry center as part of the state corporation. And supports the deal in spite of the position of the Ministry of Energy, which believed that the project is contrary to their own plans, "Bashneft".

The son of a diplomat

"Energetic, business with entrepreneurial flair" - speak to the Minister of familiar officials. A good career start Manturov largely provided his father-in-Yevgeny Kiselyov. Father Minister in 1976 moved his family to India, then to Sri Lanka, where he served as adviser to the Soviet Embassy. There Manturova met with a representative of the family of "Aeroflot" in India and Sri Lanka, Yevgeny Kiselyov.

Kisel daughter Natalia and Denis Manturov attended the same school, friends, and in Moscow after studying in universities, were married. In 1994, Denis graduated from the sociological faculty of Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov Moscow State University, and Natalia - residency in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Russian State Medical University.

In the early 1990s, Yevgeny Kiselyov returned to Russia and decided to become a businessman. Along with "Aeroflot" it created a joint venture "Aerorepkon", which was engaged in the sale of tickets, and made-in-law as his deputy. Then they have a different business - export Mi-8 helicopters to India, Sri Lanka and China, where Kisel left many links on previous work. Manturov and opened his own business, establishing the company "Bell Centre Online Capital", which in 1996 became one of the first dealers of mobile operator "Beeline".

In late 1997, Kisel has managed to consolidate a large block of shares of JSC "Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant" and lobby for the appointment of his son-deputy general director of the company. The resulting experience there and ostensibly friendly relations-in-law of Sergey Chemezov Manturov helped in 2000 to occupy the chair of Commercial Director of the Moscow Helicopter Plant. ML Mile (cost centers).

Three years later, he led the "Oboronprom", the purpose of which was the organization of the holding company for the construction of aircraft. airline employees on professional forums remembered that at that time actively sold off the factory area, and it was possible to forget about the new developments. "More recently, two of the three areas of Moscow, owned by Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant. ML Mile, were sold. Basically OKB building on the remaining territory of the seal occurs violent divisions to take "fire victims", not taking into account any standards of safety and sanitation, - said in an open letter to Vladimir Putin, dated the beginning of 2006 and signed by the members of the cost center. - At one of the stands were sold territory, which is now under way state testing hydraulic control Mi-28N, new machine B-38, and is about to begin testing another product. "So what? - Obviously he decides Manturov - cut the stands and transported to the factory in Panki. " But no luggage stands, and even some machines. Their installation and commissioning of the new place will last 5-7 years, and in the absence of frames (so add up the circumstances) - 10 years and longer. Also in this area there are other units in operation. "

In 2003, when Denis Manturov headed "Oboronprom", there was a firm "Financial System", established that, according to service, a Cyprus company Monticello Holdings Limited, and became general director Yevgeny Maximov, who worked together with Denis on Manturovym Ulan-Ude aviation plant, as well as Deputy General Director. Here you can trace another business relationship. Yevgeny Maximov became CEO of JSC "Smart-Holding" on October 24 this year. Its founders - Cypriot company Colls Holdings Limited and a member of "OPIN" Sergei Koshelenko development company board of directors. In the financial market is a well-known person. In 2003-2008. He was deputy chairman of Rosbank, and then four months led by APR-Bank, acquired by Mikhail Prokhorov. In early 2009, Koshelenko became co-owner of the management company "RBiznes Asset Management" (the former name - "Management Company Rosbank"), together with the top management of the company he bought it from Prokhorov. However, the work of MC "RBiznes asset management" was halted after several of her clients have turned to us with claims for damages on the basis of trust management of 2008. The total amount of claims has exceeded 6 billion rubles., And MC "RBiznes asset management "I was declared bankrupt. Koshelenko in 2010, he became Deputy Director General of the IR "VEB Capital", where he worked on the restructuring of non-core assets of VEB, and in this position he worked for about two years.

By 2007, the company "Financial System" was listed as co-owner of more than a dozen different firms,
including a number of defense enterprises. In 2009-2010. The Federal Antimonopoly Service has twice refused to "financial system" in the request to increase its share in the defense plants, arguing that it "failed to establish reliable information about the real owners of the company," Financial System. "

By the way, one of the companies belonging to the "financial system" - LLC "Reserve-M" (the activities of real estate agency) - in 2008 was sold to sister Alina Kabaeva Laysan.

The Ministry of Industry (from 2008 - Ministry of Industry) Manturov came in September 2007, to the post of deputy minister. Then he had to get rid of part of its assets. So it was liquidated CJSC "Bell line», CJSC «Bell Centre Online Capital" and LLC "Klimantov", which was engaged in the sale of spare parts for helicopters. In 2012, the official Ministry headed, but the main business Manturova stayed in the family.

Minister's wife

Yevgeny Kiselyov helped her daughter Natalia organize a business to work on a specialty. "Centre of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology" Lantset ", was opened in 1999 and is located on the base of clinical hospital №1 RF President Administration - says the site" The Lancet ". - Thanks to this cooperation our center, patients are provided with all necessary conditions for the safe and comfortable stay. " First in the "Specialists (plastic surgeons)" appears itself Natalia Manturova - "MD, a plastic surgeon, doctor of the highest category, head of the department of plastic and reconstructive surgery, cosmetology cell technologies HFC Rnrmu them. NI Pirogov. Head Specialist Plastic Surgeon Department of Health in Moscow. "

However, the first clinic Manturovo was recently closed, or rather, transferred to the Institute of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology Street. Olkhovka (m. "Krasnoselskaya"). This is another one of her clinic, the country's first medical institution associated with cosmetology, - the former Institute of cosmetics and hygiene Glavparfyumerproma, founded in 1937 by the order of People's Commissar for Food Industry of the USSR Anastas Mikoyan. There Manturova worked as a plastic surgeon in 1993-2005 gg., And in February 2013 established its Development Fund Medical Technologies bought this organization. By the way, a partner in the fund established by one of their companies (LLC "Tarus") acts as the former press secretary of "Roscosmos", fashion model Anna Vedischeva.

