Looking for Russian roots of "Buk"

International Commission of Inquiry said about the origins of "Buk", which had brought down the Malaysian Boeing.
In the Dutch Nieuwegein international investigation commission presented the second part of the report on the investigation the crash Malaysian Boeing, shot down over Donetsk region in July 2014. Investigators concluded that SAM "Buk", from which the rocket was launched, "was brought to the territory of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DNR) from Russia ", and then returned to the same. The Attorney-General of the Netherlands Fred Vesterbeke thus stressed that the investigation is not making any "allegations about the involvement of Russia." Russian Defense Ministry said earlier that the launch was carried out from the territory, controlled by Ukrainian army.

First Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Dmytro Storozhuk, Attorney General of Belgium Frédéric Van Leo, the chief prosecutor of the National Prosecutor's Office of the Netherlands Fred Vesterbeke, as well as the representatives of Malaysia and Australia have presented today in the Dutch Nieuwegein second part of the report on the investigation into the disaster MN17 flight shot down over Donetsk region July 17, 2014. the representative of the investigative team Fred Vesterbeke said that afterdstvie initially considered two versions: the plane was shot down or from the ground or from the air. "However, if the MH17 was shot down other aircraft, it would be detected radar - told Mr. Vesterbeke.- Even Russia has come to the conclusion that the second aircraft was not, and Boeing was shot down from the ground."

The participants listened to intercepted telephone conversations supporters of the self-proclaimed DNR, in which they discussed the first delivery of air defense missile systems "Buk" in Donetsk, but after the disaster - who controlled the village Zaroshchenske, from which, according to the manufacturer SAM Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey", was produced starting missile. But representatives of the DNI in their talks agreed on the fact that the village was under their control, and investigators who visited Zaroshchenske, came to the conclusion that the "Buk" shot is not there.

The final version of the investigation, "" Beech "after the Russian-Ukrainian border has been delivered to the territory of the DNI on the tractor, brought in Donetsk and then towed to the village of snow." The place where the start has been made, the investigation called Pervomayskoye village 8 km south of Snow. The fact that the "Buk" trelyal because of May Day, was established "due to witnesses, the investigators at the site, as well as the data submitted by the investigative group of the European Space Agency and the United States." After MN17 flight crashed, "Beech", according to investigators, he returned to Russia.

Investigators also said they have installed 100 suspects in the case of the disaster Boeing, but their names were not called yet, extending the investigation to start in 2018. "We do not make any statements about the guilt of Russia as a state or individuals. To say in what court the case goes, early, "- she said Fred Vesterbeke reporters after the report was submitted.

A spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, said today that the Russian radar data suggest that Malaysian Boeing could not be brought down by a missile fired from the territory controlled by the DNI. "Unambiguous data, and these data have missiles If it was a rocket, it could be put into operation only by a territory, -. Said Mr. Sands hour before the announcement of the results rassledovaof in Niderlandah.- This unequivocal data that are based on primary radar data. This is a thing which can not argue that it is impossible to discuss. "the version that the missile launch was carried out from the territory to the south or west of Snow, to control in June 2014. APU on Monday nominated the Ministry of Defense of Russia, providing radar data, which showed that before Boeing downfallto it is not approaching aircraft objects from the east parties, including supervised by DNR Snow. "This kind of air defense systems on our arms were not any systems or professionals Therefore, to bring down the Boeing we can not.", - Said today the representative of command of the self-proclaimed DNR Eduard Eduard Basurin.

Someone knocked Boeing: the basic version of the crash Flight MH17 in the Donbas
RBC, 28.09.2016

The Prosecutor's Office of the Netherlands on September 28 published the second part of the results of the investigation report of the crash Malaysian Boeing in Donbas in July 2014. Which version is still heard in Russia and abroad - in the RBC survey

In the mediaat September 28, the Prosecutor's Office of the Netherlands submitted a report on the progress of the criminal investigation into the collapse of the Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines airline in the territory of Ukraine, which leads international commission.

Technical report

Results of the first, technical investigation were published by the Netherlands Security Office (Dutch Safety Board, DSB) October 13, 2015. DSB Preliminary Report consistently rejected all alternative versions of tragedy from falling "space junk" to attack MH17 other aircraft. The investigation found no error in the actions of the crew, and found no trace of a technical failure of the aircraft components. The picture from the plane and the nature of skin lesions indicate that Boeing pierced, "a set of objects with high energy." The Office notes that the analysis of the data is ongoing.

