Land tricks of Andrei Kozitsyn

The director of Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company OJSC continues to "fatten" on the budget of the Sverdlovsk region.
The Administration of the Federal Property Management Agency in the Sverdlovsk Region is trying to appeal the decision of the arbitration court, which refused to invalidate the purchase and sale transaction between the Uktus airport (UMMC structure) and the Titanium Valley special economic zone. Kozitsyn "floated" the Sverdlovsk region for 200 million rubles of land that was not intended for sale by law. The governor of the region Yevgeny Kuyvashev helped “crank up” the matter? Understood the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

The struggle for six plots of land with a total area of ​​51 hectares began back in 2015. The Sverdlovsk office of the Federal Property Management Agency and Uktus Airport sent applications for state registration of ownership of the disputed land. But according to the 2004 documents, the FSUE Second Sverdlovsk Aviation Enterprise section could not be registered.

However, Kozitsyn did not give up and on behalf of the airport sent a purchase and sale document with the airline from 2014. State lands were transferred to the businessman as part of the bankruptcy case of the enterprise. Under the agreement, the Ministry of State Property Management transferred not only land, but also property to the hands of the merchant.

But how did Kozitsyn manage to “knock out” state lands? Could one "acquaintance" governor have helped? Rumor has it that the businessman is almost the only supporter of Yevgeny Kuyvashev. Was it profitable for the head of the region to “present” six sections of an allegedly ruined enterprise?

Apparently, the lands from the bankrupt went to Andrei Kozitsyn for nothing, but he sold them already for an impressive amount. I sold it to the Sverdlovsk region ... And here the saying doesn’t work: "for what I bought, for that I give it back." In 2016, the Titanium Valley special economic zone bought from UMMC for the construction of the second stage a property complex together with territories for 200 million rubles!

Titanium Valley is owned by the state-owned company Mid-Urals Development Corporation JSC and the Center for Low-Rise Construction OJSC, which is also owned by KRSU JSC. Andrei Kozitsyn got a good job. I bought it from the state, but I’ve also “bled it” to him. Kuyvashev’s help was not complete?

Where, interestingly, could the "proceeds" go? Are there many offshore companies of UMMC? And there are as many as five of them on the list of founders: FRIDING INVESTMENTS LIMITED from Cyprus, FOLKSTONE BUSINESS INC. From Liechtenstein, BRANDES INVESTMENTS INC from Panama, FELDO ENTERPRISES CORP and CARINGTON UNITED S.A. from the Virgin Islands.

And the company has money ... Surprisingly, one full-time employee was able to earn as much as 13 billion rubles with a revenue of 19 million rubles! And at the same time, accumulate claims of more than 7 million rubles.

Or maybe the "green" hid in other companies Kozitsyn? UMMC has a heap of subsidiaries and a good half are unprofitable with offshore founders ... For example, OOO Ek Company received in 2017 - minus 1.8 million rubles, LLC Bashmed - minus 553 million rubles, LLC UGMK Health "- minus 80 million rubles, LLC Yekaterinburg-City - minus 373 million rubles, LLC Ecoresurs-Invest - minus 119 million rubles, LLC Orion - minus 40 million rubles. Why haven’t the authorities become interested in a businessman yet? Is it all about the "governor's shield"?

It is curious that the Titanium Valley plans to attract about 10 residents for the construction of the second stage. The priority is aircraft manufacturing and aircraft repair companies. And one of the main potential “helpers” is the Ural Civil Aviation Plant, which will assemble L-410 aircraft and Bell helicopters paired with ... UMMC, Pravda UrFo wrote about this.

The Uktus site of the Titanium Valley Special Economic Zone will receive about 5.6 billion rubles of investments from residents, and by 2021, 720 million rubles of taxes. Did Kozitsyn, in the appendage, decide to “earn some money” at state capacities? The total amount of the necessary "infusion" of about 3 billion rubles ... Big jackpot.

And nobody is still embarrassed that the UMMC, a dubious, stuffed with offshore, "crawled" into a large-scale state project?

But not only in the "Titanium Valley" Kozitsyn lit up. The Moscow Post wrote about a terrible environmental disaster. The fact is that the residents of Kiselevsk are suffocating from 9 working coal mines in the city. Coal dust rises, because management "spits" on safety rules and ignores the fact that mining is conducted in an open way.

The area is so poisoned that one day black snow flew onto the heads of local residents! And there was an unbearable smell in the air because of coal burning underground. The townspeople could not stand it and asked for asylum in Canada. Where was Kozitsyn at that time? Already clearly not within the boundaries of coal mines ...

Kozitsyn, apparently, is not afraid of anything. Rumor has it that an influential businessman controls some of the administration of the Sverdlovsk region. Kuyvashev so trusts "friend"? Local residents are also whispering that it’s high time to rename Verkhnyaya Pyshma, where the headquarters of the UMMC is located, to Kozitsinsk. Is a businessman holding local power so tightly?

Hardworking businessman and benefits get. Apparently, Kuyvashev also tried. The fact is that in the region a bill was adopted on tax benefits for hotel owners. Such generosity deprived the budget of about 200 million rubles. True, the deputies put forward rather stringent requirements: a three-star establishment, worth more than 1 billion rubles ...

The complexes affiliated with the UMMC are exactly suitable for such characteristics: the second stage of the Hyatt hotel and the Iset tower apartments. Have selection criteria been specifically invented for Kozitsyn’s assets? He then can "share".

But will Evgeny Kuyvashev issue a “preferential” decision in a dispute with the Federal Property Management Agency in favor of Andrei Kozitsyn? In any case, while the lawsuits drag on, the businessman may have time to “crank up” a couple of cases and where the budget money will go is unknown.