"M2M Private Bank" will offer the investors shares instead of money

The bank has liquidity problems to be urgently solved.
"M2M Private Bank" (M2M), a subsidiary of the Asia-Pacific Bank (ATB), last week ceased to make payments. "Temporary difficulties in carrying M2M payments associated with short-term liquidity gap," - he said on Friday ATB. Earlier, on 3 November, the bank did not fulfill the second part of the repo transactions at 329.4 million rubles., From the data of the Moscow stock exchange, which issued an official warning to M2M. One of the bank's counterparties knows what he is experiencing liquidity problems.

M2M has received an order to dosozdanii reserves, as a result there was a deterioration of capital ratios, told "Vedomosti" a bank representative: "As a result, several large customers have decided to withdraw funds from the bank, which caused the problem with liquidity." On the Bank's website states that it works "exclusively" with wealthy private clients.

From the statements of the bank as of October 1 that it has virtually no margin to the norm of current liquidity (N3 standard). On the reporting date, it was only 57.8% at the minimum 50%. Since the beginning of the year fell to the norm of 172.3 percentage points.

M2M includes a calculation H3 balances in client accounts and excluding these means standard as of October 1 in M2M is only 27%, says analyst RAEX Vladimir Teterin. Since the beginning of the year the bank has lost more than 10 billion rubles. means natural persons, it follows from his statements now there are 4.6 billion "Bank seriously worried about the flight of depositors, although up to now more or less stood outflows" -. indicates Teterin, believing that very large investors have their money taken away.

The belief in salvation

The Board of Directors "Peresvet", controlled by the structures of the ROC and "Expocentre", on Monday, November 14 is scheduled to consider the question of the form, nature and timing of the implementation of measures for financial rehabilitation of the bank, the bank said materials. The Bank also has problems with liquidity, it operates a temporary administration of the Central Bank from 21 October.

ATB - one of the largest regional banks in the Far East, it is controlled long-term partners and founders of one of the largest gold mining companies - Petropavlovsk: Andrey Vdovin, Peter Hambro and Pavel Maslovsky son Alex. They own 59.1% shares of the bank, another 17.9% - at the East Capital Fund, and 6.7% - from IFC.

ATB expects that next week M2M restore normal activity. ATB, together with the subsidiary bank and the Central Bank is working on the restoration of the situation, including assuming capitalization M2M: the mechanism to be approved this week.

 The Bank may be additionally capitalized by a bail-in, explained the representative of ATB "Vedomosti", customers will be able to buy shares at the expense of M2M placed in the bank: "This is not a forced conversion of deposits into capital, as agreed with the customer treatment."

"In fact, bail-in procedure has never been used in Russia. There were complex schemes when this mechanism is in part used when a bank rehabilitation. Now, for example, discussed the possibility of bail-in for the bank "Relight" (see incision.), "- Says the managing director of the National Rating Agency Paul Samiev. Perhaps, at the moment there is no other option but to bail-in, in order to save the bank, he concludes, "is not an easy procedure. Investors hold large deposits in the bank, not the fact that in case of withdrawal of the license, they will be able to return all the money. "

"Voluntary bail-in is not legally prohibited: in fact, in this case the purchase of shares in the money" - said Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev.

In the ATB situation is normal, says his spokesman, liquidity problems at the bank has no provision has been formed "in full accordance with the requirements of the Central Bank." M2M problems can negatively affect the ATB if the bank gave a subsidiary of interbank loans, Teterin said. The stock according to the standards of capital adequacy at the ATB small and the bank is highly dependent on the decision of the recapitalization, said Teterin. About 15% of the bank's capital planning to buy Sakhalin Region Development Corporation (her comments could be obtained). "In view of current events would have been nice to capital increase (assumed to be 3 billion rubles.) Took place before the end of this year", - says Teterin. ATB representative says that the corporation will be included in the capital before the end of the year. East Capital declined to comment on the situation, a request to IFC "Sheets" have not responded.