Later in the first part of the final report on the technical investigation of the tragedy, experts have concluded that the Boeing struck by a rocket with a warhead 9H314M. Such warheads mounted on missiles 9M38 (in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine) and9M38M1 (in serviceRussian Armed Forces) used anti-aircraft missile systems (SAMs), "Beech", "Buk-M1" and "Buk-M1-2". With these type of warhead researchers were able to pinpoint the location of the explosion of the projectile: the left and above the cockpit. Place rocket launch limited area of ​​320 square meters. km.

It operates independently of the DSB consolidated research team (JIT, Joint Investigation Team) confirmed that it agrees with the data provided by DSB. Prosecutor Fred Vesterbeke, who heads the JIT investigation, called the missile launch version with the territory of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic "the most reliable".

Published in July 2015 by US intelligence from satellite photographs indicated that the launch was carried out from the territory controlled by the militia. This is evidenced by the ATU card placed on the Ukrainian Defense Ministry website on the day of the crash Boeing.

Photos in social networks

DSB as part of the technical report does not attempt to identify those responsible for the plane crash. However, in February 2016 an international expert and journalistic Bellingcat group presented a report «MH17: sweatcial suspects and witnesses from the 53 th air defense missile division. "In it the authors identified about two dozen soldiers, who, according to Bellingcat, could participate in the transfer of Russian air defense missile systems" Buk-M1 "on the territory of Ukraine. Judging from the photos from social networks, videos, witnesses and analysis of the individual characteristics of combat vehicles (bronelistov circuit body painting), transportation complex involved soldiers of the second division of the 53rd air defense missile division of the Kursk.

Investigators indicated number of combat vehicle, which was delivered on the territory of Ukraine, controlled by militants breakaway republics. According to the report isa launcher with a serial number 3x2. The average number of individual room has been painted over, to complicate the identification of the machine.

Bellingcat also named a number of officers who are highly likely to be responsible for transporting the launcher complex "Buk-M1". The decision on the transfer of technology, according to investigators, was taken at the highest level. According to them, the Minister of Defense Sergey Wygu, his first deputy Valery Gerasimov and Arkady Bakhtin could not know about the transfer of the combat vehicle. In addition, Vladimir Putin, "exercising command of all Russian forces", is also responsible for the fall of MH17, if "was used" Buk-3x2 ", summarizes Bellingcat.

In response to the report of the Defense Ministry reported to RBC that none of those standing on the Russian-Ukrainian border arms "Buckow" the Russian army did not cross.

In May Bellingcat published a second report on the collapse of the MH17. The Group was able to establish the possible number of combat vehicle - 332, and it sent a JIT data. The representative of the Dutch prosecutor's Vin de Bruin said that the group is going to seriously explore Bellingcat materials.

Russian version

The Russian side proposed several versions, but two years later the main left alone. Malaysian plane was shot down by a military-controlled territory of Ukraine, according to the Defense Ministry. This version in July 2014 marked the head of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff Andrew Kartapolov. As evidence ofcited satellite images, which recorded the movement of one of the launchers "Buk" Ukrainian army.

This version is confirmed by research producer complexes "Buk" concern "Almaz-Antey". According to calculations of the group of experts, the missile launch took place from the territory controlled by Ukrainian army near the village Zaroshchenske. It was this town in June have Kartapolov. This information contradicts the map of hostilities, posted on the website the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

This week, 26 September, the head of radio videoconferencing Russian troops Andrew Coban told reporters that the radar system "Utes-T", based in the Rostov region, recorded a Ukrainian air defense work in the area of ​​the crash. According to Koba, "Utes-T" did not record launching aerial objects from the territory controlled by the militias.

other versions

Speaking at a briefing with Kobanov official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, Major-General Igor Konashenkov also said that next to the MH17 flight had no other samoletov. These data are completely contrary to the information that in 2014 Kartapolov handed reporters. Then he said that the Russian radar not only fixed the Ukrainian air defense, but also noticed in the area of ​​the tragedy of aircraft Su-25 Ukrainian Air Force. Despite this, the version of the incident involving Ukrainian aircraft has long been viewed by the Russian media.

In December 2014 the website of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" published an interview with the "secret witness". He told the publication that he personally saw the day of the tragedy from the airport in Dnepropetrovsk rose Ukrainian Su-25 with two missiles, "air - air". After the departure of "witness" found that the missiles on the aircraft hanger no. According to the official manual, he piloted the Su-25 captain Vladislav Voloshin. Bi-bi-si spoke to captain in May 2016. On that day there was no missions, said the pilot edition.

Russian media also pointed out that the army air defense of Ukraine carried out military exercises in the day of the tragedy. This was in July 2014, citing a source in "one of the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine" woschilo "RIA Novosti". Later, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry denied the information about the exercises.