Losses and major episodes disappear from the "Oboronservice" case

The persons accused of embezzlement in the Russian Ministry of Defense turned out to be law-abiding businessmen. 
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From "Oboronservis" things disappear damage and major episodes

Scandalous investigation of theft and corruption "Oboronservis" may repeat the fate of "gambling business". How do I find "News", before the trial can not reach the main episodes of the charges related to the ex-general director of "Slavyanka" activities and co-owner of JSC "Bis" Alexander Elkina, which initially was considered a close friend of the former Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. In a similar situation were other suspects - former head of the Defense Ministry property department Yevgenia Vasilyeva and ex-director of the 439-th mapping Defense Ministry factory in Moscow, Natalia Dynkova.

- We were hoping to get direct evidence of involvement in dubious transactions of Serdyukov, but it does not take into account a number of economic nuances - says a source in the Main Military Investigation Department (GVSU). - As a result of indications to the ex-minister is not able to obtain, and the alleged episodes is virtually no crime.

As I told "Izvestia" a source close to the investigation, andleksandr Elkin was in rapid development and a criminal case "Oboronservis" is not accidental. Operatives believed that he had long been familiar with Anatoly Serdyukov, and consequently hoped through it to go to the minister. Information about the financial irregularities had not been worked out in detail, as it had planned to get a confirmation in the criminal case. Total damage estimated consequence of 400 million rubles. But now, as the closing of the previously concluded contracts, there are new circumstances.

- Now it is unclear how to draw on the main episode sane Elkin, - the Ministry of Defence with maintenance complex of buildings in Kolymazhny lane. After the reconciliation of work and acts of acceptance of the tender documentation revealed that the military is not only not harmed, but they also need to remain 20 million rubles, - said a source close to the investigation.

In JSC "Bis" "News" confirmed that they have already received money from the Ministry of Defense.

The episode with the maintenance of the complex of buildings in the Defense Ministry Kolymazhny Lane is one of the main in the criminal case, the WHOuzhdennom against the former general director of "Slav."

In December 2010, the Ministry of Defense and the Joint-Stock Company "Bis", co-owner of which was Elkin himself, concluded state contracts on complex maintenance Defense Ministry buildings, including the house number 14 in Kolymazhny Lane Moscow, which houses the Central Television and Broadcasting Ministry of Defence of the studio, the General Directorate of International military cooperation between the military establishment and the management on work with references of citizens. "Bis" has committed itself in 2011-2012 to service engineering systems, clean the interior and the surrounding area. House number 14 in a few months, partly repaired, and the Ministry of Defense regularly allocates money for the state contract. Investigators believe that in this way Elkin and his men stole 53 million rubles from the funds allocated by the state.

According to a source at the initiation of proceedings does not take into account that the service contract of buildings has not yet been closed, and the funds received by JSC "Bis" for the house number 14, were also at the service of other ministerial buildings specified in the state contracte. When closed, the Ministry of Defence voluntarily transferred CJSC "Bis" 20 million rubles.

A similar situation exists with other charges in Elkina address - for fraud with maintenance of military facilities in the suburbs. As a result of the reconciliation, the military owed ZAO "Bis" another 70 million rubles.

Lawyer Yuri Elkina Shirinyan said that did not hear that some important episodes may "fall off". At the conclusion of contracts between the Defense Ministry and the Joint-Stock Company "Bis" from the very beginning there was no corruption component, or even a conflict of interests, the lawyer insists.

- Elkin has become hostage to the big political game, all his fault lies in the fact that he knew Serdyukov - said Shirinyan. - During the year the investigation has definitely been established that the Company had no debts to the Ministry of Defense, on the contrary, MO underpaid society for the work performed. However, in the absence of evidence of a crime investigation has consistently failed to stop the criminal prosecution Elkina, trying at all costs to defend the honor of his uniform.

According to Shirinyan, indicted for allegedlyevshemsya stealing money for a business, a consequence of wrongly applied the ordinary article 159 of the Criminal Code, instead of a special "business" rate of the same article - 159.4 of the Criminal Code.

- If you follow the plot of the charges, the action to qualify as fraud in business, and in this article, pre-trial detention can not contain - explains the lawyer. - But a year Elkina kept in prison, so as not to weaken the psychological pressure on him.

A similar situation with the sale of the buildings, which oversaw Evgenia Vasilyeva. We are talking about fraud in the sale of complex of buildings "31 GPISS" (State Design Institute for Special Construction) in the center of Moscow.

According to investigators, the company "VitaProdzhekt" (once controlled most Vassilieva) and "Sosnovoborelektromontazh" bought 70% and 30% of the shares of the Institute at a lower price. In March this year the company brought back shares worth 190 million rubles back to the state "on its own initiative and free of charge & raquo ;.

- We insist that the alienation of assets realized in accordance with the law - said the lawyer Vasilyeva Hasan Ali Bohrok. - The decision on the sale of an object carried authorities of the company in accordance with the charter. In fact there is still no economic expertise, which would have shown that the price was really low. It has a lot of public relations, but few facts: for example, all of these are described in the press flights to the Chkalovsky in Europe and in the garden, cooks and maids legally Yevgenia Vasilyeva is not presented.

Another high-ranking employee of the Ministry of Defense system - Natalia Dynkova hit the high-profile case, too, due to familiarity with Serdyukov at which managed porukovodit nearly a dozen major commercial department structures. In the press it became famous after the army in the diet of one of the w / h in the Far East Chinese stew for pet dogs has been found. Dynkova then head of "Agriculture", which was responsible for supplying the armed forces with food.

In the case of "Oboronservis & raquo; Dynkova and her son were on suspicion of illegal machinations with the building of 439-th Central Experimental military cartographic factory (TSEVKF). According to investigators, the mother, using official position, handed it to his son in the rent, and he has subtenants. The total damage was estimated at 12 million rubles.

The case against Dynkovoy completed and submitted to the court, but there was already a few months is not considered, because when excitation was broken jurisdiction. Dynkova was not military personnel, which means that GVSU could not conduct an investigation, according to the Criminal Procedure Code is the jurisdiction of the Interior Ministry investigators. This is the conclusion the Supreme Court judges - on what they considered the complaint of a violation of the law Dynkovoy last week.

- I have six months to prove a violation of jurisdiction, it is now confirmed by the Supreme Court, - says lawyer Alexander Vasilyev Dynkovoy. - But it's not just her. As a former investigator for particularly important cases, worked for 20 years, I see that the accusation completely unusable. It does not even registered amountedin crimes allegedly committed Dynkovoy son. That is, in this indictment, he must be acquitted.

According to the lawyer, Vladimir Zherebenkova, the whole story of "Oboronservis" resembles nothing less than the famous "gambling business": a lot of noise in the beginning, but in the end nothing, all persons involved in freedom.

- The investigation has become very politicized, just include PR, but not modify, particularly where the crime is connected with the economy - says the foal, who worked in the Interior Ministry. - Often the conventional commercial transactions are recognized at the beginning of the criminal, when in fact there is a civil law relations in its purest form, and these disputes are resolved in courts of arbitration. And investigators should consider these solutions.

In GVSU comment on the problems in the "Oboronservis" actually declined.

- The investigation continues in full, and all the excited cases will be brought to its logical end, - said "Izvestia", the press service GVSU.