Land of Baron Mikheev

The young grandchildren of the head of Rosoboronexport, Alexander Mikheev, turned out to be the owners of billions of land estates.
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State Corporation Rostec is in favor with the country's leadership. This is evidenced by at least the recent award of the head of the company Sergey Chemezov to the title of Hero of Russia. However, other top managers of the state corporation and persons close to them feel quite good in the rays of his fame, and at the same time they are pouring golden rain, which allows them to build chic mansions and pinch off tidbits of state property. And lobbyists in the State Duma provide legislative support for profitable business.

To spite enemies, relatives for joy

Despite Western sanctions, from 2017 to 2018, the Rosoboronexport company, a member of Rostec, increased its portfolio of arms orders by $ 10 billion from 45 billion to 55 billion. However, not all of the proceeds from the arms trade go to the state. This is especially clearly seen in the example of the family of the head of Rosoboronexport, Alexander Mikheev, who took this post in 2017.

Only a year passed, and his son Alexei became the owner of the estate on Rublevka in ParkVille Zhukovka, the Sobesednik journalists found out. The cost of 36 acres of land in "a unique village for the most demanding buyers of fashionable suburban real estate" and a cottage built on this site with an area of ​​1204 square meters. m - about a billion rubles. True, Alexey Mikheev did not own this luxury for long. He copied the property to his three minor children, the youngest of which is not even a year old.

Journalists believe that without the help of Alexander Mikheev, his son and family could hardly have financially expected an expensive Rublev mansion. For example, their family-owned company Ecotechnology, where Alexei is the CEO, I, his wife Miroslava Duma, is the founder, there are no incomes, but there are losses. Until recently, Alexey Mikheev held an official position - he was the director of the machine tool and investment machine building department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Rostec and Rotenberg

Together with the Mikheevs in ParkVille Zhukovka, the billionaire brothers Boris and Arkady Rotenberg, known throughout Russia, live. The son of the latter - Ivan not so long ago became the owner of a large stake in the Tula Cartridge Plant, which is one of the main domestic manufacturers of ammunition. Journalists found out that he got the share of the enterprise from Alexei Solovov, a participant in the corruption scandal related to the theft under the Rosoboronexport contract with the Venezuelan authorities.

Then the Russian defense industry, in agreement with the then Venezuelan commander Hugo Chavez, signed a contract under which they were supposed to build a factory in Venezuela to produce Kalashnikov assault rifles and cartridges for them. But the plant remained on paper, although more than a billion rubles were spent on it, apparently, settled on the accounts of shell companies.

According to media reports, Solovov, who in 2016 was sentenced to three years of probation for fraud, was precisely related to these frauds.

The Rotenbergs, by the way, also have other points of contact with Rostec. So, their company “Trust Gidromontazh” is building a waste incineration plant in the Moscow region under a state corporation project.
Income and expenses

According to reporters, the salaries at Rostec are pretty good. So the head of the state corporation Sergey Chemezov earns about 332 million rubles a year, board member Anatoly Serdyukov - 213 million.

But even such high incomes sometimes cannot be combined with real estate acquired by top managers of Rostec. So, the journalists found out that the director of the state corporation for economics and finance Oksana Lobanova, receiving 21 million rubles a year, recently became the owner of housing worth more than 200 million. Townhouse with an area of ​​352 square meters. meters in the elite village of Silver Place is located on the territory of the conservation complex "Silver Forest".

Own government contracts

Having studied the contractors of Rostec and its structures, we can conclude that family and friendly ties are important in obtaining state contracts. So, the wife of the general director of the Tekhmash concern Vladimir Lepin, Irina, is a business partner of the co-owner of Ekolinia LLC Valentina Gaposhkina. This company works under the state contract with the Vympel shipyard.

The Rostekhov concern Sozvezdie, as journalists found out, overpays for renting offices from the company of mother-in-law Chemezov and the wife of his deputy Vladimir Artyakov.

And the wife of the head of TsNIItochmash Albert Bakov - the eldest daughter of the director Nikita Mikhalkov Anna, played one of the main roles in the film "Godunov", which was funded by the state corporation.

Rostec on sale

Recently, the head of state agreed with Chemezov’s request to capitalize 300 billion rubles owned by Rostec United Aircraft Corporation (UAC). At the same time, the head of the Rostec’s Supervisory Board, the Minister of Industry Denis Manturov, announced plans to sell it, as, say, the asset became interesting to the investor.

The same interesting asset - a stake in Roselectronics - passed into the hands of billionaire Vladimir Yevtushenkov. In turn, the structures of banker Viktor Grigoryev bought from Rostec for 14 billion rubles a 75% stake in Technodinamika Holding, which is the main Russian manufacturer of equipment for aviation.

75% of the Kalashnikov concern is also in private hands, for example, with Deputy Defense Minister Aleksey Krivoruchko, who has become one of the shareholders of the arms enterprise. The second shareholder is the oligarch Andrei Bokarev.
Corruption and lobbyism

From time to time, Rostec is shaken by corruption scandals. So, the son of Vladimir Litvin, managing director of direct management organizations of the state corporation, Mikhail was put on the international wanted list on suspicion of fraud. Now he is hiding in London.

In Mordovia, employees of the semi-private Kovylkinsk Electromechanical Plant became migrants of the case of bribes that they received from January 2015 to September 2018. According to the investigation, the money was transferred to them by businessmen for lobbying at the conclusion of contracts.

But lobbying for Rostec is a familiar thing, and somewhere even a state one. According to Transparency International, the State Duma is lobbying for the interests of this state corporation, in particular, Ivan Kvitka, Arthur Taymazov, Alexei Balyberdin, Alfiya Kogogina, Vladimir Gutenev from United Russia and the communist Pavel Dorokhin.