Looking for the lost billion: who and why comes out in the streets of Chisinau

Protesters in Chisinau come out in the streets under the slogan "Where's the billion?" and demand the resignation of all the authorities. They do not want to change the country's pro-European course, but that might happen in case of concessions of the authorities and early elections.
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Sunday's rally in downtown Chisinau joined the indefinite protest. Its members require the execution of their claims: First, a complete "reset power", including the resignation of the president, the government, the Prosecutor General of the early parliamentary elections, and secondly, punish implicated in the disappearance of Moldova banks $ 1 billion.

One hundred tents in the city center

The organizer of the protest - nonpartisan civic platform "Dignity and true." On Sunday, the government building movement held a meeting in which, according to the organizers, 100 thousand. People participated. However, according to the Moldovan "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the activity peaked at 14-15 hours, when the square before the Cathedral of Chisinau at the same time there were up to 35 thousand. Man. Police said about 40 thousand. Participants. Due to the size of the event organizers called the Grand National Assembly. At the end of the action of the protesters remained on the area and set it on the tent. During the day on Monday, according to the Moldovan Newsmaker of the portal, it has been found tatabout 100 tents: they occupied about a quarter of the square outside the cathedral.

Protesters have organized a working field kitchen, the products have been purchased on the collected money on Sunday Square. The protection of the town, according Newsmaker, circumference provide 50 police officers and veterans in the Afghan war and the Transnistrian conflict. His town protesters called the "town of dignity and justice."

In the town of demonstrators set propaganda billboard with the words "How long they can make a fortune on our indifference?". It shows the current politicians and businessmen - former Prime Minister Vlad Filat, leader of the pro-Russian Socialist Party, Igor Dodon, the Communist leader Vladimir Voronin, businessman Ilan Shor, deputy of the Democratic Party chairman, Vlad Plahotniuc, the leaders of the Liberal and Democratic Party, Mihai Ghimpu and Marian Lupu, President Nicolae Timofti .

Citizens Against Government

Civic Platform "Dignity and true" was formed on February 24 this year, the core consisted of 15 people - nolitologi, experts, lawyers, some former politicians. It stands for a pro-European course of development of the country, but without the participation of oligarchs in politics.

In the summer of last year, Moldova signed an agreement on association and free trade zone with the European Union, and in November parliamentary elections were held in which voters gave the pro-European parties credibility. Then, it was expected that after the elections will create a new pro-European coalition, but at the end of January, it was announced the formation of a minority coalition, which de facto meant an alliance with the Communists: the voters felt betrayed, recalls the program director of the Institute of Public Policy Oazu Nantes. In parallel, a scandal erupted with the withdrawal of almost $ 1 billion from the banking system, triggering a chain reaction in the economy, including the depreciation of the national currency and increase utility tariffs. Many protesters on Sunday wore T-shirts with inscriptions F # ck corruptia and "Where a billion?" In Russian and Moldavian.

Theft of the century

Earlier this year, the National Bank of Moldova have foundthe loss of $ 1 billion from the country's financial system. Loans unknown persons on a given amount of three banks - Banca de Economii, Unibank and Banca Sociala, which accounted for about a third of bank assets across the country. Transactions to extend credit totaling $ 1 billion (€ 927 million), the banks entered into for a few days before the parliamentary elections Nov. 30, 2014, in which supporters of the European path of Moldova faced with the pro-Russian opposition. "I can not explain how it is possible to steal a large sum in a small country!" - Wondered the EU representative in Moldova Pirkka Tapiola. The lost amount is not less than 12.5% ​​of GDP in Moldova, noted the French Le Monde. One of the suspects in the organization of this scheme, the husband of Russian singer Jasmine Ilan Shor, was briefly detained. In June, he was elected mayor of Orhei.

Against this background of discontent and civil platform "Dignity and true" was set up Sunday's meeting in the framework of the campaign held three mass actions - in April, May and June.

