Leonid Fedun found a new partner for the project "Tushino-2018"

FGC "Leader" will build apartments in the residential quarter of 90 000 square meters.
FSK "Leader" will be a co-investor of the residential quarter "The City on the River" Tushino-2018 ", two people who are close to different parties of the transaction told. According to them, officially this can be announced in the coming days. FSK "Leader" has agreed to build an apartment complex with a total area of ​​90,000 square meters on a plot of 2.9 hectares. m, they say interlocutors "Vedomosti". Representatives of FGC "Leader" and developer of the project, JSC "Tushino-2018" vice-president of Lukoil Leonid Fedun, information about the partnership confirmed.

"Tushino-2018" is built on the territory of the former Tushino airfield with an area of ​​160 hectares. The project provides for the construction of a total of more than 1.5 million square meters. m real estate, including 790,000 square meters. m of housing, the rest - commercial real estate and infrastructure. Now the first two phases of the project are being built - four quarters for about 385,000 sq. M. m. The main investor of "Tushino-2018" is Fedun company. He himself told Vedomosti that he had partners in this project, but did not call them.

FSK "Leader" specializes in housing construction in the Moscow region. Its portfolio, according to its own data, is 5.5 million square meters. m; among the projects - residential quarters "Skolkovskiy" in Odintsovo, "Rimsky" in Leninsky district of Moscow region, residential complex "Breath" near the metro station "Timiryazevskaya". The company since 2016 belongs to DSK-1, the oldest house-building plant in Moscow. In 2018 the corporation bought another house-building plant in Moscow from LSR Group. The owner of the FSK "Leader" is Vladimir Voronin, the son of the former official of the Moscow construction complex and the head of the company SKP "Development".

The complex in Tushino will be the first Moscow project of FGC "Leader" in the segment of apartments. "This format presents more opportunities for non-standard experiments with planning and design, so we see a stable interest in it from the buyers," Voronin told Vedomosti.

Investments in the construction of an apartment complex in Tushino, the head of key partner relations with Est-a-Tet Roman Rodiontsev estimates at 5 billion rubles. The parties do not call the size of the investment.

Apartments in the "Tushino-2018" will be in demand, says managing partner of the "Metrium" Maria Litinetskaya. Traditionally, they are cheaper than similar apartments, the expert explains, the new apartment in the new building "Tushino-2018" costs an average of 213,000 rubles. for 1 square. m, and apartments in this area - 170 000-180 000 rubles. In addition, according to Litinetskaya, "Tushino-2018" is among the most liquid capital new buildings in old Moscow. According to TsIANA, by the number of apartments sold within the Moscow Ring Road in the first quarter of 2018, "Tushino-2018" is second only to the complexes "Green Park", "Rimsky-Korsakov, 11" (the developer of both PIK Group) and "Summer Garden" ( group "Etalon").

In the Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo area, where the project is located, there is virtually no competition from the projects with the apartments, draws attention to Litinetskaya. To the pluses of the complex, it also includes the availability of sports infrastructure (there already runs the stadium of the football club "Spartak" "Opening arena"), the embankment and several metro stations.

FGC "Leader" is not the only developer who can become a co-investor of "Tushino-2018". The negotiations on joining the project are also led by the PIK group Sergei Gordeev, sources told in Vedomosti that were close to the participants of the potential deal in mid-April. The parameters of their cooperation are not yet known.

The company "Development", created on parity terms of AFK Sistema and LSR, won the tender in 2015 and became the sole owner of LLC ZiL-Yug. This firm owns the rights to 109 hectares - it is here that partners can build 1.7 million square meters. m of real estate, including about 1.1 million square meters. m of housing. Now AFK Sistema is looking for additional investors for the project.