Mad Chemezov will throw billions of dollars on unnecessary aircrafts

Sergey Chemezov's new idea would cost Russia $4.9 billion.
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At a time when Europeans from the "Airbus" recently decided to withdraw from the production of wide-body A380 due to the lack of new orders, while their US counterparts are thinking about closing for the same reason, the production of "747", in Russia it is not clear why there is real boom in shopping vysokovmestimyh aircraft, which (in the background traffic reduction) have nowhere to fly. Not only is the cunning industrialists are ready to eat through the state billions on building new modification of long-haul Il-96-400M, it is the country has billions of extra dollars for the purchase of 22 "Boeing", which no one knows how to use. "Aeroflot", they were not needed, so the pay deal agreed to a wholly owned subsidiary "Rostec": the benefit of his head and has interests in the "Aeroflot", and an inexhaustible source of funding in the state corporation.

"Aeroflot" Board of Directors on August 25 will consider the Boeing 787. Aircraft transaction involving the assignment of the rights purchase 22 aircraft have been ordered directly from the corporation Boeing, the right to buy them will be ceded structures "Rostec & raquo ;, it most likely owned company "Aviakapital service" (engaged in aircraft leasing), two people argue, close to the "Aeroflot" group. It is a related party transaction, as the general director of "Rostec" Sergei Chemezov, general director "Aviakapital service" Roman Pakhomov included in the board of directors "Aeroflot" and "Rostec" owns 3.26% of the carrier. Representatives of the "Rostec" and "Aeroflot" declined to comment.

Usually when approaching the date of delivery the carrier is looking for a leasing company that will finance the deal - buy up his contract for the aircraft with the obligation to immediately give them to him in leasing (Transaction leaseback), says the manager of the leasing company. "But" Aeroflot "excess long-haul fleet, he constantly shifted the date of delivery of the Dreamliner, so most likely it will be a sale contract," - he said. These Dreamliner ordered ten years ago, yet the previous general director of "Aeroflot" Valery Okulov (now - the deputy minister of transport). "Aeroflot" almost every year ontodvigal their term of delivery: in late 2010, they were expected in 2014-2016, at the end of 2013 - in 2016-2019, in 2015 relegated to the 2017-2019 biennium, to be the carrier of the statements.... Now the company is betting on the Airbus 350 (ordered 22 pcs. With delivery dates in the 2018-2023 gg.), The person knows, close to the "Aeroflot" group.

"Aviakapital service" - a significant player in the trading market: signs leasing contracts and resells them to other leasing companies, "- says one of the interlocutors.
"The price for the" Aeroflot "on the Boeing 787 was attractive, the aircraft will be in demand in the market. Besides, their delivery begins in 2017, and if now be ordered from Boeing planes, the deliveries will begin no earlier than 2020 ", - concludes the source.

Just give up the aircraft would mean a great loss, for they already pay in advance, said a person close to the group. "At the conclusion of a solid contract Boeing takes 1% of the catalog price of the aircraft, another 4% - 24 months before the start of deliveries. List price is about twice the selling price of a large party, t. E., Two years before the delivery contract paid htomers by 10% and in case of failure, no refund "- said the manager of another leasing company.

"List price for the modification of the Dreamliner 787-8 is $ 224 million, all 22 are worth $ 4.9 billion." When the "Aeroflot" they ordered, the aircraft is only developed, the price, of course, was lower (commercial flights 787 th began in 2011 ), "- says professor Bauman civil aviation Alexander Friedland. "The segment of the Russian market of small to wide-liners, they are more in demand in the international traffic, which fall due to the devaluation of the ruble and reduce the income of the population. The "Aeroflot" dynamics better, but only because it took over the passengers of "Transaero". And under the new road park need significant growth ", - says Friedland. The park at the "Aeroflot" 36 wide-body aircraft: 22 A330s and 14 B777. In his "daughter", "Russia" eight: four B747 and B777 (Federal Air Transport Agency data).

In the first half of international transportation of Russian airlines fell by 26.8% year on year - up to 13.4 million people. The whole market fell by 7.8% to 38 million passengers. The group "Aeroflot "after leaving the" Transaero "market indices rose by 7.1 and 10.3%.