Mail.Ru Group will receive the right to share in the capital of the taxi service "Wezet"

The parties agreed that Mail.Ru will provide the partner with a loan, which in the future will be able to convert into "Lucky" shares.
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Group Mail.Ru announced the conclusion of an agreement on the provision of loans to a group of companies "Wezet". The funds will be allocated as part of the preparation of the group for a new round of investments, and under the agreement, Mail.Ru will have the right to convert the loan into ordinary shares of GC "Vezet".

The group "Luck" is created as a result of combining the services of the taxi order Fasten Russia (works under the brands "Saturn" and RedTaxi) and "Luck" (brands RuTaxi, "Leader", "Luck".

The amount of the loan was not disclosed. Thus, it is not known what share in the capital "Lucky" will be able to receive Mail.Ru. In November 2017, RBC's sources reported that Mail.Ru became the main bidder for the purchase of a non-controlling interest in the company's "Lucky" capital. At the same time, the amount of the possible transaction was estimated at "several tens of millions of dollars." The source of RBC, familiar with the course of negotiations, argued that in the future Mail.Ru might be interested in bringing its stake to the control one.

Commenting on the agreement with GC "Lucky", the CEO of Mail.Ru Group, Boris Dobrodeyev, explained that participation in the round of investments fully corresponds to his company's strategy with respect to the taxi market, to which Mail.Ru left in the spring of 2018, having bought, in partnership with MegaFon, share in the aggregator CityMobil.

"We will not consolidate our investment, and secondly, this cooperation gives us the opportunity to continue integrating the taxi into our services and, above all, to social networks," Dobrodeyev said.

The main competitor of "Lucky" are the companies "Yandeks.Taksi" and Uber, which in July 2017 announced the merger of their businesses in Russia and the CIS. At the moment the deal has not yet been closed, the parties are waiting for the decision of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, which must be made before November 19. The combined Yandex.Taxi and Uber, according to Credit Suisse forecast, will occupy 9% of the total taxi market, but will be the leader in the online order segment with a market share of 69%.

Earlier, UBS analysts estimated the total volume of the Russian taxi market in 2017 at 731 billion rubles, of which 65% accounted for traditional offline order forms, 20% for online orders, and another 15% for the gray market. By 2022, according to the forecast of UBS, the volume of the taxi market in Russia will grow to 1,231 trillion rubles, and the share of online orders - up to 85%.

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