Management of NPO Lavochkin is suspected of fictitious transaction

Investigators opened a criminal case because of the deal for 1 billion rubles concluded with Dauria Aerospace, the structure of Roskosmos.
Origin source
Central Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia in the Moscow region opened a criminal case on grounds of crime under Part. 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code ( "Fraud in a large scale") committed in the course of development work "space platform" Karat-200 "(ROC" Karat-200 ").

As he told "Izvestia" the source in the prosecutor's office of the Moscow region, in the center of a criminal case - a contract between the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Lavochkin" and "Research and Production Enterprise" Dauria "(SPE" Dauria "). "Dauria Aerospace Group" is considered the most successful private Russian space industry. The beneficiary of a group of Russian companies "Dauria Aerospace" is a Cypriot offshore, the structure of which is not disclosed property. It is known that among the co-owners of the founding of the company - former co-owner "Technosila" Michael Kokorich and top managers "Dauria" Sergei Ivanov and Dmitry Khan, as well as venture fund I2BF Global Ventures.

The decision to institute criminal proceedings saidXia that the April 24, 2013 GMP "Dauria" and Lavochkin signed a contract for 1.016 billion rubles, providing for the implementation of the ROC "Karat-200." First NPP "Dauria" pledged to carry out preliminary design of the space platform PN4 "Wanderer" and the conceptual apparatus of the satellite project PN5 "Arch." These works will soon come to the attention of the FSB, since, according to them, they have already been held in the Lavochkin and, respectively, were paid from funds of the Federal Space Program. The investigators found that after Lavochkin NPO granted NPP "Dauria" technical specification for the part of the ROC "Karat-200" stakeholders handed NPP "Dauria" and the results of the ROC "Karat-200." It is said that many employees "Dauria" have experience in Lavochkin. In particular, after the failure of interplanetary mission "Phobos-Grunt" station, which was done in Lavochkin, a team of experts involved in this project, almost at full strength went to "Dauria".

In July 2014 SPE "Dauria" presented in the name of NGOs benchon the acts of the work, which, according to the investigation, contained false information.

- Attraction for the evaluation of the work group of experts from companies and research organizations Roskosmos written conclusion, which states that at the time of attraction NPP "Dauria" the development of a unified space platform "Karat-200" was almost finished - says the source of "Izvestia" in the prosecutor's office. - Experts pointed to a number of signs fictitious represented NPP "Dauria" documentation for the contract with the Lavochkin. In particular, the technical characteristics of the instruments in different parts of the same document are different and have very different, interdependent characteristics contradict one another. At the conclusion of the expert group indicated that the materials were copied from various sources, with some text copied without editing. There has been a purely formal formation of the text with minor editing, not design.

This cooperation Lavochkin and NPP "Dauria" to develop commonalityth space platform completed - for the development of conceptual designs "Dauria" managed to get 10 million rubles, which, however, is already a particularly large amount in the scale of the Criminal Code.

The text of the decision to institute criminal proceedings are mentioned only two names - the general director of NPO Lavochkin Victor Hartova and general director of RPC "Dauria" Sergei Ivanov. Sam Hart calls not answered, Roscosmos refused to comment on the matter.

Sergei Ivanov told "Izvestia", that he is not aware of a criminal case.

- Yes, we are engaged in and niraham OKRah commissioned by third parties are conducting their own development, - said Ivanov. - I can assure you that we are working strictly within the law.

Note that the similar history occurred in Lavochkin before: last spring investigative department of the Interior Ministry of the Russian Federation "Vlasikha" opened a criminal case under Part 4 of the same Article.. 159 of the Criminal Code, to indict the two Vice General Director of the company and number of employees. The essence of the case is about the same: in 2012-2014 NGO leaders namedLavochkin ordered and paid to LLC "NIITs" MAI-LASTAR "dozens of studies conducted ostensibly in the interests of federal state unitary enterprise. Then the company audit showed that the studies were fictitious, with their help, crooks appropriated 180 million rubles of budget money.