Mad thriller in St. Petersburg's Kresty-2

The Kresty-2 prison in St. Petersburg has been under construction for 10 years. The process involves contract murders, rampant stealing and general lawlessness.
In St. Petersburg there is a prison unfinished building - the SIZO Kresty-2. The reason is standard-federal - there is not enough money. The reason for the shortage of money is also standard-federal - some people have collapsed cash and collections of Swiss watches. They were found in the apartment of the deputy head of the FSIN Oleg Korshunov. He is accused of embezzling 160 million rubles in the construction of "Crosses-2". The poor fellow was burnt at the purchase of fuel and lubricants at inflated prices. However, the budget of the "Crosses" was 12 billion, and given that for ten years the insulator was never completed, it was not limited to fuel and lubricants alone. Now the problem is not only in the absence of money, but also in the fact that the objects built several years ago begin to collapse, twice already flooded one of the insulator corps. For repair alone, according to calculations, it will take two billion rubles.

But the flooded corps and placer hours in history with a long-suffering prison are not even a cherry on the cake. On March 2 of this year, Colonel Nikolai Chernov, head of the FSIN department for technical supervision and operation of facilities, was killed. Next to Chernov, in which eight bullets were fired, the police found the St. Petersburg resident Sabir Sadykov.

The Petersburger told the patrolmen that he was just passing by, saw a familiar car, and in it the corpse of a friend Chernov. The corpse informed Sadykov that two killers on yellow Zhiguli took away eight million rubles from him.

The police did not believe this saber-Sadykov cunning for some reason, the St. Petersburger was checked and found four convictions from Soviet times (robbery, fraud, theft and hooliganism). At the first interrogation, Sadykov split. He was "decisive" at the construction site, appointed a meeting with Chernov, fired eight bullets into him, and that one, the reptile, did not die. So I had to wait (I did not want to strangle, there was no knife), but while waiting, the police came. It turned out that Chernov had been ordered by his own chief, deputy head of the FSIN, Sergei Moiseyenko. I was afraid that the audits at the construction site would lead to criminal cases, and Chernov was the weak link that would surrender all.

During the audit, it was found, for example, that out of the 15 million rubles allocated for the road to the Crosses, they stole 12. In 2016, the head of the company GSC Viktor Kudrin was arrested. He stole 56 million rubles. The contractor FSIN decided not to change: well, they stole and stole, with whom it does not happen. In late August, Ruslan Khamkhokov, the head of the subcontractor company, was arrested. He signed acts on "completed" works and received 10% of the contract amount for this. Judging by the arrest Korshunkova, the case is not over, and in the near future can land someone else.

Very federal history. Even in the place where you will be imprisoned for some post on the Internet, the conditional Petersburger Sabir Sadykov will work. It is also indicative that a real anti-corruption investigation with a bunch of landings of high ranks (finally!) Is held on a very important occasion: they stole money on the construction of a prison, the most sought-after strategic object in Russia.