Life after Oboronservis

The defendants in Oboronservis case were, one by one, released on parole, and successfully returned to the business.
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The fate of the defendants in one of the most high-profile cases in a decade develops differently: someone changes one senior post for another, someone wins the tango championships, and someone hopes for a release on parole for good behavior.

Former Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov could soon become a member of the Board of Directors of the United Aircraft Corporation, which can be confirmed by the order published on the government website. A corruption scandal didn't break the ex-minister's career, he is still on the higher levels of management of the Russian military-industrial complex. From 2014 to 2017 Serdyukov climbed four steps, advancing from the adviser to First Deputy General Director of Rostec GC to the industrial director of the corporation aviation system, and then joined the government. The reputation of Anatoly Serdyukov is not spoiled by the court proceedings: the amnesty related to the 20th anniversary of the Constitution washed away the spot from his record of service.

Yevgenia Vasilyeva, a neighbor and colleague of Anatoly Serdyukov, led the Department of Property Relations. Even if she was in jail, then not for long. In July 2015 Vasilyeva was found guilty of fraud, money laundering, proceeds of crime, as well as theft of agency fees, was transferred to the women's colony no. 1 in the Vladimir region. The social activists couldn't meet Vasilyeva, and began to say that she never actually reached the jail. Anyway, instead of five years' imprisonment in a penal colony, Vasilyeva was released after one month, after which the district court released her on parole, counted in the duration of his sentence the time spent under house arrest. It should be noted that, being locked up in her apartment, the ex-official wasn't bored: she was writing poetry and songs, starred in the movie, and arranged an exhibition of paintings.

Coming to freedom, Yevgenia Vasilyeva is trying to combine the business activity and self-development: she is studying in the Faculty of Arts of Moscow State University, and at the same time managing the jewelry business. According to the database "Kontur.Fokus", referred to by, Yevgeniya Vasilyeva owns the following firms: Konstanta, Vash Vybor, Argument, Prioritet, StroyPartner and Rezultat. 

Another sphere of activities of Vasilyeva is the leasing of real estate. "Sobesednik" believes that the former head of the Ministry of Defense Department owns an office on Arbat with the area 642.7 square meters. It is rented by OOO Fastland well-known on the catering market for its Mu-Mu cafes. Vasilyeva doesn't (yet?) shoot new clips, tried to transfer the pictures to the museum, but received a polite refusal.

Head of OOO "Center for Legal Support Expert, Katerina Smetanova was not mentioned in the publications related to the Oboronservis case as often as Vasilyeva. Meanwhile, it was the Center which executed the assessment of the Ministry of Defense facilities, which were then put up for sale. The investigation alleged that for the "correct" (ie, significantly underestimated) price for the property of the MoD price Smetanova received illegal remuneration through an intermediary. 

For such activities, in the spring of 2016 Smetanova was sentenced to four years of imprisonment, a probationary period of five years, and a fine of "one-time amount of commercial bribery," which amounted to 6.5 million rubles. Smetanova's case was considered under special circumstances and in closed mode: three years earlier she made a deal with the investigation, concluding pre-trial agreement on cooperation. Smetanova pleaded guilty and "handed over" other defendants in the case, after which she was released from prison and taken under state protection to avoid pressure.

The period from 2013 to 2016, as it turned out, Smetanove spent quite actively. She did not leave the business class, and in her spare time was successfully engaged in Latin American dances, and even became the winner of The Open Championship of Russia on the Argentine tango.

Smetanova's husband Maxim Zakutaylo also "participated" in the Oboronservis case. He also was released on parole last summer. The spouses prefer not to talk to journalists. 

Irina Egorova, who spent in the penal colony in the village of Golovin ten months, was called a personal treasurer of Vasilyeva. The investigators were convinced that she was engaged in cash-outs of the oney recieved from the frauds with the property of the MoD. In May 2015 Irina Egorova was sentenced to three and a half years in prison. Less than a year later, the same judge who took the decision to release Vasilyeva, released her on parole. Within four months she registered a company called Wolf. According to the statutory documents, the company owned and managed by Irina Egorova, conducts retail trade of alcoholic beverages. According to the database "Kontur.Fokus" Egorova also owns OOO Status (wholesale of food), "Horse" and "Ronix Plus." 

Natalia and Nikolay Dynkovy, mother and son, are the persons involved in another criminal case related to Oboronservis, in which Vasilyeva was a witness. Dynkova was CEO of Agroprom (subsidiary of Oboronservis) and the 439-th Central Experimental military cartographic factory. She was accused of illegal transactions relating to military property. Without the approval of the Department of Property Relations, as required by the rules, Dynkova managed 6 thousand square meters of official property, transferring it on conditions unfavourable for the Defense Ministry, to the company of her own son, Nikolay Dynkov. These six buildings he successfully sublet and was in positive at 34-odd million rubles.

Violent activity ceased in the summer of 2014, when Zamoskvoretskiy Moscow court convicted Natalia Dynkova to three years, and Nikolay Dynkov - to two years in a penal colony. After serving his sentence, Nikolay, as evidenced base, was not left unemployed: he was appointed the head of the construction company Kraft which is owned by ... Anatoly Serdyukov's son, Sergey.

Former Deputy Director of JSC "Oboronstroy" Yuri Grehhnev, as well as the former head of Oboronstroy Larisa Egorina are still in jail. They say, however, that even a few days ago, both are planning to petition the court for conditional release. Probably, the request will be met: the FSIN characterizes both as a disciplined and hard-working prisoners. And the previous practice can serve as a proof of that. Conviction in the case of Oboronservis does not put an end to one career, only an unfortunate hitch.


On November 28, 2012, the Russian Investigative Committee said that the damage caused by the theft in Oboronservis amounted 6.7 billion rubles. During the investigation the officers seized money and valuables worth more than 1 billion from the suspects.