Minority Coalition in January created the Liberal Demcal party (Liberal Democratic Party) and the Democratic Party Filat Lupu. Premier was approved by economist Cyril Gaburici, but in June he resigned - a few days after the meeting of the third, when the policy is accused of forging a diploma of higher education. Among the possible candidates for the post of prime minister called the Minister of Education Maia Sandu, but eventually the post was approved by the former chairman of the parliamentary faction of the Liberal Democratic Party Valery Strelets. By Sandu participants of the rally on Sunday called upon to lead the campaign.

On Monday, the protest movement formed its representative bodies: the "Grand National Assembly" there was advice that will seek to fulfill the requirements of the authorities of the protesters. Head of the Board elected lawyer Andrei Nastase, his deputy prime minister in 1998-1999 Valentin Dolganyuk, press secretary - journalist Vasile Nastase, brother Andrei Nastase.

protest Prospects

According to Andrei Nastase, the board is not going to give up their claims and promises. "We remain on the square. We're not going anywhere! "- Nastase assured (by Interfax quoted). On Sunday, Prime Sagittarius expressed willingness to meet with the protesters, but the talks did not take place: the parties failed to agree on the place of their conduct. The next day, protesters called on foreign diplomats to mediate in the negotiations with the authorities.

The threat of the negotiations with the IMF

The authorities, in turn, accused the protesters in the creation of economic security risks: Archer said the protests disrupted the negotiations for assistance with the International Monetary Fund, whose delegation will arrive in Chisinau on 22 September. In June, the IMF did not come to Moldova because of the resignation of Prime Minister Gaburici. Donor countries and international financial institutions have stopped financial assistance as long as the government does not sign the memorandum with the fund. For this reason, the World Bank and the EU has not allocated € 40 million and 41 million respectively.

The protests, including the party, held in Chisinau on a regular basis, but this differs to its indefinite nature and willingness to remain in the rallytent city, says the Moldovan political analyst Alexei Tulbure. Past protests the authorities ignored, and they came to nothing, but now the situation turned out differently if the protesters are consistently loud and clear to follow the plan, the expert believes. One of the demands of the protesters - to hold early elections, but their need to change the leadership of the Central Election Commission, the expert believes. If the elections are conducted honestly, paradoxically, they can win the pro-Russian forces, while protesters in the square in favor of union with Russia is not, and with the EU, indicates Tulbure.

pro-European course Opponents, though the protesters themselves are objects of criticism, but use the protests to once again criticize the authorities. The largest in the last 20 years of protest in Moldova means the failure of European integration policy pursued by the authorities, said the ongoing protests in Chisinau, the leader of the main opposition Socialist Party, Igor Dodon.

However Nantoy notes that demand early elections priori unrealizable:the constitution does not provide for quick ways to their ads. According to the analyst, the authorities can go on a simulation of concessions and changes to "blow off steam from the boiler." Assess the prospects for the protest, he said, at the moment difficult also because the Civic Platform itself is at a crossroads: part of its activists in favor of the creation of parties, wants to remain a part of arbiter above the fray, while society has no sane alternative power. Perhaps the fact that the protest out of steam, but while he was on the rise and power enough to adequately respond. Trying to organize a concert at the same time with the action of Russian stars show that the government sees panic protest sure Nantes. On the day of the meeting at the expense of state-owned company "Moldtelecom" was organized a concert of Russian and Moldovan pop, with many of his Moldovan participants eventually abandoned performances.

It was the largest rally in the last decade, it is similar to the rallies of the early 1990s, though it was attended by less than 1% of the population, so to say that the country is on the threshold of & laquo; color revolution ", can not be commented on events, former Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova Alexander Muravskiy in an interview with Latvian Baltkom radio.

Events in Moldova can not be compared with the Ukrainian revolution: the protesters and the existing authorities do not have contradictions in the ideological and foreign policy terms: they only want to change the political figures, which can hold early elections, said the deputy director of the CIS Institute Vladimir Zharikhin. Claims protesters expert calls justified, and further actions will depend on the authorities including on how attitudes evolve in Chisinau European partners. While western capital reserved comment on what is happening in Moldova, but in his August article in The New York Times Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjorn Jagland has subjected the Moldovan authorities criticized for the inability to deal with corruption, recalling that euromaidan Ukraine provoked the authorities.