Managers have been found for Ulmart

Shareholders of the online retailer attracted a management company.
Corporate conflict in one of the largest Russian online retailers "Yulmart" was continued. Structures Michael Vasinkevicha invited to the management of "Yulmart" specializing in restructuring and bankruptcy Alvarez & Marsal. Representing the other side of the conflict, Dmitry Kostygin claims that majority shareholders have refused to approve the candidacy of the management company. Thus, the company remains without a director general and the governing body in August.

Minority Shareholder "Yulmart" Donna Union Foundation (owns 38.5% of shares Ulmart Holding Ltd), founded by Mikhail Vasinkevichem, proposed for designation as an online retailer, Alvarez & Marsal managing company, told "Kommersant" Donna representative and confirmed Managing Director of Alvarez & Marsal , head of the Moscow office of the company Alexey Eugene. According to the minority shareholder, Alvarez & Marsal, Lehman Brothers among which clients, Sberbank, Promsvyazbank, E4 Group, of CEDC, has expertise in crisis management "as opposed to specializing in the construction company" Yulmart Development "." The latter previously offered representatives Koshigi Ltd (owns 31,6% Ulmart Holding) Dmitry Kostygina and Svoboda Corporation (29,9% Ulmart Holding) old partner Mr. Kostygina August Meyer.

Alvarez & Marsal has worked with the shareholders' Yulmart, "says Mr. Eugene: at the invitation of Dmitry Kostygina company was engaged in the restructuring of the group" Wild Orchid ". He adds that in November at the invitation of representatives Donna Alvarez & Marsal attended the meeting Ulmart Holding board of directors with representatives from all stakeholders and briefly familiarized with the situation in the company.

Dmitry Kostygin confirmed "Kommersant" that previously worked with Alvarez & Marsal. But the powers of the single executive body may be transferred only on the proposal of the Board of Directors of the NAO "Yulmart", and now he has no board of directors, he says. "I do not know what happened behind the aggravation from Mr. Vasinkevicha New Year's Eve is no notice to convene the Board of Directors, neither I nor August Meyer did not get it for some manifestation of infantilism in the practice of raiding.." - Categorical Mr. Kostygin. Neither technically nor legally Alvarez & Marsal may not be in the Criminal Code "Yulmart," he insists.

The decision on the choice of the management company should have been taken a further 16 November at the board of directors, but on the eve of the meeting, Dmitry Kostygin and August Meyer withdrew from the council of representatives Svoboda Corporation and Koshigi Ltd. Thus, in the council there were only two representatives Donna - lawyers A1 investpodrazdeleniya "Alfa Group" advises Donna. For a month and Koshigi Svoboda did not offer any new member and did not respond to the invitation to participate in the last two sessions this year, the Board, explains the representative of Mr. Vasinkevicha.

The conflict between the shareholders' Yulmart "occurs throughout 2016. Co-owners of companies can not agree on how the company's development and its financing. Turnover "Yulmart" in 2015 was, according to its own data, 62.7 billion rubles. VAT and business subsidiaries including No Limit Electronics (distributor of "Tricolor TV") and Dream Industries (online-projects group).