Leonid Majewski bought the debt of a major producer of mineral water Arkhyz

The company owed Sberbank 1.8 billion rubles.
Sberbank has sold Moscow "Delta" right of claim under loan agreements 1.69 billion to a group of "Visma" companies, the amount of the transaction amounted to 968 million rubles. Accordingly, the debt is sold at a discount of 43%. This follows from the definition of arbitration courts of Karachay-Cherkessia, the Rostov Region and Moscow. The deal on the assignment of rights affirmed the head of department on work with problem assets of Sberbank Maxim Degtyarev.

"Delta" in equal shares owned by company of IC "Capital" and the UK "Vangvard". The owner of the first - Vladislav Leonidovich Majewski. The same name is the son of a businessman Leonid Majewski. LC "Vangvard" belongs to the Cypriot Windrel Holdings Limited, the owners of which were not disclosed, according to the register of Cyprus Group. "Delta" - this is our son of a family business ", - told" Vedomosti "senior Majewski. He also confirmed the purchase of "Visma" group of companies debt to Sberbank. However, by the assurance of a businessman, a discount was considerably less (representative of the Savings Bank is not commenting).

Majewski calls "Visma" "attractive asset": the group owns the exclusive rights for the production and bottling of mineral water "Arkhyz" near Teberda biosphere reserve in the Karachay-Cherkessia, it said on its website. The company also owns plants for the production of mineral water in the villages of Arkhyz, Vinsady and the city of Cherkessk. The main brands - "Arkhyz", "Arhyzik", "Essentuki". In 2015, "Arkhyz" occupied the fourth place among the largest brands of mineral water with a share of 3.5% in real terms, according to Euromonitor International.

Rights claims will be transferred in two stages, follows from the materials of the court. "Delta" bank transferred 500 million rubles, having the right for about 850 million rubles. The rest will be transferred to the second stage no later than December 22, 2017

The total debt of the group of companies - a little more than 2 billion rubles, including 1.8 billion rubles - to the Savings Bank, to be out of court materials. Based on this "Delta" won control of more than 80% of the debt of the Civil Code "Visma" counted "Vedomosti". Majewski confirmed that received the bulk of the "Visma" debt.

inflate the price

The founder of "Visma" Valery Geryugov explained problems of "significant drop in consumption," said businessman magazine "Kommersant-money" in the summer: in the second half of 2014 sales of "Arkhyz" fell by 40%. The publication also tied difficulties "Visma" to the fact that during the crisis the company, operating in the upper middle segment, decided to raise the price per attract consumers of imported water - Evian and Vittel. Price "Arkhyz" significantly higher than the average prices of mineral water brands, and recently it has grown rapidly, confirms the director to work with international companies Lapenkova Marina Nielsen. During the crisis, the consumer is, on the contrary, switched to cheaper products, she said.

On the problems of "Arkhyz" producer became known in May 2016, when Sberbank filed for bankruptcy to the founder and the main beneficiary group Valery Geryugovu. In 2012, Sberbank provided to companies of credit for working capital and the purchase of equipment, then explained, "Vedomosti" representative of the bank. The bank has pledged are productive assets "Visma", real estate, stocks, trade marks "Arkhyz", "Arhyzik", explained a person close to the bank. Sberbank tried to settle the debt, including through restructuring, knows a person close to one of the parties to the transaction with the bank's "Delta", but the negotiations came to nothing lead.

"Delta" became the legal successor of the requirements for the six companies in the group "Visma", including - production of CJSC "Visma" and "Visma-Arkhyz" distributor "Visma luxury" and OOO "Trading house" Visma-Center ", as well as control company "Visma" and trading house "Visma." All of them are monitoring procedure. At the meeting of creditors "Visma" trade house in October 2016 decided to apply to the court for the introduction of bankruptcy proceedings, stated on the website Unified Federal Register of bankruptcy claims. For other companies, in addition to the trading house "Visma-Center", the question of the following procedure will be reviewed at the meetings on 9 and 12 December.

Becoming a major creditor, "Delta" can try to control the bankruptcy proceedings with the help of friendly bankruptcy trustee, who will be able to recommend, says Managing Director of BGP Litigation Alexey Nechaev. This will help generate lots in the auction by selecting the property, which is interesting to the buyer, and setting acceptable for him the price, he said. "Delta" intends to participate in the purchase of the property group in the course of bankruptcy proceedings, but said Majewski. In the future, he plans to continue to develop this business.

Buying distressed assets with a relatively small discount speaks of buyer confidence in a return on investment indicates Nechayev. Perhaps already found a strategic investor, does not exclude it: "As a rule, the purchase of troubled assets, investors are counting on the profitability of more than 25% per annum."

Geryugov, as well as the representative of "Visma" the questions of "Sheets" have not responded.