Liksutovs death row

Aeroexpress owned by Tatyana Liksutova crushes people, and Minister Maxim Liksutov regulates the transport situation.
On November 5, near the editorial office of the Dozhd TV channel at the Flacon design factory, the Aeroexpress train moved a woman. The corpse of the deceased 30-year-old Marina Davydova was removed from the rails so as not to interfere with business, and the staff moved further to the airport.

The investigation team left for the scene. She establishes the causes of the incident. Most likely, the deceased girl is found guilty of her own death.

Aeroexpress is owned by fashion model Tatyana Liksutova, the “former” wife of Moscow Deputy Mayor Maxim Liksutov, with whom they raise two children. Earlier, the media accused the Liksutov couple of fictitious divorce.

Ensure that the company of the ex-wife does not kill people, should be the father of children, a businesswoman - transport vice mayor of Moscow Maxim Liksutov. According to the “Cello Case” telegram channel, this official wears a white gold Harry Winston Opus Series watch, which costs $ 255 thousand. Since the Liksutovs have Estonian citizenship besides Aeroexpress, the vice mayor has a lot to run to.