Maneuvers at Cape Schmidt

Spetsstroy is busy evacuating the workers from the Arctic airbase under construction.
I got developing scandal around the construction of a military base on Cape Schmidt, as a result of which the polar peninsula without salaries and the possibility to leave were dozens of workers. Construction actually frozen due to disagreements between the main contractor and the subcontractor Spetsstroy Russia "Rusalyans systems". Yesterday it was the dismissal of Oleg Sirazetdinova as head of the main department of engineering works Spetsstroy N2. In Spetsstroy is associated with the "strengthening management staff", and "Rusalyans build" - charges that the company has put forward against the official.

According to "Kommersant" a spokesman for the main control engineering (guiro) N2 Stanislav Smagin, to address Spetsstroy strengthened the company's management. Acting Chief N2 guiro appointed Sergei Ivanov, formerly first deputy head of the main N1 Management at Special RF. "Oleg Sirazetdinov, Acting Chief guiro N2, will be directly in charge of the construction in the Arctic and on the Kuril Islands in the position of Deputy Chief of central board" - Addl Mr Smagin. In Spetsstroy not associated with rotation of the conflict around the construction of a military base on Cape Schmidt. As reported by "Kommersant" on November 6, the construction virtually frozen. Restoration of existing since 1954 military base on Cape Schmidt began in late 2014. The general contractor was the Spetsstroy main subcontractors - guiro N2 Spetsstroy. Subcontractor directly responsible for the construction until the fall was Ltd. "Rusalyans system." The company has repeatedly pinned on Spetsstroy responsible for the construction stops. Representatives of the "Rusalyans system" stated that they had received an advance payment in the amount of less than 20% of the consolidated budget of construction and February 2015 were built for their money, and the cost of actually made "more than twice the amount of advances received".

In Spetsstroy, on the contrary, argued that all the necessary funds for the subcontractor accounts were received, and statements "Rusalyans system" discredit the leadership guiro N2. There's "Kommersant" said that the total cost of the work at Cape Schmidt was about 3.8 billion rubles., With an advance of almost 3.2 billion rubles., Ie 80% of the cost of the subcontracta. This "Rusalyans system" failed to account for funds spent and "systematically violated contractual obligations." According guiro N2, acts of acceptance and information about their cost available. As a result, guiro N2 notified "Rusalyans build" a unilateral termination of the subcontract from 2 October 2015. After that the check was in fact the work done. It turned out that they do not meet the design and working documentation and are willing only to 30-32%, and in some aspects of the work and did not start. Glaucus making company intends to achieve "Rusalyans system" in the register of unfair suppliers.

In "Rusalyans build" believe reshuffle guiro N2 proof of his innocence. Earlier, representatives of the company asked the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor General's Office to check for signs of new contracts of corruption, which concluded guiro N2. In July and August the government ordered Spetsstroy conclude contracts for additional volumes of construction works and additional financing to "Rusalyans systems". Instead, Mr. Sirazetdinov bookmarkchill contract with the company "Special Construction-1", in which, as stated in the "Rusalyans build", "all the hallmarks of one-day" having corrupt ties with the leadership of guiro N2. On the side of "Rusalyans system" got the Federal Antimonopoly Service. In its decision of 24 September 2015 states that the guiro N2, having concluded the contract with "Spetsstroy-1" had violated antitrust laws.

According to the database "card", the company "Special Construction-1" was registered December 25, 2013. Its share capital -.. 10 thousand rubles, the company's balance sheet is still 300 thousand loans.. Its founders from November 3, 2015 listed Vladimir Semenov and Yevgeny Gorbachev. Director of the company is Alexander Ozhgibisov. As we found out, "b", in 2006 he led the PSC "Fortress" with a partner Cyril Bazilevsky. Previously, they were among the founders of the National Committee of promoting security and internal affairs bodies. This committee at the time, established an autonomous NGO "International investment protection center, business and property", now excluded from the Unified Register of Legaleggs. At the same time Alexander Ozhgibisov co-founded the Center for Support of Social and presidential programs. Konstantin Bazilevsky now heads the company "Apsny groups", which helps Russian business in Abkhazia. He confirmed "Kommersant" that Mr. Ozhgibisov involved in all these projects: "I know him for ten years, he is a former military sphere of its interests in recent years was in the field of construction, to be exact - the resuscitation of dormant military airfields.". Mr. Ozhgibisov "Kommersant" said that a few years ago really retired from the Ministry of Defense structures: "I previously was in charge of Kamchatka and Chukotka on a military air line, has been head of the department." Affiliation with the leadership guiro N2 he denies: "Our company has never been ephemeral We do not independently began work on the Cape, we have the appropriate capacity All under the law, we did not come here to steal..."

Meanwhile, about 40 workers at Cape Schmidt for almost half a year did not receive promised wages and can not leave the peninsula. According to "Kommersant" lawyer Vladislav Yusupov, representationwith an interest of some of the workers, the situation has aggravated dramatically worsened weather. Weather complain and guiro N2 - there "Kommersant" reported that the removal of the workers now just busy Mr. Sirazetdinov, which is in Anadyr, and solves the issues of further construction. With reference to his management said that "over the weekend failed to take people as blowing squally wind gusts up to 25 m / s." Oleg Sirazetdinov stresses that the removal of staff was assigned a contract for the company "Rusalyans system."