Leonid Markelov gave the state 16 cars, 120 real estate and 1 shopping center

Confiscated multi-billion dollar property of the former head of Mari El.
The Nizhny Novgorod District Court confiscated the property of the former head of Mari El Leonid Markelov for 2.2 billion rubles, recognizing them as undeclared income. At the suit of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation, state-owned property of companies controlled by ex-official Tatyana Markelova’s stepmother will be turned into state revenue. The defendants disagree with the court’s findings, insisting that Leonid Markelov had nothing to do with the companies and that they independently reached billions in proceeds from investments in housing construction. The former head of the republic accused of receiving a large bribe called the court decision "unlimited."

The transfer of the property to be confiscated by the former head of Mari El Leonid Markelov and companies controlled by his stepmother Tatyana Markelova took about three hours from Judge Anton Simagin. The list completely coincided with the lawsuit filed by the Prosecutor General. It was decided to withdraw a total of 120 real estate objects, 16 vehicles (including four trucks, two tractors and loaders), land plots and a shopping center with an area of ​​3.3 thousand square meters in state revenue. m in Yoshkar-Ola, as well as a sports complex with an area of ​​more than 10 thousand square meters. m total cost of not less than 353 million rubles. Leonid Markelov will also be taken away two apartments and an office in the capital of Mari El with a total cadastral value of over 22 million rubles. Patek Philippe brand watches for 1 million rubles. and cash - more than 8.5 million rubles, $ 224 thousand and € 660 thousand. Prosecutors and investigators counted over 950 items of various luxury goods for 30 million rubles, including 25 gold bars, 15 expensive watches, a collection of precious coins , fountain pens, paintings, collection wines, icons and utensils. Also subject to withdrawal are funds in bank accounts totaling 4.7 million rubles. and 2,910 ordinary registered shares of Pamashyal Stone Quarry OJSC. In addition, the court decided to transfer the property of the Chuksha open pit, Cardinal, Voskresensky Park, Mari Cement and LLC Telekompaniya 12 Region companies to the state’s income, which the investigation considers Tatyana Markelova controlled. These organizations provided investments in large development projects in the center of Yoshkar-Ola.

Before his divorce from Leonid Markelov in 2012, his wife Irina was engaged in construction in the republican center for borrowed money, and after the loaned companies Tatyana Markelova bought and began to develop a business with the permanent director of Television 12 Region LLC Natalya Kozhanova, who, together with the former governor, is under by arrest. According to Madame Markelova, they developed a tourism cluster in Yoshkar-Ola by construction, and now, due to litigation, the successful company was driven at a loss and was left without a staff of specialists.

An impressive list of luxury goods, Leonid Markelov called gifts received until 2012, and the funds - the income from doing business before joining politics. According to him, with the tightening of responsibility for officials, he forbade his assistants to accept offerings for him, and two apartments in Moscow and one in Yoshkar-Ola went to him on credit and from his parents long before the governorship. “I did not collect or buy anything, and there was nothing to steal from the meager budget of the republic. Before me, Mari El was saddled with a large public debt, which, under my governorship, was greatly reduced, ”Leonid Markelov was indignant. According to the former head of the republic, the only relations with the companies of his stepmother were to discuss the future architectural appearance of Mari El with other developers.

Representatives of the organizations involved in the case also denied Leonid Markelov's involvement in their activities. They were struck by the requirement of the prosecutor's office to seize property, together with shares, when, according to the law, only one thing can be recovered from the state’s turnover. Lawyers provided detailed extracts from company accounts on the movement of funds, proving that all the money was received from current activities or taken on credit. The defendants were surprised at the demand to collect money from childhood friend Leonid Markelov Alexander Shilov, which the former governor allegedly kept from him. The representative of Mr. Shilov said that the proceeds were from the sale of three apartments inherited from his mother.

After hearing the parties, the court ruled in favor of the prosecutor's office. Defendants intend to appeal it.

Recall that Leonid Markelov with the Director General of Television 12 Region LLC Natalia Kozhanova and the ex-Minister of Agriculture of the Republic Iraida Dolgusheva are under arrest on charges of receiving a large bribe. According to investigators, in 2014–2016, the head of Mari El lobbied for the interests of the Akashevskaya poultry farm, which received large subsidies to pay part of the interest rate on investment loans. State support to the enterprise was provided by its director Nikolay Krivash, transferring a bribe (part 6 of article 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) through an intermediary in the amount of 235.2 million rubles. According to the case materials, in 2015, Natalya Savchenko, a business partner of Nikolai Krivash, paid bills with Tatyana Markelova for the purchase of shares in Teplichnoye OJSC from her. Then, bills under an interest-free loan agreement were transferred to Television Company 12 Region LLC, whose director Natalya Kozhanova presented them for payment to Sberbank branches, and Leonid Markelov “ordered it at his discretion” with the funds received.