LifeNews removed the article about the alleged funding of Navalny by the Kremlin

On Thursday, LifeNews channel removed from its site an article stating that the activities of the opposition leader Alexei Navalny were allegedly secretly funded by the Kremlin structures after a Kremlin source called it "complete nonsense."
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At the time of publication of news when you try to go to the link, which is located on the article, the channel's website gave an error and reported that the material was not found.

Editor in chief Anatoly LifeNews Suleimanov wrote in his "Twitter", the article was removed from the site at the request of management, who felt inadequate evidence contained in the material. "Personally, I believe that we have evidence in the iron and Life Navalny rights. My guide thinks otherwise. Therefore removed ", - said he.

The article titled "Kremlin secretly financed Navalny" has been published on the website LifeNews morning of Thursday, 6 November. TV channel with reference to the available documents stated that the company "Bureau 17" common-law wife of Vladimir Ashurkova earned 100 million rubles for carrying out various activities for the Moscow mayor's office and the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications, colleague Alexei Navalny, from 2012 to 2014. Tlekanal citing a source claimed that the interests of the company officials are lobbying the Kremlin structures that directly control the conduct of the relevant tenders.

Soon after the publication of this agency TASS transferred to an unnamed source in the Kremlin, who called the message LifeNews «complete nonsense." "Information on funding from the Kremlin - complete nonsense, and the pursuit of ratings, with all due respect to LifeNews», - said the source.

Vladimir Ashurkov in 2012 led based Navalny Fund to fight corruption. Before getting into the opposition team, Ashurkov held senior positions in business structures: in particular, was the president of the National Container Company (formerly owned by Andrey Kobzar 161 and Vitaly Yuzhilin 173 ) and a member of the supervisory board of the consortium "Alpha-Group". In early 2012, Ashurkov left the "Alfa Group" at the insistence of the head of its supervisory board, billionaire Mikhail Fridman 2 .

In May, Aurkov and two associates Navalny - Constantine Jankauskas and Nicholas Lyaskina were searched . The Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) suspected opposition supporters in the theft of at least 10 million rubles during the election campaign Navalny. In June, the TFR filed Lyaskinu Jankauskas and charged with fraud and announced his intention to declare Ashurkova wanted. In October, Vladimir Ashurkov said that sought asylum in the UK in connection with the political persecution in Russia.


Kremlin secretly financed the bulk
LifeNews 06.11.2014

LifeNews found evidence supporting opposition camouflaged federal government.

Company Alexandrina Markvo, civic activist Uladzimir Ashurkova wife, earned 100 million rubles in 2012 on state tenders. Acknowledgeguides this discovery LifeNews documents are publicly available. Ashurkov while, as we know, was a "purse" opposition blogger Alexei Navalny.

Information from the SPARC system:

Markvo owned JSC "Bureau 17" in the period from 2012 to 2014 over and over again to win in competitions on various activities for the Moscow mayor's office and the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications. This victory did not prevent any "anti-corruption" activities Ashurkova Vladimir and Alexei Navalny, a blogger or nomination for mayor, and built on the heavily criticized government election campaign of 2013.