"Mail Bank" included a vacuum cleaner

The bank, which is part of VTB Group, began to actively attract depositors' funds or in the language of market participants - "vacuuming the clearing". Postal bankers are uncritically called their clients "scum" and steal their money.
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"Mail Bank" tripled the number of points of reception of money from the population, and not only bank clerks began to accept deposits, but ordinary postmen as well. In parallel, it became known that the head of VTB Andrey Kostin joined the board of directors of "Pochta Bank". And all this happened against a background of a loud and unpleasant scandal, which very well characterizes the policy of this credit institution.

He is the banker and the postman

"Mail Bank" seems to have decided to follow the famous Leninist thesis that the cook should be taught how to manage the state. As the newspaper "Kommersant" found out, now in the branches of the credit organization the banking functions were shifted ... to ordinary postmen. They, along with the clerks, began accepting deposits from citizens. On the one hand, the idea seems to be logical. Offices of the bank are located in post offices, so they attracted employees, having previously trained them. On the other hand, all this seems somewhat absurd. In order to work as a bank clerk, you need some kind of education. For we live in the digital age, and even simple registration of deposits requires certain skills and financial literacy.

It is unlikely that someone will come to mind to entrust their hard-earned money to a master in carving or scrubbing? In no case do you want to offend ordinary employees of the "Post of Russia", but it is known that this is a low-paid job, often taken by older people without special experience. Penniless earnings, hard work, discontent of citizens who defend huge queues - all this somehow does not contribute to a complacent mood and respect for clients. And with the deposits, the load also increases and, it can be assumed, will be required to fulfill some rate on deposits. Do not envy the old postman, nor her frenzied clientele. But here it is worthwhile to give a few more facts that allow one to look at the beginning of the bank in a completely different light.

Was a client - became a maze

In the coming year, a scandal broke out with the participation of the employee "Mail Bank" in Perm. In the media, an audio recording of his conversation with the client appeared. Then it turned out the background. A few years ago, the girl took a loan from a bank. His young man paid it. Then they broke up, and the noble gentleman stopped paying. The girl had problems with money, as a result, it came to the bailiffs and the arrest of the salary card. The client came to the office of "Post Bank", and the employee suggested that she solve the problems by applying for a loan to relatives. She refused, and soon the same clerk in a rude form on the phone already demanded of her to take a new loan. And then he came to work at all and started threatening her. The man was not shy in obscene language, so from their dialogue in the media, perhaps, it is possible to publish "I'll stop you, scum" and "you're stupid?".

"Mail Bank" analyzed the record, found out that the male voice really belongs to their employee and fired him. There is really nothing to add here. In addition: and these professionals we trust their money, and take from them strangers. In the family, as they say, not without a freak, in any organization this can happen. That's only in the "Mail Bank" family, most likely the main problem is the notorious human factor.

Sleight of hand and simple fraud

Remember, for example, a nice story that happened a couple of years ago. A large family from Yekaterinburg asked "Post Bank" for 390 thousand rubles. The loan was approved, and even 20 thousand more were given out. Money was transferred to the card, after which the operator took plastic and went to the ATM. And then ... very quickly spent these 20 thousand. Half went to pay for information about the credit history, and another ten employees transferred to the rescue of forests in the Astrakhan region and in the Krasnodar Territory. Later in the bank they promised the family to return this money, and explained that the organization does participate in the program to save the forests, but this is purely voluntary for the client. That's just the employees, apparently, there was a plan for enticing into this program. Volunteer, of course, no one wants to pay, that's the clerks and took a good environmental matter in their iron hands. Well done, what to add here.

Although where to these operatives to one cunning worker this time is not a bank, but "Post of Russia" in the Leningrad region. A 43-year-old woman herself, without the request of the bank and even without training, recently showed the wonders of banking. She, having in her hands the documents of pensioners, began to make out loans for them. Once the residents came to the office once again to receive a pension, but instead of, for example, 14 thousand, they started to give out only 4 thousand. The rest, as it turned out, went to pay for loans. Local people said that one pensioner after that became ill, and she was taken to the ambulance with a heart attack.

Fictitious loans, as the investigation found out, were issued for several years, and in the total amount they amounted to several million rubles. Interestingly, the money "retired" to the bank "Otkrytie", so there is a logical suspicion that the employees of this organization in the scheme of robbing the elderly also participated. Here, as they say, an apple from an apple tree. VTB, together with Post of Russia, owns Post Bank, and before that the banking group owned a stake in Otkrytie Holding.

Banquet at the expense of the elderly

The aforementioned postman became a figurant of the criminal case, she was released on her own recognizance. It is interesting, but she herself did not accidentally get into the bank's program for attracting deposits? This in fact can be a mitigating circumstance. The case took place in the village, and the bank began collecting deposits with the help of postmen just in the countryside. For this, he tripled the number of points for receiving money from citizens and, in general, everything turned out. As part of the pilot, "Mail Bank" for half a month attracted half a billion rubles. The project was recognized as successful, so it can be predicted that even more money from the residents will flow into the bank. Basically, of course, from pensioners, that is, the client core of "Mail Bank" (remember that he originally intended to compete with
Sberbank for customers from remote corners of the country). The main thing is that only flowed in the right direction.

The bank can be understood. Deposit rates are now low, confidence in the financial system has long cracked, but the confidence in the mattress, as the best place to store funds, is still great. And all this against the backdrop of the fall in real incomes of the population, which can not really postpone the funds. In such circumstances, everyone cares about their liquidity as they can. VTB Group has relied on the pensioners who have not yet been financed by financial services from the villages. This can be indirectly judged by the fact that VTB CEO Andrey Kostin entered the Board of Directors of Post Bank at the end of last year, apparently wishing personally to take part in the strategic management of the credit institution. And now the whole crowd of new clerks and not very knowledgeable villagers will move into a bright financial future. It's not a fact that in its own, but in the future, "Bank's Mail" is probably accurate.