Among the partners' Lantset "Center for Plastic Surgery - Clinic" Lantsent center "hardware cosmetology, open to the street. Small Spiridonovka in 2009 (also 100%
Manturovo belongs to Natalia, the former name - "Delight-Lantset") and the clinic "Lantset" in "Primorye" - Black boarding house owned Manturovym, which are sent to the customers 'Lancet' rehabilitation after cosmetic operations. The clinic appeared in 2003 and was initially registered at Denis Manturova. Now its founder the PJSC "Holiday Hotel" Primorye ", legally merged into last year with the sanatorium" Friendship-Gelendzhikkurortservis ". These pensions were bought from the Russian Federation of Independent Trade Unions.

In March 2012, Natalia Manturova registered another plastic surgery clinic, "Lancet 31", which was supposed to start work on the basis of the Moscow City Clinical Hospital №31. But this project has not gone. In January 2015 the clinic has been rewritten to the general director of "financial system" Yevgeny Maximov, and in January 2016 by its founder bore the kind of "Karakka", registered in the Vologda region at mass registration. Apparently, this was done for the liquidation of the company. Indeed, at the same time, "The Lancet 31" ceased operations.

Switch to construction

With family Manturova connect the two development projects implemented in the first and second lines on the shores of Gelendzhik Bay. According to the specialized medical journal Vademecum, the first project builds on two guest houses in the neighborhood - "Primorye" and "Friendship". In place of the "Friendship" will be a hotel complex and clinic focused on cosmetic and plastic surgery. The planned amount of investments - 1.88 billion rubles. On the territory of "Primorye" already in dormitories class "Lux" and "Standard", a business center, a small medical center, SPA-area, several restaurants and its own private beach. After joining the territory of "Friendship" "Primorye" Takes more than 4.5 hectares in the first line of Gelendzhik, becoming the largest hotel and sanatorium-resort complex. Completion is scheduled for 2019

The second major project in Gelendzhik, in connection with which the mentioned Natalia Manturov - a complex of apartments and townhouses Fellini, is being built on the site of "Gelendzhik" sanatorium. The official website of the complex, which is for customers presentation called "coastal Ostozhenka", indicated that the construction was started in the summer of 2015

The main owner of PJSC "Sanatorium" Gelendzhik "is the company" Pearl ", 40% of which belongs to the same" financial system ", according to Vademecum. The site center corporate disclosure "Interfax" PJSC "Sanatorium" Gelendzhik "is designated as an affiliate with" Primorje "(data as at 31 December 2015). The planned investment for the first phase of construction - apartment hotel - 449.6 million rubles.

The amount is huge, even compared to income Manturovo, which are estimated at about 130-150 million rubles. in year. For example, in 2015 income among family members Manturova government occupied the fourth place, after Abyzova, Shuvalov and Trutnev, with the amount of RUB 149.9 million. And Natalia Manturova contribution amounted to only 5.1 million rubles. Although funds for the construction of apartments and townhouses can be borrowed. Needless PJSC "Holiday Hotel" Primorye "in 2014 has stated its intention to take the credit in the amount of more than 15 billion rubles.

"Manturov not a poor man, and as such was not, when I came to the Ministry of Industry, - says Gregory Dobromelov. - Adopted today among officials the concept does not imply that we should be ashamed of their income. On the contrary, it is now a kind of attitude: "I'm rich, and I do not need to steal." Another thing is that many officials still have an extra income. But it is not always possible to name corrupt rents. "

The balance of interests

"In the history of Alexey Ulyukaev is clear - an official of such a high level made a lot of errors. The main one is that in carrying out any work on the public or private entity he should schedule meetings on its territory, in his office, - says Director of Consulting Center of the Far East, Peter Khanas. - However, even there he is not immune to investigation by law enforcement agencies. " According to him, if the corruption component is proven, the minister condemned. And what's more, none of the officials could not be immune from such.

However, the story with the claim Igor Borbota Denis Manturov somewhat different. "It is unlikely that the Minister of Industry, having, in fact, unlimited resource and strong links with the" Rostec "would take such a risk in his career," - says Gregory Dobromelov. And Sergei Chemezov position more than stable.

Interviewees "To" experts can not remember a case when someone from the environment chapter "Rostec" paid the price of freedom. Yes, there is staff turnover, but close to Chemezov officials and top managers of state companies move from post to post in a specific orbit.

Arrest Ulyukayev said that officials can do strange things, and many ministers are structurally related to state-owned companies and state corporations. a very fine line, and it is clear that businesses can influence the decisions of officials between business and government.

"This situation with the arrests, however, the Ministers' Deputies, was observed in 2007 - says Pavel Salin. - This was on the eve of Vladimir Putin Classified his successor as president. " Then they arrested closest to the ex-Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin man - his deputy, Sergei Storchak. He was taken into custody by the head of department of operational support of the Federal Service for Drug Control (Federal Drug Control Service) Alexander Bulbov on suspicion of illegal wiretapping and disclosing state secrets. This was a blow to the head of Federal Drug Control Service Viktor Cherkesov, who turned too active on the eve of the presidential election. He could lead the Russian Security Council, to change the role of this structure and strengthen its impact. "Then Vladimir Putin has returned the balance of power by his successor, Dmitry Medvedev. Such a scenario could be repeated - sums up Paul Sahlin. - The question is how to find a balance in the current situation the president. "

Apparently now benefit may not be the bankers and financiers and industrialists, representatives of the real sector, industrials.