London does not help

The case of the ex-owner of Cosmos, Andrey Chernyakov, can serve as an example how to make the Russian fugitives bankrupt. 
Origin source
London court has made another step towards the Russian justice, recognizing the decision of the Meshchansky district court. As a result, the Bank of Moscow lawyers (read - VTB) had an opportunity to search for and seize the property of ex-President NGO "Cosmos" Andrei Chernyakova totaling 15 billion rubles. Thus the prosecution strategy of "fugitives in London" has changed. Now, at the time of the civil process in the London criminal case in Russia suspended. As a result, the main defense arguments that their client is waiting in the Russian gulag, lost its former strength.

The story of the trick

The history of this action is linked with relations Andrew Chernyakov with the Bank of Moscow at a time when he headed the NGO "Cosmos". And it not just led, but also acts as a guarantor for loans NGO "Cosmos", which the company took in the credit institution. Now, there is no "cosmos" or the Bank of Moscow. There were only billions. Harassment Andrew Chernyakov followed the bankruptcy of the NGO "Cosmos", which began in February 2014. The reason for bankruptcy was the failure of the "Cosmos & raquo; in the process of reconstruction of the "Big Leningradka" and several large infrastructure projects in Moscow. The most famous of these was the construction Halabyan-Baltic tunnel, which had to be urgently transferred to another contractor. Initially, the "Cosmos" was accused that his accounts were unearned advances, the amount of which was measured by two-three billion rubles. That is a special trick, no one expected. But it happened - there was no money in the accounts.

As a result, by the summer of 2015 arbitration case was transformed into a large-scale criminal. Changed and the version of the incident. The new script written by Investigation Department of Internal Affairs of the Central District of Moscow, unidentified persons from the NGO "Cosmos" was initially focused not on the construction of the tunnel, and the abduction of funds from the Bank of Moscow. That is why (according to the investigation) they have entered into in April 2011 with the bank credit agreement. After that, 11.5 billion rubles flew in "Cosmos" - first literally and then figuratively.

Under the brunt

how ObraZom company that already for a long time and quite successfully participated in the contracting business, taking part in such iconic projects as the construction of the Third Ring Road in the Moscow Ring Road and in St. Petersburg, was a bunch of crooks, is not very clear. The simplest version - she tried to close the so other hole, and when not turned out - was simply "merged". Another - more sinister, it is assumed that the withdrawal of credit from the balance of the Bank of Moscow took place in the framework of some other, more "high" relations. In favor of this hypothesis is the fact that in early 2011 the Bank of Moscow comes under the control of VTB and its owner and manager chose to hide in London.

Anyway, Andrew Chernyakov, whose signature was as a personal guarantor to repay, was under a major blow. Metropolitan court ruled to collect from it 15 billion rubles in favor of the Bank of Moscow (ie VTB). But by the time of Andrew Chernyakov in the capital was long gone, he went to London, and, as suggested by consequence, took with him all the billions. still quiterecently following the fugitive billionaire flew to the request for extradition on the 159th, "fraudulent" article of the Criminal Code.

But taking into account the negative experience of such renditions, or rather - non-refoulement, in the London court was presented was the decision on the recognition of England three decisions Meshchansky District Court for the recovery from Chernyakova about 15 billion rubles. First Bank of Moscow lawyers (read - VTB) have publications writ of prohibition to dispose of property all over the world at £ 150 million And now they got right on his recovery -. Also on a global scale. Of course, in fact the whole property has long been found, and it is now waiting for an hour of reckoning - in the literal sense of the word. If the entire combination will be brought to an end, then, of course, it will be on stream. That is, no one will require the people of London, all will seek to get billions.