Leontiev responded to Navalny's claims about spoons for Rosneft

The press secretary of the state company expressed hope that "Navalny does not eat with his hands."
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- The dishes and interior items purchased for Rosneft controlled company RN-Aerokraft were purchased at "reasonable prices", Rosneft spokesman Mikhail Leontyev told RBC.

"Nobody makes these sums, they are reasonable. The publication by the state company of data on purchases of holders for napkins and dishes testifies to its unprecedented openness, on the verge of reasonable. Such data according to the law need not even be published, "Leontyev said.

Earlier, the opposition politician and founder of the Anti-Corruption Fund Aleksey Navalny indignantly told about the purchase of silver spoons worth almost 15,000 rubles for Rosneft, calling such purchases unacceptable for a company belonging to "a state in which 19 million people live below the line Poverty ".

"Does Navalny himself eat with his hands and wipe his sleeve?" Leontiev said, noting that the plane on which Rosneft employees fly, including its executive director, top managers and even partners, should be provided with quality plates, forks, spoons and other means for ingestion.