Laysa, which "piggy-backed" on railways, now latched on the Moscow metro

The next auction was canceled for the sake of Sergey Mikhailov's company. 
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In the market of outdoor advertising legislation is valid only until such time as this market is not interested in "the necessary" people. For example, an auction on placement and distribution of advertising in the Moscow metro is canceled for the sake of "Laith" related to the director of the agency TASS Sergey Mikhailov (in particular, through this company my wife Mikhailova Juliana Slaschova withdraw money Railways allocated to the "development of social communications") . Because appetite advertising couples requiring reconsideration in its favor the outcome of the contest, the subway for a year does not have advertising contracts, losing billions of rubles profit potential.

As it became known to "Sheets", issued by the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has issued a state enterprise "Moscow Metro" (Head - Dmitry Pegov) and OTC (operator of electronic trading platform where the auction took place on August 17), the requirement to continue trading again after the last quotation . According to the service, due to discrepancies in the documentation the bidders were misled about BPMeni end of the auction and the operator "Laith" not had time to make your bet. That "Laith" and filed a complaint with the FAS. Customer service representative said that the subway and OTC must complete an order within 10 days.

This decision of the FAS means that Metro can not conclude a contract with the "Trade Company" (included in Avtoholding "Gema" Alexander Geller), which has offered for 10 years, the state enterprise to pay 21.43 billion rubles. for the right advertising and was declared the winner of the auction. could not be reached yesterday evening with representatives of "Lies" and "gems". Metro spokesman declined to comment.

Moscow Metro lives without advertising for over a year and lose this huge sum. In July last year, the company due to payment delays terminated the contract with the previous advertising contractor - "Auto Sell" (also included in the "heme"). "Auto Sell" won the corresponding auction in 2011 and promised to pay the subway 14 billion rubles. for five years, t. e. 4.5 times more than the company was getting before. After the break pinact Metro sue "Auto Sell" 1 billion rubles. debt, but I did not get the money. Now the "Auto Sell" is in the process of bankruptcy, subway requires a company to return another 4 billion rubles. debt.

In March of this year, Metro tried to choose a new partner, the winner of the auction was the largest operator of outdoor advertising in Russia - Russ Outdoor. But the contract with the winner of the subway could not - again, due to the FAS regulations. Federal Antimonopoly Service considered several complaints to the actions of operators of underground at the auction this spring. First, the company turned to the service when the subway after the publication of the auction conditions suddenly increased the size of the bank guarantee. The FAS found that the violations were. Then the service complained, "Laith" that Metro is not allowed to be traded. The FAS found that Metro did the right thing, but it has found violations in the winner's application - Russ Outdoor structure.

The minimum value of the contract with the underground at an auction August 17 was already 17.9 billion rubles. for 10 years. To protect against delayed platezhey, Capital Metro has asked the winner to provide a bank guarantee once by 30% of the contract value. Applications for participation in the auction filed by five companies, but only three companies bid in the auction, "Trade Company", "Laith Digital" and "Expo Media" (representing the interests of Russ Outdoor).

After a successful bid CEO "Laith" Armen Ghazaryan and Russ Outdoor employee told us that, in their opinion, the auction took place with violations. After the "Trade Company" made a bid to 21.43 billion rubles., The other participants was 100 minutes, to give their proposals, but after 10-12 minutes after bidding "Trade Company" auction suddenly stopped, and the Company recognized a winner . "It is possible that it was just a technical failure," - says Ghazaryan. That's a violation of trading "Laith" procedure and complained to the FAS.