Magomed Bilalov arrested through his business partner

In Moscow was detained the former director general of JSC "Krasnaya Polyana" Stanislav Hatckevich suspected of involvement in fraud in the amount of 45 million rubles during the construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi.
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In Moscow, the investigators of the MIA detained Stanislav Khatskevich, the former general director of JSC "Krasnaya Polyana", and now the prime suspect in the case of fraud in the amount of 45.5 million rubles with a Sberbank loan during the construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi. Now the investigation may get reasonable grounds for bringing charges in absentia and intitiate the international search for the former business partner of Khatskevich, the brother of the former head of "Resorts of the North Caucasus" (CSC) Ahmed Bilalov Magomed.

According to "Izvestia", Hatckevich was arrested by the investigators of the Main Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Department of Internal Affairs in the buidling of the Office of the Investigative Department. Today, he was summoned to another interrogation, during which he was told that he had been detained for 48 hours. At the time of writing of this material, the businessman was still at the interrogation. In the near future, the investigators will decide upon the level of restriction for Khatskevich.

Former General Director of "Krasnaya Polyana" Stanislav Hatckevich is considered a key figure for the investigation, because it was close to the notorious businessmen Ahmed and Magomed Bilalovs.

Magomed Bilalov came to the attention of the Ministry of Interior in the spring, after the Krasnodar branch of Sberbank of Russia appealed to the Interior Ministry a statement and investigation of the criminal case launched under the article "Abuse of authority" of fraudulent bank loans to 45.5 million rubles.

According to investigators, rather than investing in construction CEO "Krasnaya Polyana" Stanislav Hatckevich and CFO Elena Rayterer the company placed the money in local business development bank, owned by Magomed Bilalova and then got them through affiliated with Bilalov organization back in the form of loans, but under a different percentage.

As a result, the difference in percentage, according to the investigation, from May 2011 till September 2012 the management of "Krasnaya Polyana" illegally received 45.5 million rubles.

Victims in the case of steel JSC "Krasnaya Polyana", the Savings Bank of Russia and the State Committee, "State Property Fund of Krasnodar region." It is noteworthy that the beginning of the criminal investigation itself asand in the case of the Energy Holding "RusHydro", it became possible only after the separation, arranged by Russian President Vladimir Putin during the inspection of Olympic facilities in Sochi in early February of 2013.

Earlier Magomed Bilalova owned 41% shares of JSC "Krasnaya Polyana", however, according to updated data of Rosstat, in May 2013 he was excluded from the list of co-owners of the company. It was reported that the shares Bilalova in "Krasnaya Polyana" takes on Mikhail Gutseriev.

It is noteworthy that until June Magomed Bilalov headed the regional public support of "United Russia" party fund. However, after Vladimir Putin criticized the brother Magomed Ahmed Bilalova for the failure of the timing of construction of Olympic facilities, Magomed fired from his post as head of the fund.

Ahmed Bilalov is also a defendant in a criminal case under Art. 201 of the Criminal Code ( "abuse of power"). The case was initiated based on the results of large-scale test of the Prosecutor General, Rosfinnadzor, the Interior Ministry and the FSB, who figured out how CSC and Ahmed Bilalov spend money to create the North Kavkaze tourism cluster and sanatorium sphere. According to investigators, in 2011 the customer KSK - OOO «First mining and construction company" without the necessary license, received for his work, allegedly made by Ahmed Bilalova for the company, the order of 275 million rubles.

Brothers Bilalova remain available for the investigation. Operatives believe that they are hiding abroad, where they have in the various countries have assets and real estate.

In July 2013 investigators and investigators from the Interior Ministry raided searches in Moscow and St. Petersburg offices of the companies who collaborated with CSC. According to the Interior Ministry, the activities were connected with the case in which an ex-head of the CSC Ahmed Bilalov.

After detention Khatskevich could change the legal status of Magomed Bilalova. He may bring charges in absentia, after which the arrest in absentia. On this basis, the Interior Ministry will be able to announce Bilalova the international wanted list.