Magomed Magomedov sued Vekselberg and Blavatnik for $ 1.3 billion

The co-owner of the Suma group, Magomed Magomedov, who is behind bars, has filed a lawsuit in the New York court against Viktor Vekselberg and his partners for $ 1.3 billion. Magomedov accuses them of deception in the struggle for control of Nizhnevartovskneftegaz in the late 1990s.
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The Supreme Court of the State of New York is considering the lawsuit of former senator and co-owner of the Suma group Magomed Magomedov to businessmen Viktor Vekselberg, Leonard Blavatnik and Senator Leonid Lebedev for more than $ 1.3 billion, according to the court's database. Forbes drew attention to the document.

In his lawsuit, Magomedov and his cousin Ahmed Bilalov, who jointly owned 5.37% of Nizhnevartovskneftegaz (NNG), accuse Vekselberg, Blavatnik and Lebedev of deceit in the struggle for control over the company that started in 1997.

Then the major shareholders of the NIS - Vekselberg and Blavatnik on the one hand and CEO Viktor Paliy on the other - entered into a struggle for a controlling stake over the company. Each of these parties owned 40% of the shares. Magomed Magomedov and Ahmed Bilalov jointly owned 5.37%. Another minority shareholder, Leonid Lebedev, had 5.13% of the NIS. In 1997, they entered into an agreement to merge these assets into one package, and also agreed that they would jointly support Viktor Paliy.

Therefore, when Vekselberg and Blavatnik appealed to Magomedov and Bilalov with a request to sell their shareholding for $ 90 million, they refused, motivating it with an agreement with Lebedev.

After that, Vekselberg and Blavatnik addressed a similar request to Lebedev, who went to an agreement with Vekselberg and Blavatnik, thus violating previously concluded agreements with Bilalov and Magomedov.

Lebedev also promised owners of 40% of the NIS, which will assist them in the acquisition of a package controlled by Magomedov and Bilalov, stated in the lawsuit.

Soon Magomedov and Bilalov handed over their shares to the NIS to businessman Oleg Kim, against whose company they lost the court. As part of the settlement of this dispute, they transferred their share in the NIS to Kim - with the consent and mediation of Lebedev. The plaintiffs would not have agreed to a deal with Kim if they knew about Lebedev's conspiracy with Vekselberg and Blavatnik, Bilalov and Magomedov said in a statement.

The stock of NNG shares was then sold to Lebedev, and the latter completed the deal with Vekselberg and Blavatnik. For the sale of 10.5% of the shares in the NIS, Lebedev received a share in the joint venture of Vekselberg and Blavatnik - 1.8% of the Tyumen Oil Company (TNK), and a payment of $ 611 million.

Later, in 2013, when TNK acquired the company Rosneft, Vekselberg and Blavatnik refused to share the revenue from the sale of the company with Lebedev, which was the reason for the trial for $ 2 billion already between them.

Magomedov and Bilalov believe that they can claim half of this money, which became the subject of Lebedev's claim against Blavatnik and Vekselberg, and also indicate that they can claim half of the $ 611 million received from them by Lebedev as compensation.

The representative of Vekselberg has not yet responded to the request of RBC, the representative of Suma declined to comment.

The lawsuit Magomedov and Bilalov filed in a New York court, since one of the defendants in the case, Leonard Blavatnik, is a US citizen.

At the end of March, Magomed Magomedov, co-owner of the Suma group, along with his brother and partner Ziyavudin, became a criminal in the case. The brothers were arrested on suspicion of creating a criminal group, fraud and embezzlement. They are charged with embezzlement from the federal and regional budgets for a total of 2.5 billion rubles.